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VPN for Japan

Need a limitless access to websites combined with unbeatable security? You should opt for a Japan VPN. Why? Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, but government surveillance is widespread, and some websites are blocked for the local residents and guests of the country. There’s strict ban on torrents and pirate production, so being caught handling it can be very dangerous. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot solve these problems. With a VPN Japan visitors and local residents can browse the Net without limitations, and without fear.

Benefits of VPN

A virtual private network is used to create a connecting tunnel between an Internet user and the websites and applications accessed. This service is mostly applied to get access to websites that are blocked in the user’s country – a virtual private network connect him to a server located in another country. A website assumes that a viewer is located in a different place and grants access. Also, software ensure the excellent security of browsing by:

  • a leveraging firewall that reflects attacks;
  • protecting the data transferred from third parties – no government surveillance is possible;
  • maintaining user anonymity by encrypting the Internet traffic on both sides.

Therefore, if you use a paid or free Japan VPN, you’ll be able to unblock the content from geo-restricted websites (Netflix, BBC, JSports, Hulu, and others) and stay ensured that your data is 100% safe and secure.

Now it’s time to observe the list that is worth trying.

Express VPN

Express VPN Logo

This service is often mentioned in the top of lists – ExpressVPN has gained the reputation of a reliable provider that offers advanced encryption and zero logs. This service isn’t covered by anti-piracy laws, and the servers from over 94 countries are powerful enough for playing online games and streaming.

With this software, all countries is always accessible for users – the interface is simple and intuitive, so setting the service up is a piece of cake. Besides, it offers auto-connection, DNS leak protection, around the clock customer support, and some other advanced features. There’s one drawback, though – under one subscription, you can use up to 3 devices.

If you need a cheap software, this program is not an option – the service is relatively expensive, and a yearly plan will cost almost $100. Alternatively, you can order a 6-month subscription for $60, or a monthly plan that costs $13 – pretty expensive, isn’t it? However, you get what you pay for, and this service can bear the title of the best VPN for Japan.


CyberGhost VPN

If you need a highly secure, CyberGhost is a great solution! Its servers are spread over 56 countries globally, and the company implements an advanced encryption system that ensures military-grade protection. Besides, installation and set up is very easy – this is a user-friendly app. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and is enabled by DNS leak protection and killswitch technology. Although no usage logs are kept, CyberGhost keeps connection logs – it’s the only disadvantages of this software.

Those who need an HD-streaming solution, but don’t need a low-quality free Japan VPN, may use a 30-days money back guarantee – it’s a good chance to test the product.


Vypr vpn logo

There’s another option for those who want to use a VPN Japan free of charge – VyprVPN. It offers a 3-day trial period, which would be enough to decide whether you’re ready to pay for unbeatable security and overwhelming speed of the connection. With headquarters in Switzerland, this service is free from UK and US surveillance, and offers server in over 70 countries! The speed is optimal and sufficient for streaming and watching HD videos.

With this Japan VPN Android and iOS devices will be protected even if you establish an unsecure Wi-Fi connection, and the software is equipped with a handful of cool features. There are two drawbacks:

  1. No peer-to-peer (P2P) communication is allowed.
  2. There’s no live chat for the customer support.

If you’re ready to deal with these inconveniences, VyprVPN is definitely the best virtual private network that offers excellent connectivity.


Nord VPN Logo

With this Japan VPN Android and iOS devices will be protected by kill switch, firewall, and other technologies. NordVPN offers almost 1,000 servers in 56 countries and is a great choice for various kinds of activity. Streaming, encrypted communication, torrenting – with it, you won’t have problems accessing your favorite websites. The servers are also suitable for double VPN, Tor usage, and offer a dedicated IP together with anti-DDoS protection.

Nord VPN Japan servers encrypt traffic using 256-bit AES protocol and ensure DNS leak protection. With one subscription, you’ll be able to protect up to six devices, which is a pretty nice deal.

Just Proxy

Just Proxy is a Japan VPN Chrome extension that is based on SSL tunnel technology. It hides user’s IP, encrypts traffic and grants access to blocked websites. However, being a plugin, it’s simple in use – setting up is a one-click affair, you just need to select a server.

With this based servers will protect your inbound and outbound traffic, even if you connect via a public Wi-Fi. Besides, this extension doesn’t disclose user’s IP address.

Bottom Line

Being one of the strictest countries from piracy standpoint, Japan offers high-quality servers that ensure fast connectivity. Therefore, if you visit this country, or want to access the websites hosted there, you definitely need a solution. There’s a myriad of options around, and you can get a Japan VPN free of charge, but remember that most often such VPNs lack some essential features and store connection logs, which simply devaluates the point of using virtual private network.

Therefore, it’s always better to pay some $10-13 per month and be sure that your provider ensures ultimate security and fast connection. All in all, the companies mentioned above offer a bunch of servers in different countries, and they are really versatile.

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