Best VPNs With A Free Trial

Thankfully, with the help of a free trial, you’ll be able to take a vpn for a spin without having to pay a penny for that. This is important: a regular free VPN trial usually lasts for 1-3 days, but some of the biggest players offer 7 days – keep that in mind.

Virtual Private Networks are the new normal today, especially when it comes to protection and privacy. However, most people aren’t quick to pay for something they don’t fully understand yet. Thankfully, with the help of a free trial, you’ll be able to take a vpn for a spin without having to pay a penny for that. This is important: a regular free VPN trial usually lasts for 1-3 days, but some of the biggest players offer 7 days – keep that in mind. Obviously, this isn’t the most important feature of a VPN; yet, it is the main focus of this article. Besides, most VPN reviews pay extra attention to how generous a network provider is because it says a lot about the company.

VPN Free Trial List #1 – Top VPNs With A Free Trial

#1 – CyberGhost – A Great Choice For Online Privacy

CyberGhost VPNLet us begin with one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed VPNs out there. CyberGhost is not among the “greedy” providers that give 24 hours to try it out. It comes with a 7-day VPN free trial, which automatically makes it worth our while. Plus, CyberGhost is one of the best VPN networks thanks to its 256-bit encryption, an impressive collection of servers, and solid connection speeds. Furthermore, in order to get this generous VPN free trial, no credit card is needed. The company has been around for a while now and thanks to clever marketing moves like this try-before-buy deal, 24/7 support, and stability, CB is turning into a strong leader.

#2 – HotspotShield – Comes With A Generous VPN Free Trial

Hotspot Shield VPN ServiceJust like CB, this VPN offers a 7-day trial. Note: during those 7 days, you’ll be able to use the full-fledged version of HotspotShield. The VPN free trial download procedure is very easy and straightforward. And if you want a more permanent solution, there’s a totally free version available on the official website. True, it is very limited, but for some basic security and accessing geo-restricted content, it’s quite alright. HotspotShield positions itself as the best friend of the regular users meaning it is one click away from being activated. For the beginners, it’s just what the doc ordered.

#3 – VyprVPN – All-Around Solid

VyprVPNWith this one, the users get only 3 days of free trial. The biggest downside is the 1GB cap. Once you go over it, the trial will be over. On the other hand, for the less-needy users, that’s more than enough to learn their way around this network. There are 3 plans available, and they’re quite competitive in terms of pricing. The free trial VPN option is a way for the average customers to test it before they buy it. Add support of 5 simultaneous devices, excellent encryption algorithms, and a super-easy download-install procedure, and you’ll have a winner in your hands.

VPN Free Trial List #2 – Top VPNs With No Free Trial But A 30/7 Days MBG

#1 – ExpressVPN – The Most Versatile Provider On The Market

Express VPNNow let us switch to the Virtual Private Networks that only pride money-back guarantees and start with the Express VPN free trial. Technically, it’s not free, but the 30-day MBG allows you to use it to the fullest and then get your money back. The best thing about the Express VPN free trial is the fact that you’ll ALWAYS get a refund, no matter what your reason for requesting it is. Note: you will, however, need to provide a credit card, but that will get you access to every single feature that this VPN is famous for, including the impressive speed, the top-notch protection, and the zero-logs policy. Plus, the free VPN trial 30 days offer is pretty sweet.

#2 – NordVPN – Another Great Network With A 30 Days Free Trial

NordVPNThis VPN is internationally known as one of the most reliable and user-friendly offers on the market. Plus, it often comes through with generous discounts. And what about the Nord VPN free trial? Actually, there’s a 3-day free trial available, along with the 30-day MBG, which makes it a better choice in this regard. And while this might not be the best VPN free trial compared to, say, CyberGhost, it’s still quite decent. Nord is not as fast as ExpressVPN; yet, its impressive server network will ensure a stable and comfortable connection at all times. Take advantage of the Nord VPN free trial and see for yourself!

#3 – PureVPN – The Golden Middle

PureVPNFor more than 10 years, PureVPN has been among the elite of contemporary VPN services. Unfortunately, there’s no free VPN trial with this one. All you’ll get is a 7-day MBG. On the bright side, this network gives access to 80K IPs in 141 locations around the globe. This allows instant unblocking of geo-restricted content along with steady connection speeds. Privacy and security are among this provider’s highest priorities. Furthermore, PureVPN is incredibly easy to download and install. So, while as a free trial VPN it doesn’t prevail, there’s still a lot to like about it.

#4 – SaferVPN – Cheap, Great Customer Support

SaferVPNBased in Israel, SaferVPN has quite a few trumps up its sleeve, including flexibility, versatility, and top-notch support. However, there’s no free VPN trial 30 days deal – the MGB lasts only for 7 days. The good news is – the servers always deliver industry-leading performance. SaferVPN gives access to servers in 30 countries. One of the obvious perks is the fact that you’ll get stable connections in places like New Zealand, Australia, and even South Africa. For users from those countries, this is definitely the best VPN service available.

Bottom Line

That’s it for our search for the best VPN on the market. As you can see, it’s not always that the big, popular networks offer the best deals. ExpressVPN is considered to be the best VPN service out there, but it doesn’t feature a free trial. HotspotShield, in turn, falls short of a number of up-to-date features; yet, its 7-day free VPN trial will attract a huge number of customers. So, always know exactly what you’re looking for before going ahead with a purchase!

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