What is a VPN?

What is a VPNVPN is a private network that we use for secure and private Internet, but many users still don’t understand “What is a VPN?”. But, the fact is that VPN is becoming mainstream when it comes to online security.

In recent years, our Internet activity has drastically increased, and unfortunately, users still don’t recognize the importance of privacy and security of the online presence. What can happen if your Internet connection is not secure? First, your computer or any device you use can be crushed by viruses just when you click on an unsafe website or ad or open your email. Second, your personal information can be stolen by hackers or any other third party. So, when you do online shopping your bank card information or even password details also can be stolen. And, talking about privacy and anonymity, your personal details like geolocation or address can be taken by the third parties like police or government bodies.

How to avoid that?

The best thing you can do for your Internet activity is to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network). What is VPN connection? In few words, you get your own portable router or Internet connection that you can use at home and stay anonymously or while traveling, and still be anonymous.

What is VPN service?

VPN is a service that provides an unsafe Internet connection and privacy of your online activities. You can get this service for a small monthly fee vary from 2$-30$.

What is a VPN network and what characteristics should it have?

Safe Internet Connection

Once you signed up to a VPN it will connect you automatically every time you online. There is an option even avoid automatically generated unsafe Wi-Fi connections from public places. To do that, leave VPN connection always switched on or turned off your Wi-Fi.

Unblocking Prohibited Websites Globally

What is a VPN connection for traveling? Have you ever had this situation? You are traveling abroad, turn on your computer or device you use, click on Facebook or Skype and then, you understand that these social media are prohibited in this region. This problem is spread in such countries as China, or other regions. And what is more important, your private network will help you overcome its government monitoring or any other privacy violation cases.

VPN is a great option for those who want to get their own router everywhere they travel. What is a VPN for China? For example, if you travel to China, VPN connection will help you to unblock some prohibited websites or social media like Facebook and so on.

What is a VPN connection for privacy?

Vpn privacyFollowing this, there is no mentorship of your online activity, and it doesn’t matter in what region you are at that moment. While talking about Western Regions, VPN also brings the opportunity to stay confidential and apart from strict law regulations related to online activities like copyright issues etc.

In many cases, Western countries violate your privacy records. For example, police or any other government party can get your personal information through your IP. With VPN, you can easily avoid that, as this service usually located in privacy-friendly areas. This happens thanks to server locations of the VPN. Most of the VPN providers are headquartered in countries that have welcome jurisdiction laws for the online presence.

VPN’s server locations vary but most include a wide range of destinations. Some VPNs are located in Panama, some in Hong Kong, etc. It works well in the high-censorship countries because VPN’s data regulations of the company are outside EU and US jurisdiction. VPN also offers privacy and security both at home or on public Wi-Fi networks.

Data Protection

What is VPN for online security? VPN will secure the Internet connection, so no hackers, and cyber-criminals. When you log in and register, you don’t need to include your personal details.  VPN service will need some of your details for force-majeure situations and troubleshooting. This is actually why VPN allows you to stay confidential, hide your IP address, your location, and all o your online doings, of course.

What is a VPN for Torrents? Whether you download files from torrents, browse content from the Internet, or make shopping online, your data will stay safe thanks to VPN service. This is extremely important, as viruses usually come from downloaded files. Another issue is that in some regions such services like Torrents are prohibited and may cause some problems with copyright.

What is VPN for Netflix? VPN allows you to stream from different popular streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. However, in recent years, some of them are not available for Netflix.

What is VPN for online shopping?  If you go shopping, you need to include your bank card details. While doing that with an unsafe connection, your bank card can be stolen by hackers. VPN protects you from this.

What is a VPN connection and what is VPN on iPhone?

What is VPN connection for mobile OS? Virtual Private Network (VPN) brings more freedom and security for the online presence that you can handle on your Smartphone. In most cases, you go online through Smartphone or iPhone. This is the first reason why you need a VPN for your iPhone. Before choosing VPN provider, clarify whether this VPN works with iOS or Android as some of them do not support all of these mobile operating systems. But usually VPN is available for MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android, and your data will be secured thanks to state-of-the-art double encryption technology that usually VPN service has.

The second reason why you need to get a VPN for your Smartphone is that it can protect you from unsafe public connections. As it was mentioned above, VPN blocks any unsafe Wi-Fi connections. You need just leave your VPN turned on.

Thanks to a VPN, you may unlock any restricted content, get confidence in your actions online and browse the Internet without any safety concerns.

What is the best VPN?

There is a wide range of VPN providers in the market. If you wonder what is the best VPN for you, here the list of characteristics you need to consider.

Good VPN should be located in a privacy-friendly location, where the jurisdiction laws concerning copyright and online activity differ from the Western Countries. However, in some cases, VPN can have such location as USA or UK. Actually, as you don’t need to include your personal details, VPN of any location will provide you with data protection.

For a high level of security, VPN should include bulletproof encryption, security protocols, and customer support.

And it also has an interactive, responsible interface design, so its users can easily understand how to use it. The installing process should be easy, so you can register in few clicks.

Most of the VPN has customer support. Usually, VPN provides with a traditional 24/7 customer support service, available via emails or live chat. Some VPNs customer service is available only during working hours.

Price of the VPN service is not high, usually, vary from 2$-30$ per month depending what plan you choose. VPN provide different payment plans, where the less expensive is the annual plan. Also, some VPN offer free trial month and most of them offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Before choosing VPN, check if it’s has a browser extension and what mobile OS it supports. For example, not all VPN is available for Mac or iOS, and Android.

When you choose the best VPN provider, also consider have many servers it has, and how many devices it covers. VPN usually covers three or more devises, and available for more than 300 server locations.

What is VPN client?

For corporate goals, you can use a VPN client service, so you can connect your corporate VPN remotely. VPN client is the end recipient of VPN services.

What is open VPN?

OpenVPN is an open-source software application and includes a PPTP – fast, easy-to-use protocol. This VPN application is a perfect choice for desktop versions like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Bottom Line

If you ask yourself “What is a VPN?”, the keywords that can answer this question are security, privacy, and convenience. You actually get your portable Virtual Private Network. VPN service is convenient in use, simple to install, and affordable in pricing. Thanks to VPN, you get the security of your connections, and data protection. You don’t need to add your personal data when you log in, thanks to zero logs policy. Some log in details is needed just for troubleshooting issues and the service doesn’t track your online activity. This means that you get a full privacy for your online endeavors. The VPN is available for MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android, and offers the strongest OpenVPN encryption for your corporate goals.  It offers great service providing customer service for its users. And what most important, you can use VPN in any location, choose any server suitable for you, and use up to 6 devices at the same time.  Just for few dollars per month, you get a full set of protection related to any online activity. What is VPN connection? -Your first step towards secure online presence.