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Antivirus packages are getting bigger and better every year, but they still can’t provide 100% protection for your device. There’s a “gap” in security that services like VyprVPN are great at covering. It is an all-around solid Virtual Private Network with HQ in Switzerland. In our VyprVPN review, you’ll learn that this is one of the best offers on the market that comes with 73 server locations, 200K+ IPs, and a handy Kill Switch.

Furthermore, the VPN features dedicated clients and apps for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and even smart TVs. The Windows client deserves a big “thumbs up” from all of us; same goes for the mobile apps.


Price starts from
Devices per license
Privacy and security features
OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and Chameleon.
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO
Money Back Guarantee
no money back
Setup time
Mobile app
Server Locations
Number of servers
Number of IP Addresses
200 000+
Does VPN keep logs
Usability and Support
24/7 live chat, FAQ
Best For
Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, IOS

Sadly, there are only two plans to choose from, but the VyprVPN price is quite affordable regardless of your choice. Besides, if you’re not really sure this is the best option for you right now, the VyprVPN free 3-day trial will give you enough time to take it for a spin and check out all the basic features. This is a very user-friendly, easy-to-use, and intuitive service.

Golden Frog, the company that works day and night to make their product better, offers 256-bit protection with its own, unique protocol – Chameleon (it scrambles your metadata to fool the DPI scans). So, is VyprVPN safe? Yes, it most definitely is among the most secure VPNs available to the regular users right now.


Overall Rating
For Torrent
For Android
For Windows
For Games
For Netflix
For Canada
For UK

The List Of Pros And Cons

We’ll talk more about this later in the VyprVPN review, but it is important to stress out how easy everything is with this service. Don’t worry about anything: just activate it with one click and let it do the rest! The VyprVPN download procedure is very fast and hassle-free. However, you should also know that the company keeps some connections logs, but that’s not critical. They get rid of them after 30 days and never keep any usage/activity logs that might hurt the user’s privacy. Both the beginners and the pros will appreciate the clear and open privacy policy.

  • Switzerland is one of the most private countries in the world
  • The Premium package allows protection for 5 devices at the same time
  • With this VPN, you get unlimited data usage
  • The protection protocols are top-notch
  • The VyprVPN free trial lasts for 3 days
  • Connection speed is always high
  • 73 server locations to choose from
  • Every single server is owned by the company
  • With VyprVPN Netflix is just one click away (although you might have to play cat-and-mouse for a while)
  • Ad-blocking is not available
  • With the Basic plan, you’ll only get protection for 3 simultaneous connections
  • Even though P2P traffic is available, your VyprVPN torrent activity will be discouraged

Expert’s Review

As mentioned earlier, it`s one of the best services on the market. Golden Frog was founded in 1994 and has been in the business for almost 25 years, gaining customer trust and respect. According to PCMag, the 70+ server locations and the outstanding privacy protocols are its strongest suits. Yet, there’s one big downside: we, the users, have only about 700 servers at our disposal. The TechRadar VyprVPN review praises the company for creating a versatile VPN with impressive performance and industry-leading customer support. VPNRanks confirms: Golden Frog offers arguably the best combination of security, privacy, ease of use and affordability. And, they all encourage the potential clients to download VyprVPN for free (take advantage of the 3-day trial) and see for themselves.

Browser Extensions Of VyprVPN

Surprisingly enough, there aren’t any extensions for this VPN. But let’s face it – they’re not really that important unless you only want your browser to be protected by the Virtual Private Network. On the bright side, every single VyprVPN app and client works great, and that’s one of the biggest achievements of the company. It doesn’t really matter which platform you choose, as the team spent numerous hours on perfecting even the least important aspects of them all. The VyprVPN APK (Android Package Kit) won’t take much space on your gadget and is easy to use.

Safety and Encryption

VyprVpn Protocol SelectionWe’we already learnt that Golden Frog puts our security and privacy above all. The encryption protocols are top-notch; the Chameleon protocol turns our devices into impenetrable fortresses. You won’t even have to come up with a sophisticated VyprVPN login and password combination, as the service will make sure your data is always “locked up.” In most cases, the privacy policies are very long, and you can’t really make sense of them. That’s not the case here: the document is short and straightforward. The experts put this VPN through numerous tests, and it proved its worth in every single one. Fact: your connection won’t be throttled, which is a huge plus.

Until recently, there were no refunds with this company, which was somewhat disappointing, as most providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thankfully, now they also offer a 30-day MBG, along with a 3-day trial.

Pricing Plans and Payment Methods Of VyprVPN

We said earlier that the available pricing plans are affordable and reasonable. So, let us take a look at what we can choose from and make a pick.

– If you don’t need more than 3 simultaneous connections, go with the Basic plan. It will cost you $9.95 a month. The 1-year plan will drop the price to $5 a month (you’ll be charged 60 dollars once you subscribe).

– The Premium plan is the VyprVPN full package. First of all, it will protect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Secondly, the Chameleon technology will be at your disposal. The price is steep: $12.95 a month. So, it would be better to choose the 12-month package. That way, you’ll reduce the monthly fee to $6.67 (with a total of 80 dollars).

That’s it for the VyprVPN pricing policy. It’s not the most affordable service out there (not the most expensive one either, though), but does offer great value.


Customer support is exceptional, no doubt about that. The staff is professional, friendly and is at your service 24/7. Both Live Chat and Email Support are available. If you’re not ready to wait around, use the Live Chat. Again, the team is very “tech savvy” and will be able to help you within minutes. On the other hand, if you’ve got a more complex problem, use the Email Support for a detailed, private conversation. The VyprVPN FAQ page is also great. There, you’ll be able to learn the basics about Virtual Private Networks, how they work, and why you would ever need one.

How to Use and Installing

VyprVPN SettingsSome people are afraid of downloading and installing VPNs and think that they’ll need “pro skills” for that. Lucky for them, even the VyprVPN Linux client (which is exceptionally good) is very easy to install. All you’ll need to do to buy one of the packages is sign up, choose a plan, enter your account information and use PayPal/Alipay/a credit card to pay for the monthly/yearly package. Once the VPN is installed, you’ll be amazed by how simple and intuitive it is. The service is just one click away from being activated. And while some of the providers require you to have at least some basic understanding of how this technology works, with Vypr, that’s not really necessary.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, it is obvious that this is an incredibly capable VPN and Golden Frog is perfecting the initial formula with every new update. The VyprVPN Windows 10 client is a God-sent: it is fast, reliable, and looks cool. The rest of the platforms are also fully supported. Even though the company does keep some logs and the monthly plans are expensive, that doesn’t change the fact that along with ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Private Internet Access, Vypr is an industry-leading service. With a strong combination of security tools, server locations in almost every corner of the planet (35 countries in total), and an emphasis on security, this one is a keeper.

And the fact that the servers are self-owned means security and speed will always be a part of your experience with this provider. Last, but not least, they decided to reduce the prices, which is always a good thing, and now this VPN is not only fast and reliable, but also affordable.For unblocking geo-restricted content, VPN is also a great choice.


On the internet, the VyprVPN VS ExpressVPN comparison is very popular, as both services have loyal fan-bases around the globe. And while ExpressVPN is considered to be the ultimate VPN to ever be released, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best choice for you. For example, Vypr is more affordable, which is the most important thing for the beginners. On the other hand, ExpressVPN offers 1500+ servers to choose from and is friendlier towards the fans of torrents. So, make your pick depending on which offer fits your current situation better.

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