How to Get a VPN

How to get a VPN

Today, in 2019, it’s obvious that the world needs VPNs to protect itself. With folks from all over the world hacking military-grade computers and data centers and stealing sensitive data, we all need to know how to get a VPN and use it in our daily routine. Lucky for us, the entire process of downloading and installing third-party Virtual Private Networks is a piece of cake.

But, it’s always best to have a step-by-step guide, right?  A lot of users these days are interested to know how to buy a VPN for Mac because this system is becoming more and more popular in the professional circles. Ok, let’s get down to business and find the best way to buy VPN up and running on our devices.

What can I do with a VPN? To put it simply, these apps make everybody else think that you’re connected to a different server and/or are located in a different country when in reality you’re still on your device back home. Digital privacy – that’s what VPNs offer, and they do it by encrypting your activity. Besides, if you’ve got a favorite show on Netflix that you can’t watch, these services will let you do that.

Now, there are tons of commercial offers on the market, and they provide a wide range of capabilities to potential clients. But, in all fairness, free apps are also quite alright. And to answer your question – how to set a VPN – we’ll go through the whole thing with you.

How To Get A VPN – The Step-By-Step Guide

So, basically, all you have to do is pick a VPN you like, visit its website, and download the app – that’s it! Many folks wonder how to find a good VPN and think that they’ll need to study days and nights before they understand it all. Now, in order to make your choice easier, we’re going to provide you with a list of the best options on the market, both for the Microsoft and the Apple systems.

To be honest, there aren’t any differences between the two, and most VPNs work on both. However, sometimes, the software for Windows might lag a bit; other times, Mac is simply not supported. First, let’s see how to set a VPN on Windows 10.

The Best Offers For Windows

#1 – ExpressVPN

If you look up this service, you’ll discover that it’s #1 on many international lists. Why is that? Well, it’s got everything you’ll ever need, including high speed, exceptional performance, strong encryption, and then some. Visit their website and choose one of the three available plans (1-month, 6-month, 1-year). The next step is online verification.

The website will require you to enter your real email address. Finally, choose a payment method (a credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. After you download the ExpressVPN app and connect to one of the servers (148 in total), your device will be protected. Now you know how to set a VPN on Windows 10!

#2 – CyberGhost VPN

This VPN is also among the best of the best. The offers include 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year plans. The routine is the same. Pick a plan, type in your email address, and pay with one of the available methods. Get the software on your gadget and enjoy! CyberGhost even has a Help & FAQ menu where you can learn how to find a VPN on any of the available systems.

#3 – NordVPN

The whole installation routine is exactly the same. Don’t let the incompetent articles on the Internet tell you otherwise. The companies are doing everything in their power to make this process as easy as possible.

The Best Offers for VPNs on the Mac Systems

#1 – CyberGhost, NordVPN, ExpressVPN

That’s right – these services work beautifully on Mac as well. I just wanted to introduce you to some VPNs that work splendidly on Mac and have some tiny bugs on Windows (I’m talking about IPVanish and VyprVPN). These three are a God-sent for Mac, so, don’t hesitate to use them.

#2 – IPVanish

You might wonder why this wasn’t on the Windows list. Well, the software for that operating system is a bit laggy. But let’s focus on how to buy a VPN on Mac. Believe it or not, everything is EXACTLY the same. Remember, we’re not talking about the built-in Virtual Privacy Networks today.

If you want detailed info on that, check out the respective articles on our website. To take IPVanish for a spin, follow through with the same procedure that includes picking a plan, entering an email address and paying in advance.

#3 – VyprVPN

You’re not sure how to find and set a VPN on Mac? The nice people from this provider’s customer support will tell you everything in great detail. Well, we already did that J. After you download this service’s software and choose a server to connect to, VyprVPN will do the rest. Yes, don’t do anything else, because chances are, you’ll just ruin it all!

The Best Free VPNs Available On Both Platforms

Now, if you’re wondering how to a VPN for free, that’s an entirely different thing. There are many outstanding VPNs that will cost you nothing. True, they do come with some limitations, including a tiny traffic and “cut” capabilities. Still, you’ll have fun with them.

#1 – TunnelBear

This one is totally free, and it’s known as the best service for the beginners. It is user-friendly, easy to install, and works on all popular systems.

#2 –

Another big name in the free sector. The user is able to pick between Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore, which is more than enough for the average Joe (or Jane).

#3 – Windscribe

You’ll get 10GB of traffic a month, high speeds 24/7, and a built-in adblocker (it’s quite aggressive, by the way).

Ok, we just learned how to set a VPN on Mac and Windows for zero dollars! Last, but not least, please don’t forget about the awesome 1-month money-back guarantee that the majority of the commercial VPNs provide. That way, you’ll get to try them all out without spending a dime! Competition on the market means more splendid services at appealing prices for us!

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