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HideMyAss is one of the most popular Virtual Private Network providers. Though it offers a wide range of functionalities, the reputation of this service is not that great. There is a negative attitude towards this program, mostly due to its poor service. But why does this happen? This service has some drawbacks, but we are going to find out if there is anything is can be praised for in the HideMyAss review.


Price starts from
Devices per license
Privacy and security features
AES 256-bit, OpenVPN
Torrenting, Netflix, HBO
Money Back Guarantee
30 days
Setup time
Mobile app
Server Locations
Number of servers
Number of IP Addresses
Does VPN keep logs
Usability and Support
24/7 live chat, FAQ, Knowledge Base
Best For
Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, IOS


Various scores were given to this services, however, the average score is 8/10. But still some experts give up to 9.5/10.

Overall Rating
For Torrent
For Android
For Windows
For Games
For Netflix
For Canada
For UK

Pros and Cons

In this HideMyAss review, we would like to highlight its pros and cons.

  • An immense number of servers located almost everywhere
  • Good speed of its servers
  • Great performance of the Android app
  • US Netflix and BBC iPlayer available
  • There are no IP leaks
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Based in the UK
  • Too many connection logs
  • Some limitations for torrents
  • Support answers are vague sometimes

Expert’s Review

VPN is something that may help you to cross the borders in the digital environment, get free access to information, and block the information you don’t want to get. Some countries decide what websites should be allowed based on their political interests, and some companies have restrictions regarding social media websites, but with VPN you may avoid all that. HideMyAss reviews offer different opinions and feedbacks, so here are some of them.

An easy to use and popular software with many servers in a huge range of countries. The UK location of the company could put off some hardcore users.

HideMyAss is poorly regarded by those in the know, but it offers a huge server network with servers in over 190 countries worldwide.

HideMyAss is feature-rich and available in different countries. There are no other virtual private network that offer such wide range of its servers’ locations, and most of the experts note this.

HideMyAss’s ‘catchy’ title was probably created by its CEO Jack Cator, as he founded his company when he was a teenager. He was willing to create a way to ‘hide…’ his personal information while surfing the Internet.

HideMyAss For Netflix

The service is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux with mobile versions for iOS and Android. But, does the service work for Netflix? The answer is Yes. In the past years, HideMyAss was a perfect match for those who want to stream via Netflix. In recent years, this software faces some problems in streaming Netflix as it became better on detecting programs. In general, HideMyAss is fine for streaming Netflix or similar services. It has some limitations, but still works well.

You nay also face some difficulties using torrents. It doesn’t prohibit torrents and doesn’t block your torrent client, however, some reviews show that slow data transfer was reported, and this virtual private network blocks torrents servers. Sometimes, even copyright warnings may appear despite the HideMyAss representatives claims that they’re not tracking your activity.

Browser Extensions

There is an opportunity for a browser extension installation offered by this service. Chrome and Mozilla browsers can have the extension. Hide My Ass Proxy allows redirecting web traffic via an anonymous proxy network. And, what is important, this helps to block unnecessary information like some websites or ads. It also unblocks some restricted websites, for examples the ones that are blocked at work.  Some countries like China block certain websites and HideMyAss as any other VPN can help to unblock such sites.

Safety and Encryption

HMA IP Address SettingsTo provide a high level of security, HideMyAss download offers three protocols – PTPP, L2TP, and OpenVPN, and you can switch these protocols. Also, the main advantage of this VPN is the variety of servers and their locations.

One of the most important characteristics for any VPN is the variety of servers and IP addresses that users can choose from. At the moment, this service has 880 servers in about 330 locations in 210 countries. And this is not the end, the company is willing to grow and have servers in such destinations as Iran, and even North Korea.

HideMyAss VPN is based in the UK and while logging you need to provide the service with your personal details. During logging session the service tracks the time you use it, IP address, and the amount of data you use.

This raises the problem privacy of this VPN and chances of police getting access to your personal data. Such case occurred in 2011.  HideMyAss VPN handed over personal information and Internet activity of its customer, Cody Kretsinger, to the police. This client was accused of hacking the website of Sony Pictures. After that, Cody Kretsinger has received a prison sentence. Another similar case was reported in Galveston County, Texas, when VPN’s customer, was forced out of office because of harassment of his ex-girlfriend. HideMyAss service also handed his personal details to police.

At the moment, this VPN is UK-based where surveillance laws are strict. UK VPN companies were required to save connection data and provide it to police if necessary after the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) was created.

The HideMyAss’ privacy policy says:

We will store a time stamp and IP address when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service, the amount data transmitted (up- and download) during your session together with the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you.

On one hand, your privacy will suffer, as major VPNs benefit is in hiding your personal details and the ability to stay anonymous. On the other hand, a criminal record is not the same as hiding your IP in China in order to get access to Facebook. For example, if you share your details with your workplace, surely they can’t share them with third parties, but if there was a criminal record, according to law and even ethic issues, they will provide your details to police. So, this issue can be perceived from various points of views.

Pricing plans and payment methods

You can start with $11.52 per month, so-called “all-in” plan. If you choose an annual plan, you will pay only $6.56 per month.

However, if you are lucky you can ‘catch’ some great deals, for example, there were discounts up to 56% off during the summer sale.

Just as other VPNs, HideMyAss VPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee. But you need to know the restriction this option has. For instance, you can’t exceed 10GB of bandwidth. Different options for payment like credit/debit card, bank/wire transfer, PayPal, iDEAL, UnionPay and SOFORT banking are available. Bitcoin is not on the list, unfortunately.


Each VPN service offers a decent customer support. This is important as VPN is not something that is easy in use for a ‘non-digital’ person. Most of the VPNs have a decent customer service, where the main channels of communication are emails, ticketing system, and live chat. Unlike some services, HideMyAss’s live chat is available a24/7 and responses both by emails and in live chats are pretty fast.

Also, you can find the FAQ section with clear answers to your inquiries as well as various tutorials and manuals.

How to use and installing

HMA IphoneThe installation process and sign up is simple as you can make it in few steps. Select plan, enter an email and, in few clicks, you will log in. After, you will need to choose a server with your preferred location. The app is available in different languages, which is comfortable for non-native English speakers. Hide My Ass is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. There is an IPsec VPN protocol but only for the iOS app, and it is also possible to configure OpenVPN for Linux.

This HideMyAss free proxy list brings you the opportunity to hide your IP address so you can easily hide your online activity.

The website of the service and its interface is user-friendly and has a neat design. The company puts many efforts to ‘stay in line’ and refreshed the designs of desktop and mobile versions, as well as added more call-to-action buttons, and some creativity to its design.

Bottom Line

To conclude, HideMyAss VPN is one of the most used and most discussed VPN services despite some controversial feedbacks.  A HideMyAss review shows that the average score is 8/10, but some experts rated it as high as 9.5/10. HideMyAss is feature-rich and you can use its various destinations. This VPN offers a wide range of server locations, and this is a definitely vital reason for choosing this service. Pricing policy is quite affordable in comparison with its competitors, and you can start with $11.52 per month. If you choose the annual plan, you will pay only $6.56 per month. You can get some great deals and up to 56% discounts during the sale period. And, as in all VPNs, HideMyAss download offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

There is an opportunity to get browser extension with this service, so you can add the extension to Chrome and Mozilla browsers. HideMyAss download provides you with a decent customer service, where you can resolve your issues via emails, ticketing system, and live chat. Also, there are various tutorials and manuals available.

HideMyAss is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. You can use HideMyAss proxy list for web browsers to hide your IP address. Its installation process and sign up is simple as ABC. First, you need to select a plan, enter your email and in few clicks you will log in. Then, you will need to choose a server and after, you will get to the location you choose. The app is available in different languages which is comfortable for non-native English speakers.


It’s difficult to say whether we can recommend you this VPN or not as some industry experts were against this service. In this HideMyAss review, we highlighted the major pros and cons of the service. The thing that can probably scare you off  is privacy record. However, if you need an average VPN for good price, HideMyAss can be a nice choice.

You will get almost all necessary features one expacts to get from a VPN like security and privacy, the ability to choose and switch servers and its locations. It`s supports 6 simultaneous connections, which is definitely great, as its competitors usually cover up to 5 connections. Price is affordable and you can look for some great deals from time to time. All these benefits show that software definitely deserves its hype, but such limitations like privacy of the personal data can ‘move’ you to its competitors. Based in the UK, where the copyright and cyber crime laws are strict, is a frustrating fact. It’s hard to know that someone literally watches you and can share your personal details with police. But, on the other hand, this surveillance concerns only criminal records, and if you are a decent citizen, this provider will never disclose your personal details to any third party.

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