About us

Our primary goal is to create a balanced list of VPN services that will satisfy your requirements. We all have different reasons to subscribe to a VPN service. We at PrivacyRadarPro provide extensive reviews of popular companies and their technical capabilities so that you could make an informed decision.

Why You Can Rely On Our Reviews?

We have a dedicated team of professionals who inspect various aspects of each service. Our team members anonymously subscribe to each service and test all the features. The thorough inspection allows us to have an informed opinion regarding every side of the company in question.

We are further happy to share this opinion with you. But, unlike some other websites that review VPN services, we would not make you scroll through endless chapters explaining what a VPN is and why you need one. You may find the answers to this kind of questions in our blog if you wish.

Our focus is always on the key points that matter to VPN users. While we test every VPN service extensively and assess all the technical factors to make sure it is a reliable pick, we won’t load you with excessive technical details. We write our reviews with the idea that after reading our review every user, either tech-savvy or not, should be able to decide if a particular VPN suits his needs or not.

Ranking Criteria

When determining the ranking, we focus on the technical aspects of each service. Such aspects are available protocols, unique technological features, number of simultaneous connections, and servers. We also take into account the quality of customer support, the number of servers and their locations as well as usability of applications.

How We Rate Services

After testing each service, we rate each aspect independently. Further, we create a weighted rating by averaging marks given to each VPN by our in-house professionals and freelancing tech experts.

The public opinion is also an essential part of the ranking process. We do pay attention to whether brands enjoy love and support of their customers. Some companies provide a delightful customer experience while lacking some critical technological features considered staples by industry experts.

Get Discounts and Coupons

We have established partnerships with many famous brands. We do not endorse them. However, we allow our users to enjoy special discounts and coupons for specific services. Some companies may be very low on the ranking ladder, but we will gladly offer our users to get a discount for their services. After all, you are the one making the decision. We only provide you with enough information to make the right choice!