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IPVanish VPN is one of the most used VPN services in the market, providing top-class service for its users. This VPN launched back in 2012 and represents a part of the Highwinds Network Group, which is one of the first file-sharing technology creators. It is also a part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which stands for a safe and open Internet. This is a great beginning of the review, isn’t it?


Price starts from
Devices per license
Privacy and security features
IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO
Money Back Guarantee
7 days
Setup time
11 minutes
Mobile app
Server Locations
Number of servers
Number of IP Addresses
Does VPN keep logs
Usability and Support
24/7 Email,FAQ, Knowledge Base
Best For
Privacy, Travel, Sports
Windows, Mac, Android, IOS

The service provides you with such characteristics as privacy, safety, and a wide range of servers. However, there are some issues in customer service, money-back guarantees, and availability of streaming services.


The IPVanish review shows an average score of 9.1/10. Some reviews give a higher rating, approximately 9.5-9.7/10.

Overall Rating
For Torrent
For Android
For Windows
For Games
For Netflix
For Canada
For UK

Pros Cons

It’s possible to highlight both positive and negative sides of the software.

  • Zero logs policy which is great for privacy
  • Simple in use with IPVanish Kodi and IPVanish on FireStick
  • Available on Windows, iOS, and Android (including IPVanish apk)
  • Strong encryption
  • Good performance
  • Anonymity of all online activity
  • Different payment options available and affordable price
  • Very good speed
  • No IPVanish Netflix is available, can’t unblock some streaming services
  • Apps are not available in China
  • No live chat and lacking customer support

Expert’s Review

Many reviews claim that this VPN is reliable, fast and secure. This is definitely great for streaming, gaming, and file sharing, even though some streaming services are blocked.

IPVanish reviews from different sources say:

This is a lightning fast VPN that is especially suited to people that want to stream in HD,” according to BestVPN.

IpVanish VPN DashboardAnd, Top10VPN says:

Super fast and secure but not for beginners or streaming fans.

Based in Orlando, Florida, virtual private network is one of the leaders in the industry. There is a wide range of locations available, around 700 servers in 60 countries. And the speed of its servers is high enough to provide you with a great performance.

They cover the most popular locations. For example, US is covered quite well including many of its areas, except for midwest and northern states. This limitation causes some problems to sports fans.

The best-covered destinations are the UK and Europe. The speed in these locations is even better than in the US. Asia has 77 servers, unlike other VPN. In Australia, there are 62 servers. Central and South America, and Africa are not covered.

IPVanish has good performance as well as user-friendly interface and trendy design. When you open the program, you see the menu where you can automatically connect to the closest server, and you are flexible in terms of choice. You may choose any location, city, and server domain. After IPVanish download protocols will be displayed. You can also view a server list, and pick the location from the map.

As in other VPNs, IPVanish has almost all necessary features like the kill switch, updates, DNS leak protection, obfuscation, the local client log, DNS configuration, and port number.

With IPVanish download you can use up to five devices at the same time. It also offers the pre-flashed routers with a help of which you can extend the number of connections. The mobile app provides the same readout of traffic as the desktop app.  The only problem is that apps don’t offer the Internet kill switch.

Virtual private network runs such remotely controlled devices as Amazon Fire TVs running Kodi. How to install IPVanish on Kodi? Very easy. After the installation of the IPVanish and creation of your IPVanish account, open Kobi  is already included to the Home tab.

Browser extensions

IPVanish supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. The IPVanish review shows that the performance of these systems is strong enough. Software even supports Windows Phone, Fire TV, and Linux.

Browser extensions are extremely important, so make sure your chosen VPN offers you this option. IPVanish offers this opportunity, and you can add a Chromebook extension, but you will need to set up IPVanish in the Chrome browser manually.

Safety and Encryption

IPVanish VPN is based in the US, and this fact may be the reason of some users’ hesitations, but there is no need to worry as its privacy policies are really strong.

The company ensures that no data can be disclosed to a third party. It says that there is no tracking of your online activity, including the one related to logging process. Unlike other providers, software doesn’t track the login session data, time of connection, IP addresses, or bandwidth used. You will get the same level of privacy while paying. If you don’t want to share your details, choose such services like Giropay or CashU, etc.

Most of the PVanish VPN reviews claim that privacy and safety record is its major advantage. The encryption is strong, and the service runs both its own and thirty party DNS servers. It supports killswitch, DNS leak blocking, and many more. Thanks to a zero-logs policy, there is no need to worry about your  personal details storage.

The IPVanish app has various security features. For example, there is an option to block your Internet connection before you turn on your virtual private network. Instead, you can leave your VPN always turned on, and no data will be lost, as in IPVanish app allows for unlimited bandwidth.

Another option is a router blocking. Have you ever had such situation? You are walking with your Smartphone, and it tries to connect to every single Wi-Fi or router nearby. It knows how to help you, it blocks any attempts to connect to ‘strangers’s’ routers unless the vpn itself is on. This is an extremely vital point, as you will get a protection from unsafe networks. These networks usually don’t require any passwords, so hackers may use them by sneaking malware to mobile devices.

One of the reasons why people are willing to use the VPN is location. Providers move their services to privacy-friendly destinations, which are far from strict EU and US jurisdiction. This VPN is based in the US, and this causes concerns. In the US, the copyright laws and even file sharing are restricted in many cases.  Under the Copyright Act, those who violate copyright laws can be sent to prison.  However, as it was mentioned, this VPN’s logging policy is safe as you won’t have to share any personal details.

Pricing plans and payment methods

This service offers you one pricing plan and gives you the opportunity to choose different subscription periods. You can choose few months or annual subscription. And, surely you will get more discounts while choosing a longer period, but you need to pay beforehand.

You will get a billing agreement, and beware that after you sign it you will be recharged automatically. If you want to use this service only for a set period of time, don’t forget to cancel it before it ends.

There is only a seven-day refund guarantee available, which is not that great as most of the VPNs offer 30 days. But to compare, for example, IPVanish vs PIA, PIA is cheaper, but no refund policy is available.

They accepts such payment types as credit cards, PayPal account, and the service no longer accepts Bitcoin, but other similar online services are available. The service offers IPVanish coupon, or IPVanish discount up to 50% from time to time, usually in a period of sales.


Customer service only offers the email ticketing system. And, even this email form is not as easy to fill in and navigate. There are no live chats, while most competitors offer. When you ask a customer agent a question, you will get some related articles where you probably can get the necessary information. Responses usually come in few hours during the day, and in comparison with other VPNs, it is not that fast, as some services offer prompt replies within 20 minutes.

How to use and Installing

IpVanish MobileWhile installing this software you may face some  some difficulties as if you have an antivirus program installed, it may block installation process. So, in order to easily install the program, switch off the antivirus program. To start the installation process, find the IPVanish download tap on the webpage.  After you download IPVanish VPN, a dialogue window will open; click on the “Load” button and “Confirm” button. After these actions, the installation process will start. When the installation is completed, you need to fill in your details and create a password, and then you are welcome to purchase the service. After you select a country and protocol, the installation will be complete.

The signup process is simple, just fill in your email and create a password. After the IPVanish login, you will get the access to different tutorials on how to use desktop and mobile versions.

One of the IPVanish VPNs negative sides is Netflix. This streaming service is not available with this software, as the service will lock you out instead of playing videos. The main reason for it is the Netflix VPN ban. BBC’s iPlayer is also not available. Following this, no IPVanish VPNs apps are available in China as well.

The bottom line

It is a part of the Highwinds Network Group file sharing technology creator and part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which stands for a safe and open Internet. The company launched in 2012, and for now, its average score is 9.1/10, according to IPVanish review.

The service provides you with privacy, safety, and a wide range of servers and different locations. Virtual private network covers the most popular locations in the world, where the US is covered quite well including most of its areas, except for midwest and northern states. The best-covered destinations are the UK and Europe. Asia includes 77 servers, unlike other. In Australia, there are 62 servers, and Central and South America, and Africa are not included.

They are based in the US, and this causes concerns, as copyright laws and even file sharing are restricted in this destination. Under the Copyright Act, those who violate copyright laws can be judged and sent to prison.  IPVanish’s logging policy is safe as users don’t have to share any personal details, which means there is no need to worry about service location. IPVanish supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android (including IPVanish apk). Review shows that performance in these systems is strong.

There is a 7-day IPVanish free trial, while other virtual private network usually don’t have such an option. During the IPVanish free trial period you can test the service, but it offers just basic options for a free plan. And there is only IPVanish free 7-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

Regarding streaming services, it can’t unblock such services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Also, its apps are not available in China.


After this review, we would like to highly recommend IPVanish VPN to those who are focused on privacy and safety. Even thought this software based in the US, where copyright laws and cyber security is strict, software is still a good solution from the standpoint of privacy as no logs are kept, so you can stay incognito while surfing the net.

It is not a good options for users who need to unblock Netflix or to use a VPN in China. Still, many other VPNs also don’t support the streaming service, and if you are not going to have a vacation in China, all in all, it is a good match for you, so don’t hesitate to download IPVanish VPN.

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