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Best Free VPN for Mac

Though Mac computers are generally considered the most protected in the world, they are not 100% invulnerable. You can never be sure that you are not tracked by someone – hackers, scammers, intelligent services, or your own ISP. If this seems a bit annoying to you and you experience quite a natural desire to disappear for a while, a good free VPN Mac is exactly what you need. Moreover, Mac free VPN can help to resolve some other issues, for example, get an access to geo-restricted web content or securely connect to a public Wi-Fi. In our review, we are going to present you a list of best free Mac VPN solutions of the year 2018. Most of them are compatible with different t, so it doesn’t matter whether you choose free VPN download for Mac or other operating systems.

Are There Any Really Free VPNs for Mac?

Really free

As a general rule of a thumb, the best software is not free software. This is quite understandable: developers don’t strive to work for nothing. A genuine purpose of any free program is to make its users purchase the full premium version. VPN free for Mac is not an exception. You can use it, but you will constantly think of upgrading. They will provide you the bare minimum of features, suitable just for basic tasks resolving. And still, there are a few free VPNs for Mac that are worthy of a closer look. We’ll tell you about the best of them in the following chapter, but manage your expectations if you are going to get a VPN for Mac free.

Top Mac Free VPN Services to Consider

It’s hard to believe, but there are some totally free VPN Mac services that really work and can be used for various purposes, as well as popular paid VPNs. However, all of them have certain limitations. It’s for you to decide whether you can do with these limitations or not, as it largely depends on the goals you pursue.

TunnelBear VPN for Mac Free

Tunnelbear VPN Service

TunnelBear is the best free VPN for Mac that has both a free and a paid version. But its free iteration is even more popular, as it has few true competitors. Its performance is pretty good: you can access remote servers in 20 countries, modify your IP address, access censored and restricted sites, and even unlock streaming services (except for, maybe, Netflix). However, you’ll hardly be able to stream something with it, as the monthly free traffic is just 500 Mb. This is the biggest disappointment about TunnelBear VPN free Mac. All in all, it is a very good option for secure browsing, but no more. No torrents and no streaming.

Hotspot Shield Mac VPN Free

Hotspot Shield VPN Service

Those looking for high download speed will like the Hotspot Shield free VPN client for Mac. It is one of the fastest free VPNs compatible with several platforms, including Mac. That said, its speed is a sort of unstable and largely depends on the server location. In the free version, users are granted 500 Mb of traffic daily, which is not bad for hassle-free and secure browsing. A pleasant bonus is availability of free browser extensions. This free VPN for Mac supports P2P, but an access to dedicated P2P servers is provided only to those users who upgrade to the premium version. However, we must admit that the free product is quite usable if you are not going to use it for streaming and torrenting. Needless to say it can’t unblock Netflix.

Betternet: a Free Unlimited VPN for Mac

Betternet VPN Service

Can a free VPN offer unlimited bandwidth? Yes, it can, if it is Betternet. This is the best free VPN Mac users can use for a really unlimited access to restricted sites, safe browsing, and streaming. That said, you must understand that any VPN service is a commercial product, not a charity organization. Thus, Betternet makes money on advertisement. When using its free VPN for Mac you’ll be regularly offered to watch an ad or install an app. When it comes to features, the provider offers a standard set. It allows unlocking geo-restricted content by changing the IP-address, stream content from some popular platforms (except for Netflix), prevent tracking of your online activities, and so on. They have own servers in 10 countries, including the US and the UK. Apart from VPN free Mac app, they offer solutions for other popular platforms. The great thing is the no-logging policy of the provider.

Virtual Private Network NotionsThe above-mentioned products are absolutely free, and all of them are available for Mac users. Just visit the site of the chosen free VPN, download Mac version and enjoy a complete online privacy for no money. However, after utilizing free VPN for Mac for a while, you may start to get annoyed with its limitations. If it happened, it’s high time to consider an alternative approach. In the next section of our review, we’ll tell how to use premium VPN software without spending a single dollar on it. Keep on reading to know how to choose the best free VPN for Mac and enjoy unlimited opportunities.

The Best Free VPN Mac Users Can Get from Premium Providers

It’s logical enough that all the top VPN providers want some money for their services. Usually, the fee is not large – something around a few dollars per month. Moreover, all of them offer very good discounts when you buy a 1-year or a 2-year package. In some cases, it is possible to acquire full-featured software at the price of $2 monthly. And still, people look for free Mac VPN products for various reasons.

  • They are going to a country with severe censorship for 2-3 weeks (for example, on a business trip).
  •  They need a one-time access to torrents (to download a particular file) or a streaming site.
  • They are on a tight budget right now and can’t afford buying an annual VPN plan, while a monthly plan is too expensive.

In all the listed situations, it makes no sense to buy a premium pack of VPN software. Meanwhile, there is a smart way to use high-quality paid services as VPN Mac free products. The point is that most providers offer a free trial period and/or a guaranteed money back period. Here are some examples that you can take advantage of right now.

ExpressVPN – Best of the Best


Even if you are a total neophyte in the field of VPN products, you must have seen the advertisement of ExpressVPN, or heard about this superb product. Without exaggeration, it is the best VPN provider for any platform. But it is also the best free VPN for Mac. The fact is that it offers an impressive 30-day trial period. It means that if you are going on a business trip abroad, you may simply download a trial version of ExpressVPN and utilize it for over 4 weeks without spending a cent! With this best VPN for Mac free, you’ll get:

  • the highest possible speed;
  •  an unlimited access to over 1500 servers worldwide;
  • unlimited torrenting and streaming capabilities;
  • effective bypassing of the governmental censorship, including the Great Firewall of China.

As soon as the trial period of 30 days expires, you can either upgrade to the premium pack or just stop using it and switch to another free VPN for Mac.

NordVPN: Your Guide to the World of Virtual Freedom

Nord VPN

NordVPN is known for its double-security solutions and a huge number of available servers – over 4800 units located in 62 countries of the world. It effectively copes with blocks of most streaming websites and supports P2P protocol for hassle-free torrenting. It is fully compatible with most operating systems, and, among other things, offers a free PPTP VPN client for Mac.

On the minus side, the free trial period is only 3 days, which will suit you in the case you need a one-time access to a particular web-resource. On the good side, there is a 30-day period when you can take your money back no questions asked. That is, you can buy its basic plan, use it as intensively as you like, and simply take your money back in a month! It’s a good chance for getting free Mac VPN software from the globally recognized provider. With this best free VPN Mac software, you get:

  • the highest security for the most reliable protection;
  • an access to 4800+ servers in over 60 countries;
  • a full-featured VPN product – modern, simple, and effective.

CyberGhost – Get Top-Notch MacBook VPN Free Features Now

Cyberghost VPN

One of the industry’s leaders – CyberGhost VPN– offers a plenty of cool features to Mac users. Not only does it ensure 100% safe web-browsing, but also has a built-in ad blocker and anti-malware protection. CyberGhost is one of those VPN providers that are capable of unlocking access to streaming websites and popular torrent sites. It is quite speedy, though the speed in every particular case depends on several variables, including the free VPN server Mac users choose and the location of the user.

All in all, there are over 2700 servers in 60 different locations. Of course, CyberGhost VPN is not a completely VPN Mac free software, but you can use it for free within 30 days of purchasing. Its basic monthly plan costs around $11; after one month of the software using you can be fully refunded. With this best free VPN Mac, you get:

  • an unlimited access to geo-restricted content without annoying ad;
  • 30 days of the guaranteed money back period;
  • anti-malware protection and 100% safe web-browsing.

VyprVPN: Fast and Secure Streaming

Vypr VPN

One of the fastest VPNs – VyprVPN – is also available as a free Mac VPN. Though its free trial period is only three days, it is not bad, especially if you need a one-time access to certain sites or go abroad for a couple of days. In case you’ll like the performance of this free unlimited VPN Mac, it will cost you from $9.95 per month. That said, you can save almost 50% buying an annual plan for $60 (or $5 per month).

Finally, their money back policy allows to get refunded within 30 days of making purchase. It is a full-featured VPN product that provides an incredible download speed (sometimes, it even outperforms ExpressVPN!), multiple protocols support, and perfect customization possibilities. It is great for streaming and can be used for torrenting. Beware that VyprVPN does keep some logs, so we don’t recommend it for downloading something illegal. With this VPN Mac free software, you get:

  • 3 days of free trial and 30 days of money back period;
  • excellent download speed for seamless content streaming;
  • an access to numerous servers in over 70 countries for reaching out geo-restricted sites.

IPVanish VPN: the Choice of Millions

IPVanish VPN

Unlike the previously reviewed providers, IPVanish does not offer a free trial period, and its money back period is just 7 days. And still, 7 days of unlimited secure access to all the web-platforms, including geo-restricted sites, are worth trying. The advantages of this free VPN Mac service include high download speed (it is one the speediest products in its class), the availability of 60+ servers across the globe, and a possibility of connecting of up to 5 devices under one license.

The app itself is very easy to use irrespective of the operating system. The only serious downside is its inability to unlock Netflix – the largest repository of streaming content in the world. However, some other popular resources are available. With IPVanish free VPN Mac software, you’ll get:

  • a full-featured flexible service with a possibility of using 5 devices simultaneously;
  • the maximum security provided by advanced encryption;
  • blazing download speed, seamless streaming and torrenting.

The Bottom Line

VPN services have become an integral part of our life. With good free VPN software, Mac users can feel protected wherever they are, e.g use a public wi-fi with no worries that someone will snoop their private information. Another great thing is that most VPN providers are available for all the major platforms, so whether you need iPhone VPN along with the vpn app for Mac or the one for Android, you’ll have all your needs covered. As you have already learned from our review, most VPNs can run on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Fortunately, nowadays you have a lot of options to choose from. To get the best possible free VPN, download for Mac OS one of our recommended products and enjoy online freedom at full. 

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