TOP-5 High-Ranked VPN Services – September 2018

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If you need to protect your personal data from others, search the Web anonymously or access banned websites, you definitely need to take advantage of the right service. Basically, Virtual Private Network is the modern technology allowing you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. Using special encryption protocols, networks guarantee a secure way of sharing all types of information through the connection. Today, Virtual Private Network provides the necessary level of security when it comes to protection against personal data theft, hacker attacks, and many other threats. As a result, you can be private online while browsing social networks, torrenting, and launching software applications. Likewise, software are often an indispensable solution for gaming, unblocking content, streaming videos, listening to music, etc. If you need your personal data to be encrypted and therefore secured, it’s crucial to use this type of software, especially when connecting to insecure public hotspots.

Best VPN Service: What’s Important for You?

When selecting the best software for your needs, it’s important to understand your initial tasks and goals. While the main purpose of it is to provide your anonymity on the Internet, they also can be used for the multitude of other essential tasks. Many VPN reviews highlight advantages and downsides of certain virtual private networks, as well as provide testing results of their features, however, you want to know what you actually need. No one will help you find the best virtual private network for iPhone or another gadget until you know what matters most to you. To be able to make the right choice, let’s delve into selection criteria.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

Accessing internal networks

Virtual private networks allow users to get access to some remote servers and internal networks. This feature is especially important for people who work at home and need to connect to corporate resources. Likewise, it’s useful for students who study remotely and access libraries and training programmes. Typically, these people use virtual private networks provided by their companies and colleges. So, if you are going to join a new company and want to work remotely, most likely, you’ll need to ask your system administrator for the necessary software solution.

Protecting your identity and personal data

For many people, the main aim of using virtual private networks is to protect personal data from snooping, leakage and theft. To keep all (passwords, credit card numbers, and communications) secure, it uses special encryption protocols that deliver the highest level of protection, whether your device is connected to your home LAN network or an airport Wi-Fi hotspot. If you are hunting the best VPN app, look at software which doesn’t store any DNS queries, activity and connection logs. Such software will keep your Internet activity private and secure from snooping and tampering.

Unblocking and downloading content

Unblocking Content with VPNIn the modern world, there are so many spectacular and exciting events shown on television and streamed live on the Internet. Many of us want to enjoy watching sports competitions, festivals or broadcasts of economic forums. With a variety of modern technologies, it seems easy and simple to access and watch anything you want. However, it’s not that easy. Lack of free access to TV channels and live sports is a highly topical issue for many countries of the world. As you understand, the main reasons for geo-restrictions are author’s rights, licenses, and money. It’s especially relevant for movies, TV shows, and sports broadcasts. To unblock content, and watch sporting events and music gigs unrestrictedly, you need a VPN proxy which masks the user’s IP address. It can also be particularly important while on leave or during your business trip: with the proxy, you’ll be able to visit geo-restricted websites, download software, listen to your favorite online radio stations.

Changer with built-in VPN download features is a great choice for people who prefer listening to music on their smartphones: they usually setup VPN on their mobile devices and download favorite tracks wherever they are.


Video games are constantly evolving, and now most of them allow playing over the Internet. For playing video games online, it’s just enough to have a stable and high-speed network connection. With that, while registering, you often need to fill in some personal information, and this attracts hackers and cybercriminals. That’s why you need a safe service.

Thanks to this solution, you actually get a secure and encrypted network connection, so, all your personal data become reliably protected from any of the threats.

While looking for the best service, you want to make sure you know your purpose: whether you want a fast VPN to play online, download games or simply need access to limited-use applications. If your task is to find the best VPN for gaming online, you should pay attention to such aspects as the connection speed and amount of Internet traffic available.

In addition, it’s essential to look at the price of a service, the number of servers, and the availability of a separate DNS server. Good providers usually use a dedicated gaming server to prevent DDoS attacks, reduce delays, bypass blocks and enhance overall security.


Today torrents are a very widely-spread way for downloading files. Thanks to the peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, small pieces of the file are downloaded from many sources and assembled into a larger file, allowing you to get the complete file very quickly. The drawback of the technology is that all the people you share your content with can see your IP address. As a result, the use of torrent downloaders can make your network connection vulnerable to cyber attacks. In such case, it`s considered to be the best way to conceal your IP address and, therefore secure yourself from other users who connected to the same peer. The right software with built-in torrent VPN features will provide digital privacy and anonymously.

Not all Virtual Private Networks can be suitable for this, therefore, make sure you check out the next features while selecting the best solution for you:

Support for torrents downloading. Some software doesn’t allow you to download torrents, so, be attentive to pick the service supporting torrent virtual private network functions.
Download speed. Most likely, you need to find files and download them as quickly as possible.
Security. Need to offer robust encryption algorithms as well as reliable protection against DNS leaks.

Streaming video content

For many people, the major purpose is to get VPN services for streaming videos. Some users want to conceal their activity from providers, while others pretend to be in another country. In such case, you need a client which will provide unlimited bandwidth and high speeds to transfer data without limits.

What is Your Operating System?

Today you can operate with a variety of different devices and appliances. Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to connect a program to a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, game console, router and any other device with an operating system. Best solutions support the simultaneous connection of several devices, making all your stored and transferred data reliably protected from all online threats.

Windows logo

Without a doubt, Windows has become much safer. However, it can’t protect users from monitoring by government agencies and Internet providers. In addition, users are also vulnerable to hackers, especially when using public Wi-Fi hotspots or peer-to-peer networks. Many users protect their identity and personal data stored on laptops or desktop computers by using virtual private networks. Thanks to Windows VPNs, people around the world can unblock geo-restricted content, stream and watch HD videos, download games, and books unrestrictedly.

Best VPN for Windows

MacOS logo

Nothing is easier than picking the right client. Macs users usually look at versatile services that provide strong encryption, come with a user-friendly interface, and include a stealth mode. With a VPN for Mac, you will be able to discover all the possibilities of the Internet. By taking advantage users can bypass any IP blocks that restrict them from getting access to a variety of websites. The right client is the best solution to avoid state censorship and keep all data securely.

Best VPN for MacOS

Android logo

You will be very pleased to know that most virtual private networks support your devices. These services allow you to easily and securely browse the web, communicate with colleagues through email, Skype or online messengers, watch favorite movies, etc. For this, it’s just enough to have an app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Special proxy applications can be easily downloaded from the Internet. In our comparison, you can find the best app and then download it from Google Play. When picking the best Virtual Private Network for Android device, apart from security options, it’s important to look at services that have a good reputation, offer versatility and provide high-standard customer support.

Best VPN for Android

iOS logo

Like in the case of virtual private networks for Android devices, any iPhone services perform the same functions which it can perform on a desktop computer. Basically, the best Virtual Private Network for iPhone will support the operation with several devices at a time, feature easy-to-use interface, and allow you to choose a server on a map.

Besides, there are also connected to home or office routers, so, multiple devices sharing a single network can be protected by the reliable connection. This is actually a great way to protect valuable data with the only account and one data device. Another excellent option is to purchase a router. Best router solutions typically deliver maximum security and ease of use.

Best VPN for iOS

VPN By Country

Today many national governments tighten Internet restrictions and censorship to control user’s Internet activity. Some laws force Internet providers to store citizen’s web browsing history and personal data. To bypass censorship and geo-blocking, people around the globe use personal virtual private network services.

The selection of a safe service or the router can vary from country to country. Depending on the place where you are going to use the personal software client applications, whether it is Australia, France, Germany or any other country, it’s crucial to determine your major tasks. In our VPN reviews, you will be able to pick the right service or provider for your region.

VPN Features: What to Look For?


There is a great number of good VPN apps to keep all your personal data secure. Although it’s easy to find free Internet solutions, you want to make sure you look through a VPN comparison which will really help you get program suitable for your needs. Staying away from most costless providers and services is crucial. More than likely, free internet solutions won’t guarantee the high-level privacy and data security.

Connection speed

The last thing you want to see is a web page is taking a long time to open, or video is playing with buffering interruptions. So, no matter whether you are picking the best VPN for Android or VPN iPhone service, make sure that provider doesn’t apply any speed or bandwidth limits.

VPN Protocols

Apart from the price and connection speed, check out which protocols your  iPhone or Android service uses to hide your personal data. There are several  protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSL, OpenVPN, etc., and, of course, each of them has its own pros and cons. Now, it`s considered to be the best VPN protocol, and if you want to ensure your security in the best way possible, opt for the software based on this technology.

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