TOP-5 High-Ranked VPN Services for Canada

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VPN for Canada


The world web gives us almost unlimited opportunities. If you have an access to the Internet, you can find any information in a blink of an eye, contact your friends, living on another continent, obtain any content (books, movies, music, games), or have a virtual trip to any country of the world. It’s a really unpreceded level of freedom: today it’s hard to believe that just 30-40 years ago, people could not imagine it in their wildest dreams. However, not everyone is happy about this freedom. Governments of many countries impose numerous restrictions over the virtual life of their residents. Canada is one of the states known for the severe interference of the state in the private life of its citizens. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the annoying surveillance. Using of a virtual private network will allow a safe and comfortable browsing without the fear of being tracked by someone.

Reasons to Use VPN in Canada

Before picking out virtual private network, you need to understand how they work and what tasks they help to resolve. Usually, when you visit a site on the Internet, you set a connection directly from your computer to the site’s server, and your ISP can easily track your route. If the site is forbidden by the government, the ISP blocks an access to it. On the other hand, when you try to visit a site that doesn’t accept residents of your country, this site detects your real IP (and your real location) and doesn’t let you in.

Canada’s residents easily bypass the restrictions. The mechanism is the following: if the software is on, your route in the web changes. You do not connect directly to the chosen site. Instead, you connect to a remote server, which can be located anywhere in the world, and turn into an anonymous user with a new IP. Your ISP can track your route to this server, and that’s all. You simply disappear at this intermediate station. When your IP is changed, the restrictions of your country don’t bother you anymore. You just enjoy your freedom at full. In particular, with the best VPN for Canada you can do the following:

  • use torrents and streaming services, download any content from closed sources;
  • visit the sites that are blocked in your country – foreign social media platforms, sites that post politically sensitive content, online casinos, and many others;
  • bypass geo-restrictions and visit the platforms that are normally closed for the residents of your country (such as BBC iPlayer);
  • visit any sites anonymously and confidentially.

As you see, for the residents of Canada is a must-have. But to make the most of using software it’s necessary to choose the right service that suits your needs best. Keep on reading to know how to pick out the best VPN Canada options.

How to Choose the Best VPN Service Canada

VPN connectionThere are plenty of software on offer, and an inexperienced user can easily get lost in this diversity. To be able to choose the best VPN Canada one needs to know what criteria to rely on. To some extent, it depends on his or her preferences. For example, those who don’t like the idea of spending money on the software can opt for a free Canada VPN. But specialists do not recommend this approach: as a rule, even the best free VPN Canada services lack important features and, what is more important, are not reliable enough. When compiling a rating of top VPN Canada providers, we took into account the following characteristics.

  1. Coverage and the number of servers. The more servers are available the more opportunities users have. The same is about the number of countries covered. The best services in all the regions of the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and even Africa, which opens really unlimited possibilities.
  2. Speed and stability of a connection. A slow and unstable connection is one of the main drawbacks. You’ll have to compromise speed in exchange for privacy and security anyway. But when the speed drop is severe, browsing becomes a real chore.
  3. Logging policy. There are services that keep all the logs of their users’ actions. Theoretically, if the logs exist, they can be accessed by someone. There are known cases when intelligent services made VPN services (Canada is not the only state with a severe governmental control) to provide logs. As a result, some users were arrested.
  4. Price. Of course it’s for you to decide whether you are ready to pay for a premium quality or try to find the cheapest virtual private network option. But there are some brilliant software that offer an excellent price/quality ratio.

In the following section of our review, you’ll find a brief description of the best Canada VPN services in 2018. The ranking was compiled after a thorough analysis of numerous user reviews and expert opinions, as well as a series of hands-on tests.

Top-5 VPN Canada Services: the Editor’s Choice

We didn’t include any free services in our ranking, as none of them has proved a sufficient level of safety and efficiency. If you still want to opt for a free VPN Canada, download it at your own risk from any accessible source.

Here is our list of best VPN Canada services. Meet the winners!

  1. Express VPN: Canada’s Best Choice

There are multiple reasons to opt for virtual private network. Firstly, it is offer. Secondly, the company owns over 1500 servers in 90+ countries, which are impressive figures. Thirdly, it claims a zero-logging policy and upholds its promises. Finally, Express VPN Canada offers solutions for all popular platforms, as well as browser extensions for secure browsing. The only downside of the provider is the cost of its product, but both experts and users believe that it is worth its price.

  1. CyberGhost – One of the Top Netflix Canada VPN Services

This Romania-based provider practices a no-logs policy and owns a lot of servers in 61 countries. It may be not as speedy as Express, but it is a reliable full-featured tool, great for accessing streaming services and torrents. CyberGhost is rightfully called one of the best Netflix VPN Canada services. That said, it is also one of the most affordable ones. Its minor drawback is an inconsistent speed: it tends to vary depending on the server used, your location and other conditions.

  1. PureVPN – Cheaper than You Think

If you are looking for a really cheap software with a decent feature set, you may like PureVPN. This Hong Kong based provider can boast the widest coverage – 190+ countries, while its price starts from $3.25 per month. Moreover, it is packed with features and has good torrenting capabilities. The only thing that makes potential customers feel confused is its unclear logging policy. Pure does collect and store some logs, but there are no any recorded cases when the information was transferred to third parties. In general, if you are not planning to do something apparently criminal, you have nothing to worry about.

  1. NordVPN – Double Security

Those looking for the best virtual private network should consider Nord as a potential solution by all means. The company with its headquarters located in Panama focuses on security issues. If you are looking for the ultimate protection, this is the best software for you. Firstly, it accepts Bitcoins, which means you can stay anonymous at the stage of the software purchasing. Secondly, it offers some exclusive features, such as the “Double VPN” (when two intermediate servers instead of one are involved), and the “Tor over VPN”. Though some users believe these precautionary measures to be excessive, if you are paranoid about privacy issues, it is right what you need. Thirdly, Nord practices a zero-logging approach.

  1. IPVanish VPN – a Great Medium-Priced VPN Canada Solution

Though IPVanish is not the cheapest software available, it is definitely worth looking at. It is lightning fast, flexible and very easy to use irrespective of the platform chosen. A P2P support in combination with a high speed makes it a preferable option for torrenting and one of the best VPN Netflix Canada service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t unlock Netflix in the US. The company itself is based in the US, which makes some people feel concerned about their privacy. That said, IPVanish has an excellent reputation and keeps no logs of its users. So, most fears are groundless.

There are other great services that for various reasons were not included in our list of the five best providers. Thus, such titles as HMA, Vypr, Buffered, PIA, and Safer are definitely worthy of a closer look. All of them guarantee the highest level of privacy protection, honesty and transparency.

How to Get VPN Canada Free of Charge?

VPN keyAs you see, everyone who wants to use the best virtual private network needs to pay for it. However, you must have seen an advertisement of free services on the Internet and wondered whether they are worth trying. Of course, you may try some of them. And maybe, you even find the one that works pretty well. However, keep in mind that using free software you must be very cautious. There are few altruists in the world, and nobody is going to grant you an excellent working tool just for free. Chances are there are some pitfalls. For example, it can turn out that the VPN free Canada service keeps user logs and sells them to third parties. Moreover, the performance of most free apps is far from being perfect.

However, there is a legal way to use high-quality software for free. The fact is that almost all the above-mentioned providers offer a free trial period of up to 30 days. It means that you have an opportunity to utilize the software for a month without spending a cent. Detailed information about the terms and conditions of every provider is contained in reviews experts provide.

The Bottom Line

According to most VPN reviews, Canada is a country where the privacy issues are a real concern of many people. But there is no need to worry, as despite numerous legislative restrictions, using software for personal advantage is not forbidden here, at least, as long as you are not involved in anything criminal. With so many available providers, choosing the best one can be a problem. That is why the first thing you need to decide is the purpose of downloading the best VPN Canada: torrenting, streaming, or something else. When you clearly understand what you need, finding a perfect price/quality ratio becomes much easier.

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