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Back in the day, before the Internet became a huge part of our lives, nobody really cared about online privacy. To some, it sounded like a joke. But that’s not the case anymore. Today we’ll talk about VPN privacy, ladies, and gentlemen. Right now, Virtual Private Networks are the best solution to this ever-growing problem. And while there are several options available out there, they all have their pros and cons. So, with that said, let’s take a look at some of the best offers and pick the ones that suit us most. The best VPN for privacy list includes the services with the strongest encryption codes, which ensures top-notch security.

And, obviously, the price also matters, so that will be a factor as well. We used round numbers for the yearly plans to make them easier to remember. Nobody wants to put their precious data at risk, especially when it comes to sensitive company resources. And when you work remotely, the risk of being attacked by the hackers increases. That is why VPNs are so popular today: every single major company in the world is now storing everything in data centers, and they are constantly under “siege”. Same goes for the regular home PCs and other devices. VPN privacy should be affordable, reliable, and, above all, provide strong protection. Here goes our list of the greatest offers on the global market.

VPN Privacy – The Best Services For The Average User

#1 – CyberGhost VPN – The one you’ll Love

With over 15 million users around the world, these guys proved that they have what it takes to please the customers. CyberGhost includes a series of cloaking features that “hide” personal computers and browsers from the all-seeing eye. As an Internet privacy VPN, it truly is worth your while. It’s flexible, has many capabilities, and ensures the user’s safety on every step of the way. You can set it to automatically start itself when apps like BitTorrent are launched. Plus, geo-locked services can be accessed with one click/tap, and a clever built-in technology will reduce the consumption of data. This VPN for privacy is worth it’s cost: $11.99 a month, $5.99  a month with the 1-year-plan (with a total of $72) and $3.50 a month with the 2-year-plan (with a total of $84).

#2 – NordVPN – Double Servers, Strong Encryptions

You might’ve already heard about this one. When it comes to privacy VPN services are the best, and NordVPN is all about protecting your data and takes encryption seriously. First, the company never logs any of your actions. Second, the service operates on a unique “double-time” technology: basically, it uses not one, but two servers to outmaneuver even the toughest hackers/government officials out there. As an Internet privacy VPN, Nord is a beast. All the popular operating systems are supported, except for Linux. The standard plan lets the user protect six devices simultaneously. The monthly plan will cost you 11.95 bucks, while the one-year-plan will be $5.75 a month (with a total of $69). There’s also a two-year-plan ($3.29 a month, with a total of $79).

#3 – PureVPN – Efficient, With Unique Options

This brand has been around for a long time and is known as a mighty provider with advanced VPN privacy encryption and top-of-the-game service quality. You’ve got 141 countries and 800 servers at your disposal. Switch as much as you want and access your data within seconds. Furthermore, this is one of the most affordable VPNs out there: while the monthly plan costs 10.95 dollars, it’s only $4.91 a month with the 1-year-plan ($59 in total) and $2.87 a month with the 2-year-plan ($69 in total). Yep, you could call it a perfect privacy VPN! Furthermore, it gives the user the ability to take advantage of a so-called dedicated IP address, which takes security to another level.

#4 – ExpressVPN – Expensive, Yet Versatile And Reliable

Alright, let us continue our search for the best VPN for privacy. This company offers 1000+ servers in 87 countries, which is a staggering amount. As one of the mightiest providers of VPN privacy, these folks know exactly what the clients need. Just like Nord, ExpressVPN never logs your history/traffic; plus, they work with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) that specializes in privacy protection. If you’re looking for unlimited data and want to safeguard not 1, but 3 devices all at the same time, this VPN is right up your alley. It will cost you 12.95 dollars a month, $9.99 a month for six months ($60 in total) and $8.32 a month for a year ($100 in total).

Best VPNMore Solid Options For VPN Privacy

Ok, we’ve discussed some of the best services on the market, but there are still a lot of great offers out there. We personally love and respect the providers we just went over, but the following services might have some features that will fit you more. When looking for the best VPN for privacy, we all want slightly different things, which is exactly why it’s very important to check out all the worthy “contestants” before spending your money.

#5 – VyprVPN – Cheap, Runs On Its Own Hardware

This is an all-around great pick, and some folks call it a perfect privacy VPN. It’s polished, easy-to-use, and pretty competitive. This Network clusters the available servers by country, which means all the options are on the table right from the start and you won’t have to spend any time scrolling through the list. Obviously, all the systems and platforms are supported, including Win, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Linux. With 70 locations and over 200K IP addresses, this provider claims to work exclusively on its own hardware, which is great when it comes to VPN privacy.  The price is fair: 9.95 bucks a month or 5 bucks a month with the one-year plan (with a total of S60).

#6 – Perfect Privacy VPN – A Premium Choice For The Rich Folks

That’s right – this provider decided to go with quite a provocative name. So, is this app truly a perfect privacy VPN, or just an average offer? Well, it certainly is super-fast, powerful, safe, and is packed with all kinds of settings that the demanding users might want to change. However, it’s also expensive. It will cost you almost 16 dollars a month, which is a huge turn-off for the potential clients. If you go for the 2-year-plan, the monthly price will drop significantly – down to 11 dollars, which is still a lot (that’s 264 US dollars in total). Not a perfect privacy VPN after all, huh? It is very impressive performance-wise and doesn’t require logging. If you’re a pro, make sure to at least check it out (there’s no trial, though).

#7 – Ivacy – Everything You’ll Ever Need In A VPN

This VPN is becoming more and more popular, and some well-respected folks are calling it one of the best VPNs. Split-tunneling, multi-login, 200 servers, more than 50 countries – those are just some of the pros. Currently, it’s $11.95 a month. But if you go for the 1-year-plan, it will be $3.33 a month (with a total of $40) and $2.04 a month if you choose the 2-year-plan (with a total of $49.00 a month). Advanced data encryption is, without a doubt, the selling point of this fine Internet privacy VPN.

#8 – TunnelBear VPN – It’s Free!

Alright, so this is the one and only totally free VPN on the list and that is its biggest advantage. At the same time, even though it doesn’t have as much settings/options, the speed is great, the privacy protocols are top-notch, and the connection is always strong. If you need more data, don’t hesitate to grab one of the available plans. But I can assure you that even in the most basic form, this grizzly is one mighty protector.

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