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VPN for ChinaExisting like a separate world, China has a lot of limitation concerning the freedom of Internet users: local residents cannot access many of the foreign websites, while the foreigners aren’t allowed to use Chinese websites. What’s the way out? With a China VPN you’ll overcome the restrictions easily. But the choice of a decent provider is a challenging task, and you need expert recommendations to make an informed decision. Let’s find the best VPN China residents can get that ensures both excellent connectivity and security.

Why using VPN in China?

A virtual private network is one of a few ways to access the websites that are blocked in user’s country. A software creates a connection tunnel between the website and visitor that’s protected against intrusion of any third party. Unfortunately, the Chinese government banned the use of virtual private network–it’s simply illegal. That means that residents cannot visit even Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and other popular websites. However, there are still some providers and IP addresses that haven’t been blacklisted. Thus, with a suitable software to China, Internet can be available for anyone – you can stay assured that no government surveillance will be performed.

A good Virtual Private Network performs two basic functions:

1) Encrypts the data passed and blocks access to it for any third party. The information received and sent by the user isn’t available for anyone else.

2) Provides access to websites that are blocked for the user by connecting to it from a distant server.

Using a software in China you’ll be able to bypass local restrictions and get access to any website you need when visiting or living in the country. It’s high time to observe the services that are worth your money and still work.

Express VPN China – top-notch service for advanced users

Express VPN LogoIf you’re ready to pay, this is the best virtual private network to use in China: ExpressVPN apps are compatible with PCs and mobile devices, and the servers run quickly enough. You can reach the speed of 6-7, or even 10 Mb/sec which is optimal for browsing websites. The bandwidth is unlimited – once you pay for the service, you’re free to exploit it without minding limitations. The interface is simple: just choose a suitable server, and you’re ready to go. There are only two major drawbacks:

  1. Initial connection speed can be relatively low.
  2.  Express VPN China supports only 3 devices simultaneously.

When working with Chinese websites, you need to know a few tricks to reach the maximum efficiency of the service. Here are some tips from professional users:

  • With a server from Los Angeles or Hong Kong, you’ll enjoy the best performance of software.
  • ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can use the service for a month and simply get your money back, say, if you leave country after traveling. Besides, they have a 35% discount deal. You can also enjoy this China VPN free of charge for 3 months if you sign up for 1 year.
  • In case of connectivity loss, ExpressVPN re-establishes connection automatically. However, iOS devices require user’s consent every time connection is set up. That’s both advantage and drawback: from one side, the battery charge is saved, from another – it’s annoying.

The process of installation is a no-brainer: just download ExpressVPN app on your devices, follow the installation instructions, paste the activation code, and choose a server. With virtual private network Internet borders are not the problem.

Vypr VPN

Vypr vpn logoBeing introduced recently, this software is considered to be a highly reliable and fast service. Vypr VPN for China maintains the speed of 4-5 Mb/sec (and up to 10 Mb/sec with Telecom connection). It leverages Chameleon and PPTP 128-bit encryption that complies with the strictest modern standards. For better speed and performance, it’s better to choose Los Angeles or Japan servers, while Hong Kong servers are perfect for mobile browsing.

Although Vypr isn’t the cheapest software to use, the provider offers a 25% discount for a yearly subscription. Besides, you can cancel the service during the 30-day money-back period – a nice option for those who travel to this country for a couple of weeks.

Key advantages include:

  • No bandwidth limits.
  • It offers more than 700 servers in 49 countries.
  • 24/7 customer support with live chat available (the assistants reply within 15 minutes);
  • Alipay is accepted.
  • With this VPN China iPhone and Android devices are also protected.

Users particularly like the interface for PC: it’s decluttered, quick and easy to navigate. If you decide to change a server, there’s no need to type in every address. You can also check ping times on the servers around the world to choose the one that suits you.

Buffered VPN – a perfect streaming service

Buffered vpn logoBuffered offers a nice support of streaming. This provider will supply up to 5 your devices with a perfect Internet connection, but there’s no support of mobile devices, which makes this feature practically useless for some users. The company offers guidelines for setting up software on mobiles manually, but it’s definitely not convenient for an average user. Having nodes in 42 countries, Buffered VPN offers a few servers in Asia that ensure reliable and fast performance. If you need a free VPN China, this provider has an interesting offer for you: there’s the refund policy that is valid for 100 sessions, 10 hours, or 10 Gb of bandwidth.

This is the best China VPN from the point of versatility: in Windows client, you can find the test firewall that displays all available ports of the network, which certainly helps you to pass the Great Firewall.


VPN ConceptIf you ask what is the best VPN in China, many advanced users who lived there for some time would recommend Astrill. Although it’s not a free, the provider has individual plans for users with one device, and for a few dollars a month, you can have all your laptops and mobile devices connected. The application is easy in use: it allows you to establish a connection to an HTTP proxy in a couple of clicks, or get a full virtual private network China. The speed is high enough to stream a video, if you manage to select a server with minimal load – there’s a bunch of locations to choose from.

Is this VPN China iPhone and Android compatible? Yes! With Astrill, you can enjoy the benefits of virtual private networks on all devices. It’s also available for some Wi-Fi routers. To top it off, Astrill provides 24/7 customer support with live chat and phone available. The pricing policy is agreeable, and packages include a lot of great extra features. If you need the fastest speed possible, you can order paid VIP add-ons that connect you directly with Chinese servers (it’s a nice option for online games, voice chats, downloading large files and watching video).

Nord VPN

Nord VPN LogoNeed a reliable and non-expensive software to use? NordVPN is an optimal choice: the provider is well-known for being very careful about users’ privacy because it’s free from the impact of copyright owners and the NSA. No logs are kept at all, and the level of encryption is pretty high. To be totally sure in your security, use the proprietary NordVPN’s support of “double-hop”  chaining. Nord VPN department has introduced XOR obfuscated servers to pass the Great Firewall. With this virtual private network, you can select out from 47 servers and protect up to 6 devices simultaneously. Good news: P2P interaction is allowed.

Additionally, users can enjoy it free with the help of 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re planning to exploit this service for a longer time, order a package – constantly has 77% discounts and special offers.

CyberGhost – fast speed and a wide choice of servers

CyberGhost VPNCyberGhost VPN China would be perfect for users in search of unbeatable speeds for streaming. The service allows using up to 5 devices at a time offering over 800 servers around the world. CyberGhost does not keep logs and implements powerful encryption options – a must for user security. Although you cannot use it for free, CyberGhost comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the pricing policy is agreeable. From user-friendliness standpoint, the application is modern and functional – it will definitely appeal to the young users.

AirVPN – cheap and efficient

While searching for the best free VPN for China think of it: we get what we pay for, and a free provider cannot guarantee you flawless performance and 100% safety. Why not opting for a non-expensive but reliable service? This is what AirVPN is about! Although the number of locations doesn’t impress (only 20 countries are covered), and a maximum number of supported devices is only 3, the provider guarantees a decent level of encryption and a total absence of logs. Other benefits include:

  • A great level of performance.
  • Well-developed forum community.
  • 7 servers out of 20 are located in Asia.
  • You can test the service by ordering a 3-day plan for as low as $1,10.

Despite the fact that AirVPN isn’t popular enough, this provider offers you the best value for money. It offers non-expensive 1-month and 3-months packages, and with 6 and 12-month plans, you can save considerably.

Bottom Line

When it comes to finding the best VPN in Mainland China, the task is challenging, because a lot of providers’ IPs are blacklisted, and the number of available services isn’t high. However, there are still a few companies that can provide you with stable access to websites and brilliant security.

Don’t expect to get a free VPN China IP easily – those providers that left on the market mostly offer paid packages. However, the quality of service you get is totally worth every dollar spent. The above-mentioned providers do care about customers’ privacy and convenience. Overcoming Great Firewall Restrictions with its harsh internet censorship system is a hard task, but being patient enough you’ll figure out an optimal solution!

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