16 Amazon FireStick Apps You Need to Enjoy Fire TV

Firestick TV

Fire Stick is an excellent streaming device that lets you create cozy cinema atmosphere at home. The problem is you can only choose those movies, TV series and music collection that are provided by Amazon. If you do not want to limit yourself to this particular set of entertainments, consider downloading some additional apps.

There are so many FireStick apps on the web that it can be challenging to understand which ones will be the best for your purposes. We chose the 16 best apps for FireStick that might broaden your horizons.

Best Streaming Apps for FireStick

Now when we understood why we need Amazon Fire Stick Apps and when we get best VPN for Firestick, let’s start with choosing alternatives for our leisure. All sixteen apps are categorized for your convenience, so you will quickly catch the idea of how you can use them better for your purposes.

1. Netflix (Paid)

The main advantage of Netflix appraised by the audience is that in the day of a premiere, Netflix releases all TV series together. So, you can wrap yourself with a throw, take a mug of hot cocoa and prepare for hours-long viewing of movies through your TV from by using VPNs, using the FireStick App.

Massive library of entertainments and exclusive high-quality content are Netflix’s major advantages. The disadvantage – Netflix requires a subscription, and you may need a VPN to access US Netflix. Keep reading to learn which free and paid VPNs for FireStick would be your best picks.

Netflix for FirestickYou can install Netflix though Amazon App store. You can either use a simple search or Alexa to proceed with the installation.

2. Tubi (Free)

Tubi streaming service was started in 2014 as a free video service with the advertising model, focusing on cinema and TV shows. Like Netflix, Tubi is one of the best FireStick apps that has a massive library with movies and series of every taste.

It is a free service, so you don’t even need a subscription or account. But you have to watch some advertising each time you play the video. You can get Tubi for free depending on your device on their official website tubitv.com.

3. Sling TV (Paid)

If you like live TV channels, you should pay attention to Sling TVa service which was the earliest explorer of the TV channels world. But you should know that this FireStick app can be accessed only in the USA, so you’ll have to additionally download a VPN to use it.

SlingTV subscription is one of the most affordable options among paid TV streaming services. The price starts at $25. Going premium gives you access to more channels, and it also broadens Sling TV’s functionality allowing you to stream several screens simultaneously. You can get SlingTV directly from the Amazon store.

4. Pluto TV (Free)

One more TV streaming app you need to learn about is Pluto TV. It is an excellent application which includes hundreds of YouTube channels and broadcasts a variety of content round the clock. You will be able to enjoy an unlimited amount of music, to watch the news, animated films, comedies, series, educational or kid videos, and so on. Besides, you won’t even have to deal with additional advertising and interruptions.

Pluto TV is also available on Amazon; you can download it from App Store for free and install it immediately.

Top Apps for Streaming Anime

Anime Services for Firestick

1. Crunchyroll (Paid)

Crunchyroll is the world’s largest service for fans of anime and manga and best FireStick app for streaming anime. Users get access to the most extensive library of anime. You can find “Naruto Shippuden“, “Attack on Titan“, “Dragon Ball Super” and many others within the app.

Users can enjoy anime series for free or using a premium subscription of Crunchyroll. The latter opens access to fans’ favorite anime in high resolution, without advertising, and right after the premiere in Japan. You can download Crunchyroll from Amazon App Store for free.

2. VRV (Free)

This streaming service is a perennial spring of free anime series and various scientific shows. Downloading this application, you are opening the free world of entertainment for your FireStick TV. VRV is one of the best apps for FireStick because it provides you with exclusive content from various platforms, collected in one place.

Why should you try it? VRV gives you access to a massive stock of TV shows of different genres. But note that if you want to make your experience unlimited, you have to get a paid subscription.

Best FireStick Apps for Sports Streaming

sports streaming fireTV

1. ESPN (Paid)

Don’t limit yourself when you want to watch live and pre-recorded football games, Formula-1 competitions or lacrosse championships. Install ESPN, one of the best apps for sports streaming, and experience everything this service can offer you an affordable subscription.

If you don’t want to purchase a subscription, you can get access to sports for free, but such content is limited to some extent. However, even in this case, ESPN offers possibilities for multiple streams and additional game commentaries.

2. Stadium (Free)

Best free FireStick app for sports streaming is, of course, Stadium. It is worth paying attention to because it offers massive sports alternatives. The Stadium includes options for both free and premium users. Free streaming access is the undeniable benefit of this app. You can choose any game you want and immerse in the fascinating world of live sports streaming.

However, this app also has shortcomings, which is limited access to some games, available only for premium subscribers.

Top Music Streaming Apps for FireStick

Spotify Firestick

1. Spotify (Paid)

Spotify is one of the most popular services for music streaming. It gives you a legal opportunity to listen to tracks from the vast musical catalog. However, this is not the only reason why users like this service. The main advantage of Spotify is algorithms of music selection which almost ideally adapt to tastes of listeners.

Also, Spotify has extremely cool personalized radio stations, sorted by performers, playlists, genres or separate tracks. Besides, it provides cross-platform support and an opportunity to operate from any devices. A free account is available, but it comes with limited options. If you want to remove restrictions and avoid advertising, you have to get a paid subscription.

You can download Spotify from AppStore and Google Play.

2. Youtube (Free)

YouTube is a web hosting for publishing, keeping and searching various video files. For many users, YouTube became an alternative to television. Here it is possible to look for and look through the exciting videos with that difference that viewing is available at any time; the video can be paused or replayed an unlimited number of times.

Registration is free and available to all users. To sign in, use your Gmail account. It is advisable to install the Silk Browser for the Amazon App store to ensure YouTube channels watching, using the following link – https://tv.youtube.com/.

Best News Apps for FireStick

News app Firestick

1. Sky News (Paid)

Everybody knows that who owns the information, owns the world. For this purpose, you need to install the best FireStick News App – SkyNews. It is a 24-hour news channel available for FireStick television which offers the content of quality on a daily basis.

You can learn something new about the world with the help of SkyNews, especially, when you invest in a paid subscription. But it is worth it. SkyNews always offers breaking news to keep you updated. You can find the app quickly on the Amazon App Store.

2. Haystack (Free)

Haystack is the best FireStick app for news in the free category because it collects and combines the most resonate news for users. You can find local or international news about everything you want to know. You can quickly change a region and get access to special news from credible sources.

The one shortcoming we can remember is that Haystack doesn’t stream live news. However, you can download Haystack TV: Local & World News app from Amazon App Store in a blink of an eye.

Twitch App for Free Video Games Live Streaming

If you want to share your content or watch streams, pay attention to Twitch. This service focuses on streaming computer games and gameplays, cybersport competitions, poker tournaments or musical performances. Twitch allows watching the video in real time and on demand. Check best VPNs for streaming services.

Twitch on FirestickThe coolest news is that Twitch is free and can be easily downloaded from the Amazon App Store. Without doubts, Twitch is one of the best FireStick apps for video games streaming and watching. Use it and get your fascinating experience of live streaming. If you need access to this services you can check our best free VPN for Kodi guide.

Kodi App for Extra Streaming Opportunities

When you use Kodi App, you assure the greatest leisure for yourself. Why? Kodi allows not only watching video game streams but other kinds of entertainment too. How to install Kodi on Firestick.

You can choose any option you want – to listen to the massive music library, to watch scientific of sports channels, to learn a new language, for instance, watching international channels. It is convenient because it works across various platforms, including FireStick.


Top FireStick Apps for Safety

VPN for FireStick

1. ExpressVPN (Paid)

ExpressVPN is definitely a trusted leader among FireStick VPN apps. ExpressVPN offers high speed, absolute security, and usability. Superfast optimized servers in 94 countries provide instant access to favorite websites and applications. Encryption is top-notch, and extra security feature like a kill switch and DNS leak protection will ensure all your connections are safe.

2000 of ExpressVPN servers in all corners of Earth will let you download, watch and listen to anything you want. You’ll be able to unblock any streaming service blocked in your region including US Netflix. ExpressVPN is readily available for download directly from the Amazon App Store.

2. Windscribe VPN(Free)

Windscribe is a well-known VPN client for ensuring anonymous access to various Internet resources. It will let you access geo-blocked content and will protect your privacy.

Windscribe has one of the most generous free plans granting users as much as 10BG of bandwidth per month. You’ll have 10 servers at your disposal, which means speeds will not always be exceptional.

Anyway, the free plan is quite usable, and it will protect your data and let you use the above mentioned SlingTV if you are outside the US. Going premium will remove all the limitations, and will get you into Netflix as well. Windscribe is available on the Amazon store, too.

Best Firestick Apps & How to install it

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