Best Free VPN For Kodi

Best free VPN for Kodi

As far as the most popular and successful media streaming outlets go, Kodi is right there among the leaders. This media player is a popular choice for binge-watching as it is compatible with all kinds of devices including Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Firestick. Today, we’ll try to find the best free VPN for Kodi.

Best Free Kodi VPN – Free Trials/Money-Back Guarantee

To truly enjoy streaming on Kodi you need a VPN service that offers impeccable performance with no limitations. Many top VPN services come with free trials, and all the trustworthy VPN providers offer money-back guarantee.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN - Best Deal

The Most Versatile Provider On The Market
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Zero-Logs Policy:
  • Industry-leading security with all the top protocols.
  • Servers in 90+ countries around the globe.
  • The company owns a number of DNS servers.
  • Stable performance; user-friendly clients.
  • Torrenting is allowed; no throttling.
  • The VPN is expensive (including the yearly plan).
  • Protection for only three simultaneous connections.
Provider Plans:
1 Month
$12.95 /mth
6 Months
$9.99 /mth
12 Months (Save 35%)
$8.32 /mth
If you need a reliable and fast VPN service, there’s nothing better than ExpressVPN.  With this VPN you’ll get an excellent set of security features, great speeds and uninterrupted access to Netflix.

We highly recommend taking advantage of the free trials that several best VPN offers:

  • NordVPN – provides 7 days of free trial, enough to understand whether NordVPN is the right free VPN for Kodi for you or not (never pay for the commercial version unless you’re sure you need it and first read our review).
  • CyberGhost – one of the best free VPNs for Kodi on the market; also comes with a 1-day free trial. CyberGhost is considered to be one of the greatest Virtual Private Networks of our time (read about VPN).
  • VyprVPN – fast, reliable, and well-respected VPN for Kodi, VyprVPN will give you free access for 3 days. Put those days to good use and do some quality streaming with Kodi, but first read full review.

Top Free VPNs for Kodi You Can Trust

Windscribe VPN

1.Windscribe VPN - good free choice for Kodi

A Solid Pick for an Average User
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Zero-Logs Policy:
  • 10GB of free traffic
  • An excellent choice for streaming
  • Above-average encryption and protocols
  • No-logs policy
  • Occasional drops in speed and stability
  • Not the most impressive line-up of servers
Provider Plans:
1 Month
$9 /mth
1 Year
$4.08 /mth
$0 /mth


Windscribe VPN is relatively new, but  it is a pretty solid free VPN for Kodi, especially if you’re looking for a good capacity. It gives the users as much as 10GB of traffic per month, which is more than you’ll get with most rivals. Connection speed isn’t perfect: there might be some real drops in performance, especially in the free version. The good news is – this VPN features the zero-logs policy, AES 256-bit encryption, Kill Switch, DNS protection, and OpenVPN.

IKEv2 is also available; as a matter of fact, it is the default (and more secure) protocol, but for most cases, OpenVPN will be a better pick. Please keep in mind that Windscribe’s HQ is in Canada, a country that belongs to the Five-Eyes agency (but, thanks to the zero-logs privacy, that’s not an issue). The VPN offers dedicated apps for numerous devices including apps with Kodi (available in the Amazon app store and Play store ).

Pricing & Plans

Now let us take a quick look at the available subscription plans:

You may also build a custom plan based on your needs. Once you purchase Windscribe, you’ll have 3 days to get a refund if you don’t like the service.


2.ProtonVPN: Free VPN for Kodi That Works Good

Private, Secure, and Cap-Free
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Zero-Logs Policy:
  • The HQ is in Switzerland
  • Zero-Logs Policy
  • Kill switch and DNS leak protection
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Protection for up to 10 devices
  • The premium packages are expensive
  • Only 347 servers to choose from
  • Might be problematic to find a fast server
Provider Plans:
$4 /mth
$6.67 /mth
$24 /mth


ProtonVPN is not the fastest service on the market, but it does offer decent performance (at least on short-term connections) especially it’s one of the best free VPNs for Kodi. With the free version, you’ll only be able to choose between servers in three countries, and connection speed will be low. Bandwidth isn’t limited (this means you can stream as much as you want), but P2P isn’t supported, and you won’t be able to stream anything that relies on peer-to-peer. Direct streaming platforms (like YouTube) will still be available.

The HQ is in Switzerland; plus, the company follows the no-logs policy; thus, regarding privacy, ProtonVPN is an excellent pick. Furthermore, the VPN support AES-256 encryption, OpenVPN, Kill Switch, and other useful features, like Secure Core (it re-routes the user’s traffic through multiple servers). Yes, it is also one of the best Virtual Private Networks regarding security for Kodi users.

Pricing and Plans

Price is very nice. Here are the pricing plans:

All the paid plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

TunnelBear VPN

3.TunnelBear VPN - Easy to Use Apps for Kodi, Overall Fast Streaming Experience

Slow and Limited, but Also Private and Friendly
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Zero-Logs Policy:
  • Strong encryption
  • User-friendly interface
  • Decent short-range speed and stability
  • No logging
  • Supports both OpenVPN and IKEv2
  • Kill switch
  • The HQ is located in Canada
  • Doesn’t work with Netflix
  • The free version has A 500MB cap
Provider Plans:
Free /mth
1 month
$9.99 /mth
1 year
$4.99/month /mth
2 years
$4.17/month /mth


This service is equally easy to download/install, super user-friendly and overall worth your while for Kodi. The sad part is – you’ll only get 1500MB of traffic per month. A little known fact is that you can spread a word about TunnelBear on Twitter to get extra 1GB of data monthly. 

Naturally, 1.5GB of data is better, but still not enough for streaming video if you using Kodi. Performance is also not that impressive. On short distances, TunnelBear is great; on longer ones, however, it lacks speed and stability so it’s good but not the best free VPN for Kodi.

In terms of privacy, this free Kodi VPN is as good as Windscribe. The no-logs policy states that they only keep minor logs. The HQ is in Canada, though, which means the government might request those minor logs. Security-wise, TunnelBear is more than ok and will get you fully covered. OpenVPN, IKEv2, and AES 256-bit encryption will make sure your device is safe; you’ll get all those protocols even with the free version.

Free Version

The free plan only covers one device, but if you upgrade to one of the paid tiers, you’ll be able to set up to five connections simultaneously. TunnelBear has native apps for all major platforms and can be installed directly from the Amazon store can be used for Kodi.

TunnelBear Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing plans:


4.Hide.Me VPN - Well Optimized for Kodi P2P Addons

Private and Secure, but With a Data Cap
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Zero-Logs Policy:
  • Generally good for streaming
  • 2GB of free traffic
  • The HQ is in Malaysia
  • Zero-logs policy
  • Speed and stability aren’t great
  • The free version has a limited number of servers
  • The monthly plan is expensive
  • Streaming is not always smooth
Provider Plans:
1 month
$14.95 /mth
1 year
$9.99 /mth
2 years
$4.99 /mth


Based in Malaysia, HideMe VPN is famous for its zero-logs policy, top-notch encryption protocols, and many industry-leading features for Kodi. But, those 2GB of traffic per month won’t be enough for Kodi (still better than TunnelBear, though). You’ll only have access to 5 locations. Furthermore, the servers aren’t always stable, and they’re generally slower than the most. The good news is – privacy and security of this VPN are excellent for Kodi.

The no-logs policy means the company doesn’t store any personal data of the users; and, the HQ is in Malaysia, a very open and friendly country. Add AES encryption, a choice between OpenVPN, IKEv2, and other popular protocols, and Kill Switch, and you’ll get a great VPN. All the major platforms are supported and this free VPN is good for Kodi too.

Pricing & Plans 

Here are the available pricing plans:

  • Plus Plan – $4.99 a month (75 GB data cap);
  • Premium Plan – $9.99 a month (unlimited data transfer).

With money-back guarantee only lasts for 14 days.

ZenMate VPN

5.ZenMate VPN - Good and reliable free VPN for Kodi

Best for Streaming from Your PC
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Number of servers:
Mobile app:
Does VPN keep logs:
  • A Solid Line-Up of Servers
  • Compatible with most platforms
  • Great for accessing Netflix
  • The free version is very generous
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • The VPN logs IP addresses
  • There might be some IP leaks
  • Mobile apps are pretty bad
  • The HQ is in Germany
Provider Plans:
1 Month
$9.99 /mth
1 Year
$3.99 /mth
2 Years
$2.05 /mth


The best thing about this free Kodi VPN (check full ZenMate VPN review) is the fact that it comes with unlimited bandwidth. As for the connection speed and stability, we weren’t impressed by ZenMate’s performance. With the free version, you get access to VPN servers in 4 countries. While there’s no 256-bit AES encryption (only 128), ZenMate features its own NAT Firewall that’s great at keeping the hackers at bay.

Sadly, OpenVPN is only available with the Premium edition (you’ll still be able to pick between IKEv2, L2TP, and IPSec). The privacy policy is another critical matter: first of all, the HQ is located in Germany, a member of the 14-Eyes group. Secondly, they keep logs (the IP address), and we found some minor DNS leaks during our tests.

If you need a free VPN for Kodi because you have Kodi app installed on this device, Zenmate is not your best choice. The free version is only available as browser extensions. Paid edition is compatible with all major platforms including Kodi.

Plans & Pricing

Here are the price:

With ZenMate standard 30-day money-back guarantee will apply.

What VPN I Should NOT Use on my Kodi?

Without getting too much into the technical stuff, we want to give you a quick list of some popular Networks that aren’t compatible with Kodi.

  1. HotspotShield. According to official statistics, 650+ million users around the globe use this VPN. So, why doesn’t it work with Kodi, one of the most successful streaming platforms on planet Earth? There’s no explanation. But as a free VPN for Kodi, it’s not really an option.
  2. Betternet. This is a 100% free VPN that “lives” on constantly showing adds to the customers. Even though it’s a robust free VPN, it won’t work with Kodi (last checked January 2019).
  3. HolaVPN. Thanks to the solid server base, Hola is always fast and stable, which is great for streaming Netflix/other services. Sadly, it can’t be used with Kodi.

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Free VPN

While it’s nice to get something for free, you need to always know about the weak sides of VPN services you use. The same is true for a VPN: as fantastic as a free plan might be, it will never compare to the commercial versions. Data caps, weak security/privacy, and a heavily limited number of servers are some of the biggest cons of a 100% charge-free VPN.

Before we go ahead and discuss each option in detail, remember that most free VPNs work on PPTP, a somewhat outdated protocol with numerous security holes. Furthermore, since these companies have minimal resources, your experience with their products will leave a lot to be desired.

Free Kodi VPN

  • Security and Privacy. Weak security is a significant concern with free VPNs. Even if it is above average, you still need to remember that these products will never be able to compete with industry leaders regarding privacy. Free VPN providers tend to keep a lot of personal data (logs), and there’s no telling with whom they might share it. Advanced features like Kill Switch and DNS/IP Leak Protection are very rare.
  • Data Caps And Limited Bandwidth. Get used to having constant traffic/bandwidth limitations on a free VPN. The average cap is 500MB, which will be all used up in a couple of hours, especially if you love to torrent or stream. On the other hand, if you only need to use a VPN on rare occasions, those 500 megabytes might be enough to get by.
  • The number of Servers and Connection Speed. Faraway servers tend to work a lot less stable than the ones closer to your location. With a free VPN, the choice will be limited, and you won’t always be able to unblock geo-restricted content. So, get yourself ready for lousy performance. As we just said, these providers can’t afford to have servers in every corner of the world, hence the drops in speed and stability.
  • Constant Ads. Nothing comes for free, and for providers running free VPNs to survive, they work with third parties and supply ads. Plus, they send personal data to these companies. Prepare yourself for a massive flow of advertisements. We also have to mention that target-specific ads are known to violate privacy.

Why use Kodi with VPN?

Kodi VPN Kodi player is undoubtedly a Godsent for streaming fans, but it is not perfect. The thing is – Kodi has numerous security flaws, especially with additional software installed, and can be hacked from afar. The so-called “keylogger attacks” are widespread with this streaming media.

While Kodi itself is 100% legal, there are many illegal add-ons out there that are aimed at streaming copyrighted content. Through these kinds of add-ons, it is very easy for hackers to gain access to your data without any VPN services. Moreover, even if you use officially approved and legal add-ons, you’re still in danger. The hackers can get through even by using subtitles and monitor your activity. That is a serious issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and this is why we recommend to only use Kodi with VPN.

Hackers are not the only thing to worry about with Kodi. As streaming copyrighted materials is illegal in most countries, users should be ready to face the consequences if they get caught. You may not even know that the third-party add-on you use distributes content illegally, but you will still be held responsible. With a free VPN for Kodi, you can stay anonymous online leaving no means for your ISP to traces you. 

In addition to enhancing your security, a VPN will let you access geo-restricted Kodi add-ons that may significantly improve your viewing experience. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and even Youtube are famous for blocking access to specific content. If you’re outside of the US, ESPN, ABC, and other services won’t be available to you without a VPN for Kodi. 

Finally, with a Kodi VPN you can forget about ISP throttling and enjoy the fast connection regardless of your traffic content. Mind though, that due to the reasons mentioned above, free VPNs for Kodi won’t let you have better speeds. Moreover, free services are not as good at protecting your privacy and unblocking geo-restricted content as paid VPNs.

How to install a VPN on Kodi?

Install VPN on Kodi FireStickNow that you have hopefully decided which free or paid VPN for Kodi to give a try, let’s get to the setup process. There are basically two options: you can either install a separate Kodi VPN app on your device or integrate it into your Kodi app with the help of add-ons.

If you have Kodi installed on your PC, Mac or Android-based device, the first method will do better. All you have to do is to download a dedicated VPN app (also you can use an open source VPN) on your device. The best free VPN for Kodi service will be running in the background encrypting all your traffic. For all the major platforms the installation process is easy as ABC.

Kodi users who have it installed on Linux and Windows-based devices, there is another approach. If your OS is compatible with Zomboided VPN manager, you can install a VPN directly into the Kodi app. However, the list of VPNs supported by Zomboided is limited.

Finally, you can always install a VPN on a router to protect all your household device.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll only have to spend 5 to 15 minutes installing a VPN to make your Kodi safe to use.

Why most users prefer to install Kodi with VPN on Firestick?

Once you decide to install Kodi, you have various options to choose from. Many users install Kodi on a computer that serves as a home cinema with VPN services. Those who prefer to watch their favorite shows on a big TV screen often go for Amazon FireStick, as it is probably the best value for money. So read our top of best VPNs for FireStick.

Bottom Line

Best Kodi VPN: Bottom Line

The market is full of free VPNs these days. However, only a few of them are truly worth your while. Reliability and usability are very rare among free products, which is why we highly recommend using the free versions of paid services. Yes, they are quite limited sometimes, but, you won’t have to worry about your safety (or their capabilities).

There are more than enough decent offers on the Internet today. We hope that this article will help you pick the best free VPN for Kodi that will suit your every need. Don’t forget about the limitations and possible dangers that come with free providers and keep in mind that sooner or later, you’ll need to switch to a paid network if you value your privacy and security.

Also you can leave a reply.

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      All the VPNs on the Best Free VPNs For Kodi list offer free plans. They do have limited bandwidth and come with some other restrictions, but this is what you get with all free VPNs. Free services that have no limitation will make profit selling your data, so we won’t ever recommend using any of those.

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