Best Free VPN for Torrenting in 2018: Trusted Services with P2P Support

P2P Filesharing

Torrents still remain the most popular content sharing tool in the world. No secret that people use VPN services to access torrent services anonymously and securely.

However, not all VPNs have equally great torrenting capabilities. Is it possible to find a completely free VPN for torrent services? What is the best free VPN for torrenting? How to use the products of premium VPN providers for free? Find the answers in our review of the best free VPNs for torrenting in 2018.

How to Choose Free VPN for Torrenting

Free Torrenting VPNTheoretically, a lot of VPNs allow torrenting. But in practice, some of them turn out to be absolutely unusable. Even if the service supports P2P, it doesn’t mean that it can effectively cope with files downloading and uploading. The free VPN must meet several requirements to be suitable for torrenting.

  • With a low download speed, you just won’t be able to share big files, or it will take too much time. The best free VPNs for torrenting are the VPNs that provide consistently high speed.
  • Most free VPN services offer limited monthly bandwidth. In fact, it means they don’t suit for torrenting.
  • Privacy. This is a critical characteristic of the best free VPN for torrents. You want to be sure that nobody tracks you during your torrenting sessions. The best VPNs use powerful encryption to hide your activities from the prying eyes.
  • Logging policy. Some VPN providers keep user logs, which means they can share this information with third parties. Those who really care about security choose VPN services with zero-logging policy.

When compiling our ranking of top free VPNs for torrenting, we took into consideration all these criteria. We’ve analyzed both well-known and relatively new players of the global VPN providers market and singled out the best solutions for hassle-free torrenting.

Are There Any Truly Free Torrent VPN Services?

Though some free VPNs allow torrenting, they are definitely not the best option for content sharing. Even the best free VPNs have limited capabilities. In particular, they commonly offer limited bandwidth, low speed, and few remote servers. But there some providers that offer an acceptable quality of P2P downloading.

Windscribe: the Best Free VPN for Torrent Users

Windscribe VPNIf you are looking for a totally free option, Windscribe is the number one service to try. It offers hefty 10 Gb of bandwidth for free monthly. Further, it is one of the few services that are capable of unlocking Netflix. Finally, the provider allows using torrents, which makes it the best free VPN for torrenting. That said, Windscribe has certain downsides too. Its download speed is, to put it mildly, inconsistent. According to real users’ reports, for the most part, it is on the low side.

Key features:

  • 10 Gb per month for free;
  • allows streaming and torrenting;
  • 10 server locations;
  • no logging.

Hide.Me: Not Great but Worthy of Trying

Hide.Me VPNThis is another free provider that (at least, theoretically, allows torrenting). However, its free version is very restricted in terms of features. If offers as little as 2 Gb monthly, which is obviously insufficient for sharing files via torrents. That said, it will offer you to upgrade to the premium version, which is much more interesting and flexible. The speed is average, and the number of available servers is limited to 2.

Key features:

  • 2 Gb per month for free;
  • doesn’t forbid torrenting;
  • 2 server locations;
  • keeps no user logs.

How Can I Use Premium VPN Services for Free?

Don’t be desperate if you couldn’t find a decent free VPN provider. Frankly speaking, the majority of them can’t be used for secure downloading or streaming.

However, there is a better solution. The fact is that many premium (paid) services can be used for free, though with certain reservations. Almost all of them have free trial periods, during which one can enjoy all the benefits of the service for no money. Practicing this wise approach, one can also take advantage of the money back period offered by some providers. Here are the best examples of such conditionally free VPN services that are gret for torrenting.

ExpressVPN: the Best Free VPN for Torrenting

Express VPNIf there is an ideal VPN, it is ExpressVPN. Not only is it the fastest VPN service around. It copes with streaming and downloading content via torrents better than any other provider. With over 1500 servers worldwide, it easily establishes a secure tunnel for hassle-free accessing numerous torrent platforms.

Due to the support of the most advanced encryption standards and security protocols, ExpressVPN provides the highest level of privacy. It guarantees zero-logging – no user data is ever collected, stored or transferred to third parties. But the greatest thing about ExpressVPN is a 30 days money-back guarantee! It may happen that you’ll like so much that after the money back period expiration you’ll want to continue using the service. In this case, we recommend buying a one-year plan and get a discount of 49%. ExpressVPN is compatible with various platforms.

Key features:

  • unlimited bandwidth at the maximum speed;
  • impressive torrenting and streaming capabilities;
  • over 1500 own servers, 148 locations, 94 countries;
  • guaranteed zero-logging policy.

CyberGhost: Another Best VPN for Torrenting Free 

CyberGhost VPN

There is so much to love about CyberGhost and so little to hate! If we were asked to describe it in just two words, these words would be “great value.” While being really affordable (less than $3 per month when you buy an annual plan), the service offers a variety of brilliant features and the strongest protection level. Regarding torrenting, CyberGhost offers dedicated P2P servers in torrent-friendly countries and the “Torrent Anonymously” feature. All in all, it is one of the best options for torrenting with approximately 1250 servers in 60+ countries. As of now, users can enjoy a 7-day trial period and a 30-day refunding period. The only small downside of CyberGhost is its inconsistent speed but is largely depends on the server used.

Key features:

  • unlimited bandwidth and dedicated P2P servers;
  • 1250 servers worldwide;
  • it is the best free VPN for torrenting;
  • adherence to high-security standards, no logs collected.

Other VPN Providers for Torrenting

P2P TorrentingBesides the industry’s major players, there are some other VPN providers that allow torrenting. Some of them offer a small free trial or money back period; others don’t. They may be not the best options available, but at least, all of them are quite usable and allow file sharing via torrents.

  • Ivacy VPN. This is a Hong Kong-based provider with the coverage of over 50 countries. Like most counterparts, it offers a 7-day money back period and no logging. But its download speed is average, which is a serious drawback for a free VPN for torrenting.
  • Buffered VPN. The service is headquartered in Hungary and adheres strictly to a zero-logging approach. It provides a decent and rather consistent speed, but the number of available servers is limited, and the price for the services is rather high. The refunding period is 10hours/100 sessions/10 Gb.
  • You may try HMA as a free VPN for torrenting, but keep in mind that not all of its servers allow P2P, and the download speed is on the low side.

It is not impossible to find a torrent VPN free of charge. If you need a free VPN torrent access for a short period, take advantage of the free trial period offered by major providers. But in the long-term perspective, you’d better purchase the full version of software from one of the premium providers.