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Want to learn more about NordVPN? We are happy to share with you all the information you really need to know.

NordVPN is deservedly included in the top 10 VPNs list. The service is based in Panama, a privacy-friendly destination, and according to NordVPN reviews, it represents an extremely strong all-rounded VPN which guarantees a high level of security and top performance.

For those who are interested in a high-speed, security, and privacy for a reasonable price, NordVPN can be the best choice.


Price starts from
Devices per license
Privacy and security features
OpenVPN, 256-bit AES encryption
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO
Money Back Guarantee
30 days
Setup time
4 minutes
Mobile app
Server Locations
Number of servers
Number of IP Addresses
Does VPN keep logs
Usability and Support
24/7 Live Chat, Email, Knowledge base, Video Tutorials
Best For
Privacy, Travel, Streaming, Sports
Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, IOS

NordVPN offers a wide range of server locations like Europe, USA, UK, and other key destinations. Despite some disadvantages and limited security features, the virtual private network is still a great choice for those who don’t want to pay much but still need to get a good quality VPN.

This software has launched over 10 years ago and has become one of the leaders in the industry.

To start with, NordVPN comes with a user-friendly intuitive design. The service also offers all the necessary functionalities and features like double encryption to guarantee a great level of security and privacy. Available in various locations, NordVPN servers demonstrate great performance and high speed during testing.

With NordVPN you can access various streaming services like Netflix and filesharing services like torrents, and to simply surf the Internet without fear of censorship.

Pricing plans bring you the opportunity to choose monthly or annual options, with the price cutting down if you decide to commit for a longer period of time. Instead of a NordVPN free trial month, you can get the 30-day money-back guarantee.


NordVPN is one of the most used and popular VPNs on the market that has an incredibly high rating. NordVPN review gives an excellent score, which varies from 9.7/10 to 9.9/10.

Overall Rating
For Torrent
For Android
For Windows
For Games
For Netflix
For Canada
For UK

Pros and cons

Here is the brief overview of the positive and negative sides of the NordVPN.

  • The ability to use 6 simultaneous connections
  • There is no need to log in, easy installation process
  • Dedicated IP
  • Great pricing policy, some deals to offer
  • Double encryption to increase safety and privacy records
  • Desktop version lacks advanced settings
  • Mobile versions also need improvement
  • Customer support responses may take time

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN

NordVPN vs ExpressVPNTo compare NordVPN with competitors, its major benefit for users is the ability to use 6 simultaneous connections at the same time. For example, Express VPN works only on three devices at the same time. But, when you compare ExpressVPN vs NordVPN, the ExpressVPN customer service works a little bit better in terms of communication, it also offers more manuals and tutorials. The live chat itself works faster, so the issues you have can be resolved easier.

Expert Reviews

NordVPN Expert ReviewsMost experts include this VPN in the top ten VPNs list, and it is for a reason. With NordVPN you get most of the necessary features like advanced security protocols and privacy settings options.

According to various NordVPN’s review of the industry leaders, the main benefit you can get from this VPN is its price, which is lower in comparison with its competitors. But, at the same time, their zero logs policy puts an emphasis on privacy and security.

And surely the main advantage is its privacy-friendly location in Panama, which is beyond the EU and US jurisdiction.

According to NordVPN review, NordVPN’s testing showed that its servers have high speeds in all its locations especially in Western countries where this VPN is more used.

According to various NordVPN reviews, it is also easy in use, has a user-friendly design, and offers its users customer support. The installation process is fast and easy as well.

Moreover, this software can be run on 6 devices simultaneously.

NordVPN is a powerful VPN service for those who like options. Offers lots of servers, zero logs, works with Netflix, 6 connections, and live support.

There are some negative issues though, like lack of some advanced settings and features of its desktop version. Customer support responses usually slow.

Browser extensions

NordVPN Browser extensionsYou can use this VPN as an app and a desktop version. There is a proxy extension you can download from Chrome Web Store. After that, you will easily add Chrome extension to your desktop. With VPN your data will be protected, as your online communication is encrypted and IP address is hidden. And this means that you can hide your data from any third parties like hackers.

When the extension is added, you need to click “Choose location,” and you are free to choose the one you prefer. As an alternative, choose the “Auto connect,” and the right location and server will be added.

This extension provides security thanks to encryption of the HTTP traffic with the Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol. After that, you can be sure that nobody will spy on any of your online activities. You actually get protection from the hackers, cybercriminals, ISPs or government. Data is safe and identity is hidden thanks to the secure and private Internet with VPN.

Safety and encryption


NordVPN Safety and EncryptionThe main focus of the virtual private network relies on privacy and security. This software has a strong security record thanks to double-data encryption technology. It means that your data is encrypted twice. This is definitely great if you use Wi-Fi in public zones, stream or go shopping online.

As it was mentioned above, VPN is based in Panama, where data retention laws are limited and there is no logging policy. The software also supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IPSec protocols using SSL-based 2048-bit encryption. All these features will help you to secure your online activities and will keep your personal data safe.

Once your VPN connects drop out, there is a kill switch feature that shuts down the websites you choose. Also, the virtual private network speed is high on any chosen server.

Pricing plans and payment methods

NordVPN Pricing Plans and Payment MethodsThe monthly price is $11.95 or $6.99 a month with a yearly plan if you pay upfront. In total, there are three pricing plans to choose from: a 1-month plan, a 6-month plan, and a 1-year subscription plan. The virtual private network also offers some free options like free web proxies and YouTube, an encrypted instant messaging, and secret notes.

NordVPN has no free trial month offer, but you can get the 30-day money-back guarantee. At the same time, you may also get a NordVPN coupon to get the best deals available. This VPN accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Bitcoin, and Paymentwall.


NordVPN Customer ServiceAs most of the VPN, NordVPN has different ways to get in touch. There is customer service available, offering an email support ticket with a live chat 24/7.

Customer service works well, and you can get your issues resolved in a friendly and supportive manner. However, it lacks speed in replies. Apart from emails and live chats, you can use social media like Facebook and Twitter, to ask questions and get updates.

There is also a FAQ section with various video tutorials, where you can get the necessary information and help on how to use the service. However, both are limited in information and include just some basic explanations like installation process, etc.

But what is great, its blog that covers news, reviews, and other posts on related topics around VPNs. The blog updates almost daily.

How to use and Installing

How to Use NordVPNDownload NordVPN is easy in use, and its installing process is simple. This is a great start for the beginners as you can install VPN in a few steps. NordVPN offers a dedicated IP address feature and static IP addresses.

To install NordVPN, you need to download the VPN client, after that, you don’t need to do anything, as the installation process happens in the background when you use the software.

There is a browser extension for the desktop version, and download NordVPN process is also available on Android and iOS. The problem is that this VPN moved to the mobile version not long time ago, and it has some bugs.

With VPN you will get a high-speed Internet, and the service also has bandwidth caps. However, due to double encryption, speed can vary depending on what server you choose.

NordVPN Netflix and NordVPN Torrenting file sharing

NordVPN Netflix is available, so you can easily stream your favorite movies without any privacy and security risks. VPN also supports other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, and Hulu. NordVPN torrents filesharing is also available thanks to a trademarked SmartPlay feature. Our test shows that NordVPN servers work well with Netflix.

NordVPN China

One of the main advantages is that it’s available in China. This country restricts various social media, and blocks websites which are restricted under the law. Only in 2017, NordVPN claimed that now there is possible to unblock these websites.

In order to do so, if unblocking wasn’t automatically happen, go to Setting menu, then the Advanced setting, then click on Obfuscated servers. After this, the encrypted internet traffic will look unencrypted, and Chinese deep packet inspection system will not identify the VPN. However, these obfuscated servers are available in the Windows and MacOS versions of the app only; Android version will be available in the nearest future as well.

The bottom line

NordVpn iOSThanks to NordVPN reviews, it became one of the most spread VPNs in the market. This service combines good quality and reasonable price, offering a wide range of features. The virtual private network has double encryption, and it means that this VPN has excellent security and privacy setting.

Software servers have high speeds in its locations including Western countries where this VPN is more used. NordVPN has a user-friendly design and offers its users 24/7 customer support. Very easy in use, and the installation process is fast and simple as well. What is great in this that apart from most of its competitors like ExpressVPN, for example, the software can work on 6 devices simultaneously, and there is the impressive amount of the NordVPN server list. There is a NordVPN Android version, and also iOS with Windows versions available.

The virtual private network has different ways to get in touch with its users. Customer service is included, offering an email support ticket with a live chat 24/7. An FAQ section offers various video tutorials, where you can get the necessary information and help on how to use the service. Pricing plans are affordable, and you even can have a NordVPN trial month, or ‘catch’ some discounts or NordVPN coupon to reduce the price.

NordVPN Netflix service is available together with other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, and Hulu. NordVPN torrents filesharing is also available thanks to a trademarked SmartPlay feature. Even in China, there is an opportunity to access blocked sites and social media which are restricted by the law.

Thanks to double-data encryption technology, NordVPN download offers excellent security and privacy for its users. And this is great for using Wi-Fi in public zones, streaming or go shopping online.


NordVPN Top ChoiceNordVPN is a great choice if you are willing to get a virtual private network that is focused on security but is at the same time reliable in terms of performance. This VPN offers a great level of security thanks to double encryption and privacy in all suggested locations. The ability to work on 6 devices at the same time and makes this software stand out from its competitors. What important is that software has affordable pricing plans. The price is lower to compare with its competitors, and special deals can help you save even more money. All in all, NordVPN is a combination of great value and great performance, and it is definitely worth giving it a try.

User Reviews
  • User Avatar
    Casey Danvers

    NordVPN seems to be the best alternative between the oh-too-expensive ExpressVPN and the less versatile and feature-packed PureVPN, am I right?

    • User Avatar

      Casey, this Virtual Private Network is considered to be a top-3 VPN. Why don’t you take advantage of the NordVPN free trial to test it in real life? It only lasts for three days, but that’s more than enough.

      • User Avatar
        Casey Danvers

        Thanks, I’m already on that free trial! I like the fact that it’s excellent for torrenting, unblocking streaming services, and comes with strong encryption. This might even be worth a subscription.

  • User Avatar
    Adam Westgate

    No need to log in, a dedicated IP, double encryption, and a sweet 3-year plan? Shut up and take my money! Seriously, though, despite the slow customer support and tiny bugs in the mobile versions, I think this is the best offer on the market right now.

  • User Avatar
    Dean McCaffrey

    The monthly plan is expensive, plain and simple. ExpressVPN costs the same but is a beast when it comes to protection, privacy, and available features. I was hoping to get a 10-dollars-a-month deal.

    • User Avatar

      Dean, don’t forget that the 2-year plan will charge you only $3.99 a month. There’s even a 3-year plan that costs 99 dollars ($2.75 a month). It’s not available right now (and they don’t mention it in this NordVPN review), but do keep your eyes open!

      • User Avatar

        Jennifer, thank you for mentioning the 3-year plan. Indeed, it isn’t always available, and that is why you didn’t find mention of it in the review. NordVPN is famous for “teasing” the customers with new plans.

  • User Avatar
    Great for Netflix and torrents

    With NordVPN Netflix is just one click away. I used to have a CyberGhost subscription, and here in the United States, the experience wasn’t always flawless. So switching to NordVPN was the right thing. Plus, thanks to the excellent privacy policy, I can download torrents without ever worrying that some third party will know about that.

  • User Avatar
    Roxie Bennett

    Yep, NordVPN torrenting is never a problem. While I’m not supporting piracy in any way, there are always some old files that you can only find on torrent resources. So, big thanks go out to Nord for making it fast and easy to download torrents and still keep your identity a secret.

  • User Avatar
    Lori Francis

    I love the fact that the HQ is based in Romania – gives the company a lot of credit. Privacy, speed, and an affordable price-tag are on top of my wish-list, and it seems like NordVPN has it all. Too bad support is slow at times.