What are the best and the fastest VPN services?

VPN Benefits

If you want to use the Internet safely but at the same moment keep the connection as fast as possible, you need a high speed VPN. Unfortunately, as practice shows, most services only claim to be “the fastest VPN”. But once you start using it you notice a significant loss of the connection speed. Sure, every virtual private network application will slow down the download and upload speed since it adds extra layers – the traffic gets redirected from server to server for safety reasons. But in this VPN speed test comparison, we will try to figure out which providers will make you sacrifice less in your quest of achieving the safe connection.

The eternal question: “What is the fastest VPN?”

Fastest VPNTrying to find the fastest VPN protocol we face the same issue all the time – most providers would kill up to 90% of the connection speed. And such sacrifice is just not worth the safety. The bad news is that most providers who claim to offer “the fastest VPN service” never meet their promise in the reality. But the good news is that fast, secure and trustworthy providers do exist. You just need to go an extra mile to find the right option. And we are here to help you with this.

There are a lot of reasons why the VPN can make you feel like you time traveled back to dial-up age. But the main are:

  • The service encrypts the data. It would send the traffic from the server to the server to make the information and, thus, actions of the user, untrackable. Of course, this redirection will cost you the connection speed. This is something we should just embrace.
  • The server of the VPN service is located too far from you. We forget rather frequently that distance still matters in the era of the Internet. So even the fastest free VPN will slow down the connection if servers are too remote.
  • There are too many customers. And the provider can’t handle this volume. The thing is that a lot of providers would promise everything – high speed, security, and other features – for a really low price or no price at all. And once people see “The fastest VPN free”, they, of course, are eager to use it. But we should understand that really good service can’t be free, right? Reliable providers will be able to handle large volumes of users, but you will have to pay for a really good service.
  • The Internet speed you start with. If your Internet provider has a low connection speed, you can endlessly try to find the fast VPN for PC. But in the end, you will have even slower Internet than you have now.

So in this fastest VPN review, we will take a look at those providers who deserved our trust and can offer their customers a decent service.


NordVPNThis provider shows one of the best results in the VPN speed comparison. It doesn’t only offer quite a high connection speed, but also provides its customers with a wide range of features and advantages. It allows up to 6 simultaneous connections, doesn’t log your data, and is easy to install and use. NordVPN is considered the fastest VPN for Android, as well as for the PC.


Express VPNThe setup of this application will take only 5 minutes, so rather soon after the fast VPN download, you will enjoy the high speed and secure connection at the same time. The provider has an extensive support that is available 24/7. So if you encounter any issues, the team of experts will help you out almost immediately. ExpressVPN supports macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It is not the cheapest option, but it is hard to get the fastest vpn free.


CyberGhost VPNThis might be the fastest VPN for torrenting. Its servers are located in Romania and Germany. The service is trusted by more than 10 million users around the world. But the best thing is that this provider works with Netflix perfectly, keeping the speed of the connection high. So you can enjoy favorite shows without any struggle.


IPVanish VPNThis provider allows up to 10 simultaneous connections. And since it is rather popular among mobile devices users, with a starting price of $6.67 we could call it the fastest free VPN for Android. Because when you pay such a low price for 10 connections, it is pretty much a free service. Besides Android, IPVanish supports all other popular platforms – Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS. The download speed of this service is quite high – up to 82.67 Mbps. Unfortunately, this provider doesn’t work with Netflix.

Private Internet Access

PrivateInternetAccess VPNThis provider is one of the best in this list. It has a high speed (81.46 Mbps for EU and 77.56 Mbps for the US), it doesn’t log the user data, shows no leaks and allows torrenting. Even though it doesn’t work with Netflix, it is a great VPN service.


The download speed of this provider for EU is 73.78 Mbps, and for the US – 125.58 Mbps. We can call it the winner of the vpn speed comparison. But the downside is that it is not really reliable. Some IP leaks were detected and the provider logs the user data. Also, this VPN doesn’t allow torrenting and doesn’t work with Netflix. But it is incredibly fast.

Hide My IP

Hide Mi IP VPNThis VPN provides both US and EU users with the same speed of 81.65 Mbps. That’s a rather fast connection. Hide My IP allows torrenting and no data leaks were noticed during tests. Still, it logs user data and doesn’t work with Netflix, unfortunately.

Private Tunnel

With a rather high connection speed at 90.59 Mbps for EU and 69.29 Mbps for the US, this truly high speed VPN might have won the loyalty of users. It even didn’t show us any data leaks during tests. But the downsides of this provider make it not that appealing to us. Private Tunnel logs user data, don’t allow torrenting and Netflix.