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Best Netflix VPN providers of 2018: really working services

One of the key reasons why people use VPN services is the desire to access content that is otherwise unavailable. One of the world’s largest repositories of first-class content is the famous Netflix. However, if you are outside the US, access to this platform will be blocked for you. The same is about Netflix UK: you can’t use it if you are in the US or any other country of the world.

That said, it is not impossible to bypass the regional restrictions and access the needed content from any region. For accessing Netflix VPN services are the most reliable and popular tool. Though Netflix makes all possible efforts to prevent attempts of streaming its content via VPNs, some VPN providers know how to get around Netflix VPN block. Keep on reading to know how to choose the best VPN for Netflix and enjoy unlimited access to the largest content library.

TOP-3 High-Ranked VPNs for Netflix

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Paid vs Free VPN Software for Netflix: What to Choose

Most Netflix VPN providers charge a fee for their services – usually, several dollars per month. This is quite understandable: nobody wants to work for free, and maintaining a large network with thousands of servers worldwide is costly. Still, if you google for a free VPN for Netflix, you’ll find some options.

But is it possible to find a completely free VPN that works with Netflix? Yes, it is, but be prepared for the fact that the capabilities of even good free VPN services will be limited. The common limitations are the following:

  • limited bandwidth;
  • limited download speed;
  • limited number of servers and IPs.

Needless to say, all these restrictions impact the quality of streaming. That is why, even if you use the best free VPN for Netflix, you’ll be constantly tempted to upgrade it to the premium version. Streaming is one of the most resource demanding online activities. So we highly recommend you to spend a few dollar on a good reliable Netflix VPN and make the most of its capabilities.

The Best VPN for Netflix: Our Choice

We used several criteria for making a ranking of top VPN Netflix providers. First and foremost, we checked how the service copes with the Netflix VPN block – whether it can bypass it or not. Another important criterion is speed. When it comes to streaming and torrenting, speed is crucial. Finally, we checked the provider’s logging policy, compatibility of its products with various platforms, extra features, and price. Here are our winners.

Express VPN


Our Top Pick
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Does VPN keep logs:
Provider Plans:
1 Month
6 Months
15 Months (Save 49%)

The fastest virtual private network in the world is also the best one for streaming. Actually, ExpressVPN Netflix capabilities are impressive. This is a cross-platform solution that can be run on up to four various devices simultaneously; moreover, there is a version for routers that helps to resolve a problem of Netflix access at the root. As of now, via Express VPN, Netflix can be accessed from any device by users residing in different corners of the world. It effectively unlocks US, UK, and Canadian sites.

Another strong point of this Netflix VPNVPN Netflix service, and strong encryption ensures the ultimate protection of your data. Finally, thanks to its generous money-back policy, you have 30 days for testing the software. In other words, you get a Netflix VPN free product for a month.

On the minus side, ExpressVPN is relatively expensive. But you can save up to 49% by purchasing a 15-month plan. It will cost you slightly less than $100 – not bad for an unlimited Netflix VPN access.



Born for Streaming
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Does VPN keep logs:
Provider Plans:
1-month plan
1-year plan (Save 41%)
2-year plan (Save 66%)
3-year plan (Save 75%)

As a rule, when you access a website via a remote server, you experience a noticeable speed drop. To preserve good speed users are recommended to connect to servers located not far from them. NordVPN has a unique SmartPlay option that allows streaming from US Netflix without the need of connecting to US servers. Other great NordVPN Netflix features are a huge number of own servers in over 60 countries of the world, an opportunity of simultaneous connecting of up to 6 devices, compatibility with most platforms (except for Linux), and honest no-logging policy.

Like some other VPN Netflix providers, NordVPN offers a trial period and an opportunity of taking back money within 30 days of purchasing. Thus, you get a Netflix VPN free for the period of up to 30 days. Numerous tests prove that NordVPN copes with the Netflix VPN ban effectively, unlocking an access to US and UK Netflix platforms and other popular streaming sites.

NordVPN is cheaper than the industry’s leader Express VPN; moreover, you can save up to 77% by purchasing a 3-year license for just $99.

IPVanish VPN


Good but not Great
Devices per license:
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO:
Mobile app:
Number of servers:
Does VPN keep logs:
Provider Plans:
1 Month (Save 17%)
3 Months (Save 17%)
1 Year (Save 46%)

Truly saying, IPVanish Netflix capabilities are not as brilliant as one can expect. And still, it is a decent, quite usable alternative of the previously mentioned providers. The problem is that it is one of the most frequently banned by Netflix VPN services. At the same time, its developers find new and new workarounds. As of now, it is possible to access Netflix via the servers of IPVanish. Its major advantage is a lot of servers (over 800) in 50+ countries, predominantly, in Europe and America.

As for the speed, it is best described as inconsistent, as it largely depends on the server location. If you are lucky to connect to Netflix via a server that is near you, the download speed will be pretty high. But those who have to connect via remote servers can suffer severe speed drops. IPVanish is a service that is compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

Unlike the previously described VPN Netflix services, IPVanish doesn’t offer a free trial period. So, you won’t be able to use it as a Netflix VPN free service. That said, it is cheaper. A one-year pack will cost you $77.99.

Other Netflix VPN Services

VPNs for NetflixThe number of VPN services is growing day by day, and many of them are suitable for streaming. Unfortunately, few of them are really effective when it comes to Netflix. This is due to the aggressive anti-VPN policy of Netflix. However, there are several more providers that cope with the prohibitions.

  • CyberGhost VPN – one of the cheapest VPN Netflix services. It is also effective for the unlocking of other streaming platforms, including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Video.
  • StrongVPN is another good Netflix VPN options. It provides a reasonable download speed and effectively unblocks most sites for content streaming, including Netflix.
  • PrivateVPN is a service that helps to unlock Netflix in the US, Australia, and France. But don’t mix it with Private Internet Access, Netflix capabilities of which are severely restricted.
  • VyprVPN is a VPN that provides access to Netflix in the US. A good speed, many servers available, and a free trial period are its advantages.

Unfortunately, there are many other worthy VPN services that can’t overcome Netflix VPN restrictions. If your primary goal of using VPN is streaming content from this platform, these providers are not the best choice.

  • PureVPN is a popular provider known for the largest coverages: its servers are located in most countries of the world. But PureVPN Netflix capabilities are very limited: one can access the streaming platform only via a browser extension from the provider, while the desktop client turns to be useless. That said, it effectively works with other platforms – Hulu, iBBC player, etc.
  • TunnelBear is, probably, the most famous free VPN providers. Unfortunately, TunnelBear Netflix opportunities are unsatisfactory. In most cases, you won’t be able to use it as a Netflix VPN free service.

How to Watch Netflix with VPN

Best Netflix VPNIf you choose the right VPN Netflix library of the chosen country will be unlocked for you. Of course, to stream content from this platform, one needs to have a valid Netflix account. Keep in mind that you are not going to behave like a criminal. You are acting as a regular user, but with the help of a VPN Netflix service, you pretend to be a resident of another country. In fact, using a Netflix VPN is quite easy.

  1. Choose a Netflix VPN (free services don’t work in most cases, so we strongly advise to opt for one of the above-recommended providers).
  2. Choose a server you want to connect – most VPN Netflix services give such an opportunity. It is recommended to choose a server in the country where the needed platform is located. For example, for unblocking US Netflix, choose US servers.
  3. If you see a proxy error or a streaming error, try to connect to another server in this country. If your attempt fails again, contact the support service of your Netflix VPN free provider and ask for help.

With a good Netflix VPN, free content is at your disposal. The US Netflix library offers 2000 titles more than the libraries of other countries.