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VPN for USAIf you are based in the US but want to avoid its strict copyright laws, the only solution is a VPN for USA. On one hand, US takes it too serious when it comes to social security, but, on the other hand, the country’s surveillance, cybersecurity laws, and even stored metadata of the phone calls lead to privacy violation of its citizens.

While surfing the Internet, shopping online or playing games, make sure your personal information and location remain private with a help of a VPN for USA. You can also choose a VPN for Netflix USA, and stream your favorite movies without any danger. To make it easier for you to choose the right VPN for USA, let us highlight some of the best players in the market.


Nord VPN LogoBased in Panama, a privacy-friendly destination, NordVPN can be your best VPN for USA, as it is a strong all-rounder software offering a high level of security and performance. You can get high-speed, secure virtual private network for a reasonable price. Itallows 6 simultaneous connections and offers a wide range of server locations ib Europe, USA, UK, and other key destinations. The monthly price is $11.95 a month or $2.75 a month if you are ready to pay for three years up front.

NordVPN is often considered to be the best VPN for Netflix USA residetns may get, as it can easily stream your favorite movies without any privacy and security risks. Other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, and Hulu are available as well. Nord is good for torrents filesharing thanks to its trademarked SmartPlay feature.


  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Zero logs policy
  • Dedicated IP
  • Some deals and discounts to offer, price is average in the market
  • Double encryption


  • Desktop version lacks advanced settings
  • Mobile versions have some bugs
  • Customer support responses are not that fast


CyberGhost VPNCyberGhost is a Romanian-based provider. This software offers a zero logs policy, strong privacy, and high speed.

CyberGhost is mostly famous for its high-speed performance. A wide range of server locations is impressive, so you can choose from up to 55 countries and more than 1,300 servers.

Why is it good for the US? The service has servers in 55 countries, from Europe to Asia and its servers work very well. But as you are based in the US, the positive point is that it’s available in such destinations as Costa Rica and Argentina, Brazil, Central and South America.

This service is definitely one of the best that users may get. Customer service is only available during working hours, but prices are average, and this virtual private network runs on 5 devices simultaneously.

Affordable pricing plans start from $11.99 per month, but if you can choose an annual plan, 24 months plan, or even  pay 36 months to get a better price. The last option only costs €99 (€2.75 per month).


  • Fast and simple in use, great performance
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Transparency report available
  • No personal details kept while logging


  • Interface has some bugs and needs to be improved
  • No browser extensions
  • Torrenting is not available on US servers
  • LiveChat is not available 24/7
  • Some connection logs
  • HMAC MD5 authentication could be better


Express VPN LogoAccording to practicularly all ‘VPN for USA’ reviews, this provider is a great match for the US region.

ExpressVPN unlocks different restricted content, and it may help you to get the access to some ‘closed’ websites, file sharing and streaming services.

What is important is that Express will protect your online activity while using the torrents. You can download files with the ExpressVPN torrent configuration, and you will get the desired safe downloads from it.

Express uses the strongest OpenVPN encryption. Providers used to avoid setting high levels of encryption as it can lead to low-performance results. Despite this, it shows an excellent performance, which makes it the best VPN for USA in this aspect. If you look for VPN for Netflix USA to stream your favorite movies without any danger, many experts believe ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Netflix USA.

Its HQ is based in the British Virgin Islands where the laws concerning privacy in the Internet are friendlier. There is no monitoring of users’ activity as no activity logs are kept. Connection logs can be viewed for troubleshooting issues only. Price starts with a monthly fee of $12.95, you can get a more affordable offer of $8.32 if you choose an annual plan, and pay as low as $6.67 when purchasing the 15-month package. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. And you can also get a free VPN for USA for some time, if you choose a free trial.


  • Great privacy record, protection from US strict jurisdiction as the provider is based in the British Virgin Islands
  • High level of security, 256-bit encryption
  • Very fast, no buffering while streaming videos
  • The service has its own DNS servers, and kill switch feature
  • Unlimited data usage
  • 9.98 rating according to over 3,000 reviews
  • Servers in more than 90 countries
  • Intuitive interface design, great performance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • High price, especially if to compare with its competitors
  • Three devices can run simultaneously, while other services may offer up to 6 devices connections


Ipvanish vpn logoThis provider is based in Orlando, Florida. And, even despite its not quite privacy friendly location in US, IPVanish offers top class services for its users.

IPVanish is available for a big number of servers and locations, around 700 servers in 60 countries.  All these serves have high speed and excellent performance. IPVanish works in almost all areas of the US, except for midwest and northern states.

Features necessary for a great performance in terms of privacy and safety such as a kill switch,  DNS leak protection, obfuscation, the local client log, DNS configuration, and port number make IPVanish a decet contender for the title of the best VPN service for USA. Unfortunately, it can be called the best VPN for Netflix USA, as this software fails to unlock this streaming platform.

As most of the virtual private network services, it offers customer service, and the price is $10 for a month, $8.99 for the quarterly plan, and $6.49 annually. Free trial is available if you want have the best free virtual private network at least for some time.


  • Zero logs policy, no personal data kept
  • IPVanish Kodi and IPVanish on FireStick available
  • Works on Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Strong safety record thanks to encryption
  • Great performance
  • Affordable price, deals, and discounts available
  • Very good speed


  • Netflix isn’t available, can’t unblock some streaming services
  • Apps are not available in China
  • Customer support could be better


HideMyAss vpn logoHideMyAss is a features-rich software available in almost all destinations. It offers an incredible number of servers and locations. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and there are mobile versions for iOS and Android. At the moment, HideMyAss has 880 servers in about 330 locations in 210 countries.

Netflix and other streaming services are available, but this software has been facing some streaming problems in recent years, as Netflix became better on detecting VPNs. Some bugs may appear while using torrents, and some reviews even show that torrents can be blocked. HideMyAss is a good VPN for Netflix USA or similar services, but has some limitations. To get the best free VPN for Netflix before actually purchasing a solution, go for a free trial plan. The price starts with $11.52 per month, giving you so-called “all-in” plan, but by choosing the annual plan, you will pay only $6.56 per month.

Customer support is good, email ticketing system and live chat. But some reviews criticize HideMyAss’s support for being too vague and general.


  • Great number of servers and locations
  • Good speed
  • US Netflix and other streaming services are available
  • There are no IP leaks
  • 5 simultaneous connections


  • Based in the UK
  • Too many connection logs
  • Some limitations on filesharing services like torrents
  • Customers Support answers are vague in some cases
Best VPN for USA


In this review we tried to find the best VPN for USA residents who want to get a freedom of choice and privacy while using the Internet and to have their digital activity protected even despite being located in the US.  The recent fight between Apple and the F.B.I proves that US government wants to get access to your personal data anytime they need so. Copyright infringement is taken by the government even more seriously. Can you imagine, you can be punished or fined for uploading some information like movies etc.? The main purpose of the Copyright Alert System is to curb the number of copyright infringement. Choose your best VPN service for USA and get the privacy you should have. These 5 best VPN for USA were chosen as they offer good privacy, good service, and good price.

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