Best Free VPN For Kodi

Best free VPN for Kodi

As far as the most popular and successful media streaming outlets go, Kodi is right there among the leaders. Today, we’ll try to find the best free VPN to use with Kodi. Yes, the focus will be on the charge-free options as opposed to the full-fledged, more advanced and secure paid Virtual Private Networks. A free VPN for Kodi comes with several limitations and even some pitfalls. But don’t you worry, because, with our help, you’ll get to enjoy a relatively smooth experience with the finest offers on the market. These days, regular men and women use Kodi and similar streaming boxes to watch movies/shows from across the globe.

Kodi VPNsSo, why would they ever need a free Kodi VPN? It’s simple, really: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and even Youtube are famous for blocking access to certain content worldwide (otherwise known as geo-restricting). That’s especially true for the Kodi add-ons. If you’re outside of the US, ESPN, ABC, and other services won’t be available to you. That’s not a problem with a decent free VPN, though. Obviously, the biggest advantage of a free VPN is the fact that you won’t have to pay anything for it (and it will still work with Kodi). At the same time, as mentioned above, there are some things to look out for. Let’s talk about that in further details.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Free VPN For Kodi

Weak encryption is probably the biggest disadvantage of a charge-free Virtual Private Network. The majority of Kodi VPN free options on the market feature PPTP: it’s user-friendly, easy to set up, and works with all devices; yet, it’s not particularly secure. Again: PPTP is not very reliable. Secondly, unblocking geo-restricted content won’t always be easy. Another important thing: even the best free VPN for Kodi won’t be able to supply the users with enough servers, simply because the provider doesn’t have resources for that. That’s exactly why accessing restricted streaming services might be a problem.

Choosing a Free VPN for KodiYou might already know that faraway servers tend to work a lot less stable than the ones close to you. With a Kodi free VPN, the choice will always be limited. So, get yourself ready for bad performance every now and then. Finally, in the modern-day world, nothing comes for free. The companies that run Virtual Private Networks can’t go on without funding. Thus, even though they don’t charge the customers, they do sell their personal data to all kinds of 3rd parties. That’s probably what’s happening right now if you’re on a free VPN. It goes without saying that this poses a serious threat to any user’s privacy online.

The Best Free VPN For Kodi – Our List

The Best Free VPN For KodiAlright, now that you know all the ins and outs of using a charge-free Network, let us try to find the best free VPN to use with Kodi. The good news is – you won’t have to get into technical information in order to pick one that will suit you best. The only thing to look out for is whether a certain free VPN for Kodi is capable of outmaneuvering geo-blocking or not. Because if the answer is no, then there’s almost no point in using a VPN with this streaming box.

#1 – Windscribe – A Great Free VPN For Kodi

Even though this company is relatively new on the market, as a VPN for Kodi free solution, Windscribe is arguably the best choice. You’ve got an ad-blocker, a number of available features, and as much as 10GB of traffic per month. This is important: Windscribe is one of the few free Networks that offer P2P. Sadly, the number of servers is a bit limited (we’re talking about the free version, of course). With this VPN, Kodi will be a lot more comfortable to use, thanks to the added security and the impressive connections speeds.

#2 – HideMe – An All-Around Solid VPN

Based in Malaysia, HideMe is famous for its zero-logs policy, top-notch encryption protocols, and a number of industry-leading features. So, does that mean it’s the best free VPN on the market right now? Not quite, because it only gives you 2GB of traffic per month for free; to get more, you’ll have to pay ($9, 95 for the 1-month plan). As an entry-level free VPN for Kodi, HideMe is exactly what the regular user needs. It’s not at all complicated and will be easy to master even for the novices. Sadly, the P2P servers can be overcrowded at times.

#3 – TunnelBear – Another Kodi VPN Free Option

This service is equally easy to download/install, super user-friendly and comes with a limited (yet decent) set of features, which make it a solid offer. The sad part is – you’ll only get 500MB of traffic per month, which is a huge turn-off. The lack of proper international servers and the constant drops in speed also make it somewhat frustrating. On the bright side, you won’t ever have to worry about your privacy and security. So, is TunnelBear the best free VPN for Kodi? No, it’s probably not. As an alternative to Windscribe and HideMe, it’s quite alright.

The Best Free VPN For Kodi Fire Stick – Our List

The Best Free VPN For Kodi Fire StickDespite the fact that Amazon is working tirelessly on making sure Fire Stick is compatible with the most popular VPNs, there are still some issues on that front. With that said, every single free VPN for Firestick Kodi on this list has been thoroughly tested in real action. A quick reminder: world-famous Virtual Private Networks like NordVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and others are, of course, compatible with Kodi. However, they don’t offer any free traffic and/or free trials. The only thing you can rely on is the MBG (Money-Back-Guarantee). With Express, you’ll get 30 days; the same goes for Nord. Pure is a bit “greedy” and the MBG there lasts only for 3 days.

#1 – VPN Gate – Fast, Reliable, Safe

The encryption protocols on this one are top-notch. And, it offers amazing connection speeds with Kodi, ensuring a flawless experience with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and all the other major streaming services. It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a free VPN for Kodi Fire Stick, VPN Gate should definitely be on your list of must-haves.

#2 – Ultrasurf – Anonymous, Goes Great With Kodi

If you put privacy first and want to hide your IP while enjoying a movie/TV series on Kodi, you’ll be happy to learn that Ultrasurf can do that for you in one click. As a free VPN for Kodi Fire Stick, it’s pretty much perfect. Initially, Ultrasurf was created to outmaneuver the Great Chinese Firewall. Yes, that’s exactly why it’s so great for bypassing censorship, accessing geo-restricted content, and anonymous streaming.

 #3 – Traceless – An Award-Winning Free Kodi VPN

For reduced pings and light-speed access to content around the globe, it doesn’t get better than Traceless. In many regards, it is the greatest free VPN to use with Kodi on Fire Stick on the market right now. The servers are all fast (for a free VPN, of course) and you can access them with one click. Plus, this company puts privacy above all, and that means you’ll always be protected from the prying eyes.

#4 – Speedify – Just What A Regular User Needs

Thanks to a unique trademark technology, Speedify always provides an excellent connection speed – you’ll rarely experience any buffering issues. This VPN is good not only for streaming but also for gaming. The bottom line is – if you’re looking for a VPN for Kodi free option that will work beautifully with Fire Stick, Speedify is probably the best thing you’ll ever find.

A List Of Virtual Private Networks With Free Trials/MBG

Virtual Private Networks With Free Trials/MBG

  • HideMyAss – offers 7 days of free trial, enough to understand whether this is the right VPN for Kodi for you or not (never pay for the commercial version unless you’re absolutely sure you need it).
  • CyberGhost – one of the best VPNs on the market; also comes with a 7-day free trial. As a free VPN for Kodi on Firestick, it’s perfect. CyberGhost is considered to be one of the greatest Virtual Private Networks of our time.
  • VyprVPn – fast, reliable, and well-respected, VyprVPN will give you free access for 3 days. Put those days to good use and do some quality streaming with Kodi.

A List Of Free VPNs That Do NOT Work With Kodi

Free VPNs That Do Not Work With KodiWithout getting too much into the technical stuff, we just want to give you a quick list of some popular Networks that, for some reason, aren’t compatible with Kodi.

  • HotspotShield. According to official statistics, 600+ million users around the globe use this VPN. So, why doesn’t it work with Kodi, one of the most successful streaming platforms on planet Earth? There’s no explanation. But as a free VPN for Kodi, it’s not really an option.
  • Betternet. This is a 100% free VPN that “lives” on constantly showing adds to the customers. Even though it’s a solid free VPN Kodi doesn’t work with it (last checked September 2018).
  • HolaVPN. Thanks to the solid server base, Hola is always fast and stable, which is great for streaming Netflix/other services. Sadly, it can’t be used with Kodi.

Clearly, there are more than enough decent offers on the Internet today. We really hope that this article will help you pick the best free VPN for Kodi that will suit your every need. Don’t forget about the limitations and possible dangers that come with free providers and keep in mind that sooner or later, you’ll need to switch to a paid network if you value your privacy and security.

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