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Top UK VPN Services in 2018

Protection of online privacy is very acute nowadays and there are a lot of ways to reach this goal. Great VPN is one of them. Virtual Private Network that is perfectly used for defense of your computer system. Good UK VPN is able to prevent many problems you can encounter surfing online without protection.

It used to be a small niche product when it was devised and now it evolved into a must-have product for most advanced users. Many UK customers are looking for highly efficient virtual private network UK tool and want to have it installed on their desktop of mobile device.

It is worth noting that performance of top VPN UK services has considerably improved lately. They do not require adjustment and some complicated manipulations. A wide assortment of such products made the competition between software stronger, while the prices became more affordable for common people. Some free options are available as an alternative to VPN service UK users have to pay for and probably can’t afford.

TOP-3 High-Ranked VPNs for UK

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How VPN works

Looking for best UK VPN, the person should understand how it works. Some compare VPN with a firewall with one exception though – it is untraceable. However, their manner of work is, certainly, different. UK free virtual private nentwork encrypts the user’s information making it secure. Though software does not protect you from viruses like firewall does, it still makes their penetration to your system harder.

Virtual private network acts as a private filter that makes you anonymous over the web. If you are untraceable, you can’t be attacked by intruders. Take it into consideration, when you doubt in the necessity of software. UK users select UK virtual private network services for different reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Some of them just want to protect their IPs to feel secure. They say that Great Britain belongs to the countries with the strongest surveillance now. Internet provider can’t track your online activities as long as you use virtual private network.
  • Looking for best VPN UK citizens may want to save some money when they pay for subscriptions. The prices may depend upon the location and people living in Great Britain are charged with higher fee than the rest. Efficient software for UK users are used to challenge unfair approach and buy subscription at better terms.
  • Some content is available at certain areas only thus limiting Internet for large groups of visitors from other countries. Not all UK residents accept it. They want to use the open Internet platform without restrictions, for example, use BitTorrent or watch US Netflix not available in GB. Its library of shows is extensive but all these riches are available in USA only. GB version of the site does not have them all. British users do not want to encounter limited access or blocked sites, so they use UK virtual private network to go around geo-restrictions. Using the best software UK users easily solve their problem and unblock the sites, which were inaccessible. The site is not able to expose your identity since the connection is encrypted.

How to choose the best VPN

Virtual Private NetworkThere is a range of things to consider when you pick the best UK VPN. The choice depends upon the goals set. Different UK virtual private networks focus on diverse features, consequently, they will meet the demands of particular groups of customers. When security is a priority, the decision will differ from the choice of those who need the best VPN for torrenting.

UK users should also take location into consideration. Some international virtual private networks are not suitable for their region. It is necessary to consider a proper virtual private network for UK to solve the problem.

It is not a big challenge to find a free UK VPN, but how to determine the best software? UK offers a huge selection of such products. Let us look closer at this issue to figure out, which is the best VPN for UK. It should not be a single product as any software has its pros and cons. The list of 3 best VPN UK options can be a good solution.



Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Does VPN keep logs:
Provider Plans:
1-month plan
1-year plan (Save 41%)
2-year plan (Save 66%)
3-year plan (Save 75%)

When security is a priority, people prefer Nord VPN UK. Panama-based with more than 4050 servers expanded its presence to more than 60 countries of the world and there it entered the list of top providers. UK is not an exclusion. The app with 2048-bit encryption can boast of a range of useful characteristics such as optional dedicated IPs, high quality DNS leak protection, a number of popular payment options (bank cards, PayPal, BTC), and automatic kill switch that blocks the traffic and protects you from being exposed when connection drops. In case it happens, Nord re-establishes the connection fast.

Nord offers specialized servers for specific purposes. This is a big advantage of the service, which is highly appreciated. For instance, there are servers for BitTorrent VPN. The range of tools varies depending upon the problems.

The fee for the software is moderate. Besides, there is a possibility to save a little bit if you purchase a long-term subscription. The discount at some periods can exceed 70%. Nord UK has a free 3-day trial period only but the software has a refund policy within 30 days after purchase. You can get your money back in case something does not suit you.

The software offers encrypted UK VPN Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions. Many call it the best service for Netflix US, which becomes available thanks to ‘Smart Play’ technology. Nord UK supports 6 devices.

The download speed is incredibly fast. It was tested in different European countries including GB and the results were really impressive. Actually, it is one of the fastest virtual private network UK services over the web. Though it can hardly beat Express virtual private network UK, which is number one as far as speed is concerned.

Express VPN


Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Does VPN keep logs:
Provider Plans:
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year (Save 35%)

As it was mentioned already, Express UK is ultra fast. The company was based on Virgin Islands in 2009. Since then it has developed into globally famous software that operates under ‘No Logging’ policy. Express VPN UK offers service in more than 94 countries. The multiplatform (suits Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Linux) delivers a comprehensive solution, unblocking content for diverse streaming media devices. It supports a desktop and a mobile version.

When clients encounter problems, they can apply to the customer service, which is available round-the-clock without days off. The professional support team provides exceptional service via live chat. 

In addition to the standard features, customers can use P2P and kill switch option. However, the possibility to have only 3 connections at one time and high price tag makes this virtual private network too costly for who start looking for other variants or UK VPN free services.

You can easily access TOR with it, so your security is guaranteed when you use it.

Express VPN UK has over 1500 servers to choose from. Thanks to this virtual private network, the customer is able to preserve the anonymous status, safety and security. This is a great for UK, which offers solid experience.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is an excellent option for lovers of BitTorrent, though this comprehensive network enables tons of other useful features too. It focuses on quick downloads. If you are not sure and want to try this software, UK free basic service is available for people who do not mind advertising pop-ups. US-based company can be a good support for British Internet users who look for highly efficient UK VPN pursuing their goals.

HotSpot Shield was designed for protection of wired and wireless online connections giving safe Internet access. It is often called the best for UK users on the move. It can be risky to use wireless hotspots in public places so you need Hotspot Shield to secure your connection from potential attack.

Creating private network for you, this effective software is easy to use. There is one button to turn it on and off. The interface is very convenient. There are no unnecessary extras in it. This is a reliable useful solution. Kill Switch option is included.

Alternative options

Those who prefer easy solutions, may select their own alternatives.

Avast Secure Line is worth to be regarded then. It connects you  automatically each time you are online. What can be easier?

Tunnel Bear can be another good option for those who love simplicity. It runs in 20 countries including UK.  The other advantage of Tunnel Bear is that it is a free. UK customers can use it if they are not active users. Consumers, who apply to the service on a regular basis, should purchase monthly or annual subscription to get access to unlimited data.

Some free services offer rather interesting solutions. Virtual private network can be a part of the browser as in the case with Opera. The latest version of Opera included client that works perfectly for free. 

If this alternative does not suit you, you can choose Windscribe that is available in free and paid versions. You can use Windscribe on multiple devices. It offers the standard set of features such as P2P, adblock, firewall. Free version employs 11 servers. Compare it with 50 servers available when customers acquire subscription.

Choice between paid and free VPN service

Should one use paid or free service when choosing the virtual private network? If you want to get more satisfying experience, paid software can offer more options. You will also not suffer from annoying advertisement popping up constantly when using free service.

Consider all options before you choose the right tool. It may take some time, but will rid you of necessity to return to this issue again and install different software. As a rule, free UK virtual private networks work slower and have fewer servers at their disposal. This affects the performance and data allocation. The data allowances are lower when free service is used. Consequently, customers should determine the requirements first, and then look for the solution.

There are a lot of reviews online where customers share their opinions and discuss different products. They point out their benefits and drawbacks so others can avoid the problems they have encountered. Reading VPN reviews UK users select the best products for their particular cases. The description on the site of the product does not reveal all nuances. It gives insufficient technical information, but it is not hard to learn more about it. Armies of online users evaluate the product, and describe it in their reviews. UK forums, blogs and social networks where such issues are discussed can be an excellent source of information. There you can find the answers to many questions, which will help you to anonymize all gadgets to feel protected and enjoy versatile content anywhere, even on smart TV. 

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