Top free VPN providers of 2018: get the best protection for no money

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Choosing a good VPN service is not a problem. Choosing a good free VPN service is quite a challenge. We can’t say there are no free VPN services at all – of course there some. The trouble is that the majority of them are a total crap. They either fail to work from the very, beginning, or turn out to be intolerably slow, or don’t ensure the due level of privacy. Whatever the case, all of them are totally unusable. But don’t be upset because in this article we are going to tell you about top free VPNs that do their work really well. That said, you need to keep in mind that any free VPN has certain limitations:

  • limited bandwidth;
  • limited capabilities;
  • forced ads.

That is why if you are planning to use VPN on a regular basis, it’s highly recommended to upgrade to the premium version. But for an occasional visiting of restricted sited or censorship bypassing free VPNs are quite the thing. Read our top free VPN review and choose only 100% tried and tested solutions.

An Exclusive All-in-One Solution: Express VPN Free

Express VPNYou must be aware of the fact that ExpressVPN is considered the best of the best in the world: it’s the service that has become a runaway hit. But what on earth is it doing in the list of top free VPNs? Of course, it is a paid service, but its trial period is 30 days. It means that everyone has a chance of using the premium-quality service for absolutely no money for a month! If you are planning a business trip to a region with severe censorship or need a one-time access to a torrent or streaming service, you won’t find a better solution. To start using Express VPN free download it from the official website.

Key advantages of ExpressVPN:

  • the speediest VPN ever;
  • hassle-free access to torrents and streaming sites;
  • zero-log policy;
  • own servers in more than 90 countries;
  • ultimate security and privacy level.

Top Free VPNs of 2018: Get What You Need without Spending a Dollar

If you are looking for free VPN software for a regular user, then VPN free trial is not for you. What you really need is a completely free VPN that can guarantee an acceptable performance and decent privacy. Fortunately, there are some good free VPN services suitable for executing most tasks. Read the details in our top-list of best free VPN services in the year 2018.

TunnelBear – Best for Basic Tasks

Tunnelbear VPN ServiceTunnelBear, like many other VPN services, offers both a free and a paid version. Its free iteration provides up to 500 Mb of traffic monthly. It is not much, so you can forget about torrents and unlimited streaming. But it will perfectly do for a safe using of public Wi-Fi networks, occasional visiting of geo-restricted platforms, secure browsing and other basic tasks where content uploading or downloading is not required. TunnelBearbest free VPN services on the market.

Pros of TunnelBear:

  • 1000 servers in 23 countries.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Strong encryption used.


  • Entry-level feature set.
  • Only 500 Mb per month for free.

Windscribe – Best for Free Streaming

Windscribe VPNIf you are in search of the top free VPN for accessing streaming platforms, such as Kodi or Netflix, Windscribe is the one that worth of a closer look. Its main advantage against other providers is an impressive bandwidth of 10 GB per month at a good speed. Yes, it is not unlimited like premium paid options, but at least it can ensure a good volume of traffic. Windscribe is one of the few providers that effectively cope with the Chinese governmental censorship system known as the Great Firewall. The good news is that you can expand the free monthly bandwidth by inviting your friends to download this free VPN. On the minus side, the number of servers in the free version is limited to 10.

Pros of Windscribe:

  • One of the best free VPN services for streaming.
  • 10 GB of traffic monthly.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • No logs collected and stored.
  • Unlocks the Chinese Great Firewall.


  • A limited number of servers.

Hide.Me: Free VPN Software for Mac Users

Hide.Me VPNNot all of the best free VPNs are compatible with Apple products. Hide.Me free VPN software is oriented to Mac users, though it can also be used on Windows and Android devices. Despite certain limitations (2 Gb per month and only 3 server locations), it is a reliable service with no-logging policy and the support of the strongest encryption standards. The free version will hardly do for torrenting or streaming because of the limited bandwidth, but it is great for the safe browsing in public networks and unlocking access to some restricted websites.

Pros of hide.Me:

  • No speed limits.
  • 2 GB of free traffic per month.
  • Support of multiple security protocols.
  • Advanced encryption.
  • Works well on Mac computers.


  • Only 3 server locations.
  • Not for torrenting and streaming.

ProtonVPN: the Best Free VPN Service for Unlimited Use

The distinctive feature of ProtonVPN is an unlimited monthly bandwidth, which is uncommon for VPN free services. It literally means that one can use it as much as necessary without any restrictions. Add a no-logging policy and multi-platform compatibility, and you’ll get the best free VPN service. But on closer inspection, it turns out that the free version of ProtonVPN has at least 3 serious restrictions. Firstly, only three server locations are available. Secondly, P2P protocol is not supported, which means that it is not for torrenting. Thirdly, the speed is inconsistent, especially in peak hours. All these problems are resolved by upgrading to the paid version.

Pros of ProtonVPN free:

  • Unlimited monthly traffic.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Strong encryption.
  • No user logs collected.
  • Very easy to use.


  • A limited number of servers.
  • No P2P support.

Hotspot Shield: the Best Free VPN for Mobile Users

Hotspot Shield VPN ServiceNot all free VPNs work equally great on PCs and on mobile devices. Hotspot Shield offers brilliant free VPN software for the users of two popular mobile operating systems – Android and iOS, as well as an absolutely free extension for Google Chrome browser. Its competitive advantages are numerous. Thus, its free version offers up to 500 Mb of traffic per day, which is really impressive. Also, it is one of the fastest free VPNs in the world, and P2P support makes it possible to use it for virtually unlimited torrenting. Finally, it offers state-of-the-art mobile applications – intuitive and pleasant to use. Note that via the free apps you may connect only to US servers, while the browser extension opens access to servers located in 14 countries.

Pros of Hotspot Shield

  • It is the fastest free VPN.
  • 500 Mb of traffic daily.
  • Excellent mobile apps.
  • A free browser extension with an ad-blocker.
  • P2P support.


  • Speed is sometimes inconsistent.

SurfEasy: an Entry-Level Solution

Do you need the simplest VPN free service ever? Then the free version of SurfEasy is worthy of trying. It is a reliable trustworthy VPN service offering a free version with 500 Mb of traffic per month available. If you are not planning to download content from torrents or fulfill other resource-demanding tasks, this can be enough for a hassle-free safe browsing. Like other top free VPNs, the service supports OpenVPN protocol and uses modern methods of encryption. Along with zero-log policy it all makes it an attractive option for those users who crave for privacy.

Pros of SurfEasy:

  • It is, probably, one of the simplest free VPN services.
  • Reliable and secure.
  • The monthly bandwidth is 500 Mb, but you can expand it by inviting friends.
  • It is compatible with different platforms.


  • Bandwidth and capabilities are limited.

How to Make Use of Free Trial Period

If the limited capabilities of completely free VPNs don’t suit you, there are some alternatives. At the beginning of our review, we told about ExpressVPN and its gratis period of 30 days. Now we’d like to reveal a small secret: it is not the only premium VPN service available for no money. If you act wisely enough, you may take advantage of trial periods and money-back policies of other major providers. Let’s review the most interesting options.

NordVPN Free – Get the World-Class Protection for No Money

NordVPNNordVPN is rightfully considered one of the best providers of VPN services in the world. It is fast, reliable, secure, and flexible. Unfortunately, there is no a full-fledged NordVPN free version. But there is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the NordVPN free trial period.

Visit the official site of the provider and download a trial version. NordVPN free trial period is three days – during this period you can enjoy all the benefits of this excellent software without paying a single cent. If you like it, you may purchase a premium plan.

But the great thing is that NordVPN has a 30-day money back policy. It means that you can use Nord VPN free version for a month! Of course, first you’ll have to buy it. After that, you utilize it for 30 days as intensively as you wish. On the 30th day you simply take your money back with no explanations, so getting NordVPN free.

IPVanish Free – One Week of Total Freedom

IPVanish VPNGoing on a short business trip to the region locked with censorship? There is a way out. IPVanish VPN is known as a speedy and highly customizable product. The initial price of its full version is 10 dollars, but we are going to use it for no money.

Though there is no IPVanish free trial, they offer a money back period, which is 7 days. Use IPVanish free for a week, and then simply take your money. The great thing as that during this trial week you can not only access geo-restricted resources, but also use torrents and streaming sites without any limitations.

VyprVPN free – Get Premium Quality for Free

VyprVPNVyprVPN free trial period of three days and 30 days of the guaranteed refunding are serious reasons to download its software. Other reasons include availability of 700+ servers in 70 countries, top-notch encryption, ultimate security, and cross-platform compatibility.

Use VyprVPN free for a month, enjoy its high speed and excellent functionality, try and test it in all the modes available. In the end, you may claim your money and get fully refunded if you want.

It goes without saying that all the products enlisted will not substitute best free VPNs. These are temporary solutions for those who need VPN occasionally or for a short period of time. If you are going to use VPN on a regular basis, you’d better buy a yearly plan of a reliable provider with the maximum discount or choose one of the free VPNs.

What is VPN and Why You Need it

A virtual private network referred to as a VPN is a small secure network that is created inside the global Internet network. A VPN provider sets a connection between the user’s computer and the remote server via a closed encrypted channel. Because all the data is encrypted, the Internet services provider can’t track the user’s route. Using VPN helps to resolve several tasks.

  1. Any paid and free VPNs make you invisible. Neither your ISP nor special services see what you really do on the Internet. They only see that you connect to the VPN, and then literally disappear. Your IP address is changed, and you continue browsing the web as an anonymous nameless user.
  2. A VPN service (free or paid) helps you to bypass censorship and restrictions set by the authorities. For example, you can visit the sites blocked by the government – online casinos, dating sites, platforms containing politically sensitive materials, and many others.
  3. With the help of VPN, you can access foreign sites that are normally unavailable in your region.
  4. VPN is the main tool for safe and hassle-free torrenting and streaming. But if you opt for free VPN download, choose the option where the maximum bandwidth is offered. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download torrents and stream content.

Apart from anything else, many VPN clients offer a range of additional features, such as firewall and antivirus protection, a password manager, and other tools providing the maximum safety and online freedom. As you see, VPN is an effective tool that helps to resolve many crucial issues. But it’s important to choose the right software that would meet your requirements in the best way.

How to Choose the Best Free VPN: a Buyer’s Guide

As of today, VPN free services are provided by many companies. But before you opt for a particular free VPN download, consider its strong and weak points. Choosing the best free VPNs, try to find the answers to several essential questions.

Is it a completely free VPN for PC or will it demand to upgrade to the paid version in the future?

Some so-called best free VPN services are free only for some days, after which they stop working. Another frequent scenario is a situation when a VPN service free version is severely restricted in terms of its capabilities. Theoretically, you can use it for free, but in fact, you are forced to pay some dollars for a full-featured version because you just can’t do anything serious due to the low speed or a cutdown feature set.

What bandwidth do you get for free?

Usually, even top free VPNs restrict the volume of traffic provided per day or per month. While some providers offer generous 10 GB, others restrict the size of free traffic by 500 Mb per month, which is nothing for active Internet users. This can be enough for checking e-mails and, maybe, using social media, no more. For executing more resource-demanding tasks, you’ll have to upgrade. That said, some best free VPNs offer unlimited bandwidth but either they force you to watch ads or the speed is allocated by residual principle.

What is the provider’s logging policy?

Read some free VPN reviews before a free VPN download. You want to feel secure whenever you use a VPN service, no matter whether it is free or paid. Some providers tend to keep some user logs. Though they usually claim that this information is for internal use only, you can’t check it. There are recorded cases when intelligence services received logs of certain users and even seized these users. That is why it’s highly recommended to choose the best free VPNs that don’t collect any logs at all.

Do you need to provide any personal data to start using the VPN service free?

Usually, at the stage of a free VPN download, one is requested to sign up. Make sure that the provider doesn’t force its users to insert any personal or financial data, such as the number of his or her payment card, or verified electronic wallet, or a telephone number. Even paid services today allow staying anonymous by accepting Bitcoins. As for the best VPN free providers, they require nothing but e-mail, which can be fake.

After considering all these aspects, you may realize that the number of reliable VPN free services is not as impressive as it could seem initially. To make a final choice, check how many simultaneous connections are allowed and what operating systems are supported. It will help you to make the right choice.

The Best Free VPN for PC

If you are looking for a good VPN service for a desktop computer or a laptop, you are definitely not going to experience any difficulties. The vast majority of the existing VPN service free products are compatible with computers running Windows OS. VPNs for PC usually come in the form of downloadable applications that are stored on the hard drive and installed like any other programs. The good thing about these apps is that they protect the entire system. You can use any browser, messenger or other web-connected app and stay protected. The good examples of VPN free products for PC are WindScribe and ProtonVPN.

The Best Free VPNs for Android

Android is a flexible operating system that is perfectly compatible with products developed by third-party software providers. But not all VPN services are equally great for it. The best Android VPNs are the ones that offer full-featured easy to use applications for this OS and reliably protect the whole system. The best options are Hotspot Shield, Hide.Me, and SurfEasy. Not only are they totally free, but also very effective and perfectly optimized for mobile devices.

The Best VPN Free for Mac

Unlike Android devices, Apple products are quite demanding when it comes to third-party apps. Not all types of VPN software will work on Mac computers. However, there are some good options. One of them is Hide.Me VPN that is focused on Mac users. It is fast, secure, and flexible. That said it is easily integrated with OS X, providing the highest level of your online privacy and freedom.

The Best VPN Solutions for Browsers

Downloading a VPN app for the ultimate protection of the whole system is effective but not always convenient. If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to download anything, there is an alternative solution for you. Use VPN free online in the form of browser extensions. As of today, many VPN providers have solutions for Google Chrome and Mozilla; some of them (for example, SurfEasy) also offer extensions for the Opera browser. Keep in mind that all browser extensions work only within one browser; they don’t protect the whole system.

The Bottom Line

VPN is an easy and secure way to add some privacy to your online life. But with so many VPN providers available it is not always easy to make the right choice. In our brief free VPN reviews, we’ve compared the capabilities of the best suppliers of free VPN products and covered some alternative ways to use VPN services for no money.

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