TOP-3 High-Ranked VPN Services for Torrents

Torrent LogoFinding a good VPN for torrenting may be a hard nut to crack. Still, VPN is an absolute must for every torrents user. Otherwise, high chances are you may one day get a copyright violation notice from your ISP. In addition to legal troubles, when using torrents you become vulnerable to hackers’ attacks and compromise your data safety. BitTorrent protocol is good for fast filesharing, but it is absolutely not great for your privacy. So let’s return to our muttons and figure out what kind of a VPN is good for torrents.

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While looking for a VPN solution, the first thing you need to notice whether the virtual private network supports torrents because some VPNs block this service. Then, have a look at speed and performance reviews, as it can be frustrating to wait for downloads while using your mobile Internet. Also, your software should have the ability to block the unsafe and unwanted connection. A virtual private network service will cost you around 50$ annually, so this is actually the cost of your safety.

We hope that our review will help you pick the best VPN for torrents that will protect you from all the torrents-related threats



NordVPN Service


  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Zero logs policy
  • Dedicated IP
  • Some deals and discounts offered, price is average in the market
  • Double encryption


  • Desktop version lacks advanced settings
  • Mobile versions have some bugs
  • Customer support responses are not that fast

NordVPN is a strong all-rounder that can be considered the best for torrents. The service is based in Panama, a privacy-friendly destination.

This software offers a high level of security and performance. It allows for 6 simultaneous connections and offers a wide range of server in locations like Europe, USA, UK, and other key destinations.

This VPN for downloading torrents also allows you to easily stream your favorite movies without any privacy and security risks (it supports various streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, and Hulu). NordVPN is good for torrents filesharing thanks to a trademarked SmartPlay feature.

Pricing policy is average in the market and starts with the monthly price of $11.95 a month.  You can get this software for only $6.99 a month if you play for a year upfront. And if you grab a special 3 years deal, using this VPN service will only cost you $2.75 a month.



Express VPN Service


  • Great privacy record, protection from US strict jurisdiction as the provider is based in the British Virgin Islands
  • High level of security, 256-bit encryption
  • Very fast, no buffering while streaming videos
  • The service has its own DNS servers, and kill switch feature
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Available in more than 90 countries
  • Intuitive interface design, great performance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • High price, especially in comparison with its competitors
  • Only three simultaneous devices connections are available

ExpressVPN is often called the best VPN for torrents. Do you wonder why? To start with, it is based in the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly region. The service is reliable, offers a big number of servers, and a great security record. This VPN for torrents uses the strongest OpenVPN encryption. At the same time, its performance is great as well, and level of the encryption doesn’t influence speed. ExpressVPN doesn’t monitor user’s activity as no activity logs are stored. The service records some of the connection logs only for troubleshooting issues.

ExpressVPN may help you to get access to some prohibited websites, file sharing, and streaming services, as it unlocks restricted content. There is an opportunity to download files with the ExpressVPN torrent configuration, and you will get safe downloads. While being the best VPN for torrents, Express also works well with Netflix and other streaming services.

Price starts with a monthly fee of $12.95. It becomes more affordable ($8.32) if you choose an annual plan, and when purchasing the 15-month package you’ll get a monthly price of $6.67. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. You can also get a free virtual private network for a short period of time as the client offers a free trial.


Buffered VPN Service


  • Various discounts and offers are available, you can get up to 49% off the price
  • No Usage Logs
  • Firewall based killswitch
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 6 Simultaneous Connections
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Great customer service


  • Price is higher than average

This is the best VPN for torrent filesharing. Its privacy record is strong thanks to a zero logs policy and shared IPs. No one can identify the user’s location or any other personal information. The service is located in Gibraltar, a privacy-friendly region. This VPN for torrent has a firewall based kill switch, which is great for protecting dropped connections. Buffered offers a big number of servers in 46+ countries worldwide, but the service is still fast and demonstrates great performance. A port discovery feature protects your data and any online activity from unsafe public Wi-Fi connections.

On the top of it, Buffered offers incredible customer service and 24/7 live chat. Price is a little bit higher than those other competitors offer, starting with a monthly fee of $12.99. A six-month plan of $9.99 per month, and a full year plan for $8.25  per month are also available. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.



IPVanish VPN Service


  • Zero logs policy
  • IPVanish Kodi and IPVanish on FireStick are available
  • Runs on Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Strong safety record thanks to encryption
  • Great performance
  • Affordable price, deals, and discounts available
  • Very good speed


  • Netflix isn’t available, can’t unblock some streaming services
  • Apps are not available in China
  • No live chat

This VPN for torrents is based in Orlando, Florida. You may therefore be surprised to find it in our list. Still, IPVanish offers a top class privacy for its users, even though US is not a privacy-friendly destination. IPVanish can boast a large number of servers and locations, around 700 servers in 60 countries.  The performance and speed of these servers are great. IPVanish works in almost all areas of the US, except for midwest and northern states.

IPVanish is a nominee for the best VPN for torrent title as it offers a large number of features necessary for a great performance in terms of privacy and safety:  kill switch, DNS leak protection, obfuscation, the local client log, DNS configuration, and port number. The price is $10 for a month, $8.99 for the quarterly plan, and $6.49 per month if you pay annually. There is a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the service, you’ll get a free VPN for torrent, but only for a week. Only refund requests made within 7 days after purchase are honored.

Hide.Me VPN


  • Great performance and high-speed servers
  • Super fast downloads
  • This VPN for torrents free plan offers 2GB per month
  • Strong security
  • Zero logs policy


  • High price of the Premium plan
  • Just two pricing plans

The last but not the least, Malaysian-based represents the fastest software for downloading torrents according to various reviews from the industry leaders. This software offers great performance, very high-speed servers, and therefore super fast downloads, which is a great point for torrents. This is probably the fastest service for now. No logging details are kept thanks to a zero logs policy, so your personal details are in your hands. is the only free for torrents offering a good free-trial plan. The company gives you the opportunity to get a 2GB per month free plan if you want to test it. This is definitely a positive point, as most of the providers don’t offer any free trial options. If you want to choose a free VPN for torrent, is the best solution. Choose a Premium plan that costs $9.99 a month if you want to get the unlimited bandwidth and other privileges. The starting price is $4.99 a month for a Plus plan with 75GB data transfer limit.

Why do we recommend this VPN for torrents?

VPN LoginThe best VPN for torrents should have a number of features necessary for the use of this filesharing service. Our top picks were chosen according to such criteria as logging and torrenting policy, speed, general level of security they provide and some additional features they offer that may enhance your protection while torrenting. We collected necessary data, conducted some research, and studied dozens of reviews from the industry leaders.

The selected VPNs represent good quality at an affordable price. As you have noticed that we have not included a free VPN for torrent filesharing in our list, and we did it for a reason. As torrenting require a lot of bandwidth, most free VPN providers do not allow P2P filesharing. The ones that do support torrenting aren’t secure enough.

Still, you can try using all the above-mentioned services for free by getting the use of free trial and money-back guarantee all the other providers offer. In such a way a top VPN like ExpressVPN can become you best free VPN for torrents for a one month period. All in all, you can always grab some special deal and get a really great VPN for just a few dollars per month to never again worry about torrenting consequences. If you are not yet ready to choose your VPN, read our detailed reviews to make an informed choice. 


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