How to Install Kodi on Windows 10

kodi windows 10

Kodi is a versatile tool that allows you to interact with media in a convenient for you way. And it’s really easy to install on Windows. There are several ways to do it – you can choose the one you like the most. Then you will be able to enjoy this app using official and unofficial add-ons.

Even though the program itself is entirely allowed by authorities, it can be used for not so legal things. Unofficial add-ons offer a lot of opportunities for users to utilize Kodi in any way possible way. And there are chances that you can break the law unintentionally without even realizing it (check best secure VPNs for Kodi and free VPN solutions).

In this article, we will also discuss ways to protect yourself when you’re using this app. We will tell you how to setup Kodi without any hassle and enjoy its features without worrying about laws.

Here is 2 ways to install Kodi on Windows:

  1. By using .exe file;
  2. By Windows App Store.

How to Install Kodi on Windows: Using .exe File

First of all, you need to get that exe file. That’s why you need to start with going to Kodi’s website. We will take you directly to the download page. Scroll the page down until you see the “Choose your weapon” box. Click on Windows there.

Kodi on Windows 10Now you will see a pop-up window that offers you three different options:

  • download the app from the Windows App store;
  • download a 64-bit exe installer;
  • download a 32-bit exe installer.

Choose 64-bit or 32-bit accordingly to the version of Windows you have. Note that Kodi works only on Windows 7 and higher (but you can install Kodi on FireStick). If you have XP or Vista, first of all, update your operating system. They are rarely used these days and outdated.

Once the installer is on your PC, run it and install the software on your computer. See, it’s easy!

How to Install Kodi from Windows App Store

This way is even simpler:

  1. Just go to Windows App Store and type “Kodi” into a search field;
  2. The system will fetch the app for you;
  3. Now click the “Get” button;
  4. Wait for the installer to download;
  5. The open it and start installing the program;
  6. And there you have it – Kodi is ready to use.Kodi on Microsoft Store - how to install Kodi

Why Do You Need a Windows VPN to Use Kodi Safely?

As we have already mentioned in the article, Kodi is legal. But since media publishers and organizations make their copyright rules stricter and stricter all the time, you can never guess whether you violate one or not. Not many users understand these laws or even know about them. Therefore, they can break the rule being utterly unaware of that.

Still, being not aware of committing a crime doesn’t take away the responsibility for it. Therefore, you should protect yourself in advance, especially if you live in a country that is a member of Five Eyes or other surveillance alliance. The best and easiest way to do it is to use a VPN.

VPN will cover your real IP address and replace it with the one assigned to the server you’re connected to. It means that no one will be able to see your actual data, and you will remain completely anonymous. We advise using a VPN as much as possible to protect your data from theft and prying eyes.

Vpn for Kodi: how to install on windows 10Choose the provider with high bandwidth and steady connection to take the most of Kodi. Otherwise, you might experience delays and interruptions that can harm your safety and, of course, won’t let you enjoy the streaming. Also, you should prefer the VPN service with features like Auto Connection that will reconnect your PC to the VPN server automatically if something unexpected happens.

Kodi Setup & Install for Windows: Video Guide

Bottom Line

Kodi is a great app that can bring your streaming experience to the next level. It’s simple and quite powerful. Still, you should take some security measurements to make sure that you are safe and no one tracks your activity.

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