Choosing The Best Chrome VPN Extension

And in most cases with a VPN for Google Chrome, you won’t even have to launch it as a separate application.

With so many viruses, malware, and crazy hackers roaming the World Wide Web, it is vital to have a solid VPN to keep your data private and safe. And in most cases with a VPN for Google Chrome, you won’t even have to launch it as a separate application. Sadly, there are a lot of “shady” offers out there that will rather ruin your computer than protect it.

In this article, we gathered the most trusted, reliable, and easy-to-use Chrome VPN extension offers from the best providers in the business. When it comes to the safety of your computer, are speed and security important? 

With a VPN extension from our list, you can rest assured that your privacy will be kept. Along with the leading commercial Virtual Private Networks, you’ll also find the best free VPN Chrome extension options on the market. Important note: every single product has its strong sides; so, make sure to pick the one(s) that fit your current situation/needs most.

What is the Best VPN Extension for Chrome?

For some people, speed is everything, and they are ready to sacrifice a bit on the privacy front for that. For others – the ability to protect multiple devices simultaneously is the most important thing. You’ll find that there’s a lot of diversity between the following 8 VPNs that we hand-picked for you today based on their:

  • cost;
  • speed;
  • security;
  • additional features and usability.

ExpressVPN – The Most Versatile Option

Express VPNJust like the regular ExpressVPN, the extension for Chrome is the most versatile and flexible choice. That’s because it’s connected to the desktop client (the Chrome extension simply won’t work without the desktop client). At the same time, the users are free to use the split tunneling feature to protect only the browser traffic. It is the fastest “elite” Chrome VPN, which makes it perfect for playing video games while staying protected.

The full list of benefits of ExpressVPN is carefully discussed in our review. It includes zero buffering, easy unblocking of geo-restricted content and a huge number of servers (you’ll even find a list of servers that work best for Netflix and other popular services). All those features are available for $6.67 for fifteen months.

NordVPN – The Most Well-Balanced Chrome VPN

NordVPNThis is more of a “classic” extension, meaning it doesn’t need the desktop version to work properly. And, just as ExpressVPN, it offers an impressive line-up of features. The number of available servers is industry-leading (2800+ in total); the connection speeds are top-notch. This Google Chrome VPN always makes it into all kinds of top-5, or even top-3 lists.

In addition, it is very user-friendly and needs almost no computing power to run (which is great if you own a rather outdated device). The NordVPN Chrome extension outmaneuvers geo restrictions and censorship with the press of one button for $2.99 per 3-year plan. Yes, you can use it to watch Netflix from any corner of the planet and even “beat” the Great Firewall. 

Private Internet Access – The Most Affordable VPN

PrivateInternetAccess VPNPIA prevails not only as a desktop client but also as a Google Chrome VPN extension. Furthermore, it is the most affordable full-fledged offer on our list. It is on par with the previous two in terms of security and privacy; yet, it’s a lot more affordable with $3.33/month (1-year) or $6.95 monthly. Activate it with a single click and let the VPN plugin do the rest.

PIA provides everything that a regular user needs and doesn’t require any skills whatsoever. Add 3200+ servers, a zero-logging policy, and a lovely interface, and you’ll get an amazing (and cheap) add-on for the most popular browser. However, keep in mind, that in some cases, you might have certain difficulties with finding servers to watch Netflix/BBC iPlayer on.

ZenMate – Arguably, The Best Free VPN Extension

ZenmateIs this the best Chrome VPN on the planet? Of course, not; yet, it definitely is one of the greatest free networks on the market. Most of us don’t really need any sophisticated/versatile Virtual Private Networks. All we’re looking for is some basic protection, and for that, this free Chrome VPN is perfect. Important note: much like ExpressVPN, ZenMate needs the desktop client to work. 

The sad part is – there’s no split tunneling. Furthermore, the free version comes with a limited number of servers and that means Netflix might not be available to you. The Premium edition is a lot better and comes with a reasonable price of $7.99 and 14-day money-back guarantee.

Hotspot Shield – The Fastest VPN Extension for Chrome

Hotspot Shield LogoWhile Hotspot isn’t nearly as versatile as, say, the ExpressVPN Chrome extension, it’s still quite alright. Hotspot Shield will automatically connect you to the best fastest server. The biggest advantage of this Google Chrome VPN is the fact that you can take it for a spin for absolutely no charge.

Fact: the free version is limited to 4 locations; on the bright side, there are no aggressive ads and the in-app purchases from $0.99 to $4.99.The fairly decent connection speeds and the 256-bit encryption make Hotspot Shield a solid pick. Don’t forget about the 7-day trial! It’s more than enough to see whether you need to pay for the full version or not.

SaferVPN – Great for Beginners

SaferVPNAs a decent alternative to Hotspot Shield and ZenMate, SaferVPN is a good choice. It comes with a free version (limited to only 500MB) and gives the beginners an opportunity to learn their way around the idea of a Chrome VPN plugin. Please remember that SaferVPN doesn’t encrypt the user’s traffic, making you somewhat vulnerable online (use the desktop client for proper encryption).

On the other hand, the connection speeds and the unblocking options are great. The bottom line is – if you’re looking for a fast and easy-to-use VPN addon Chrome edition, make sure to put Safer on your list. The full package offers a 30-day MBG.

TunnelBear – Another Amazing Free VPN

TunnelBear VPNWe simply couldn’t make this list without mentioning TunnelBear. This is, by far, the most popular and user-friendly option for the beginners. And while the Bear isn’t the best VPN extension for Chrome, the colorful design, easy-to-use features, and solid protection algorithms make sure the users stay protected 24/7.

Again, there’s a 500MB limit cap, and you won’t be able to do much unless you switch to the paid version. A quick tip: people that tweet about TunnelBear will get an additional 1GB! The connection is always stable; but when you connect to a distant server, some lags might come forth. The zero-logs policy is a nice touch.

Windscribe – The Best Choice for Families

Windscribe VPNAs a “professional” VPN for Google Chrome, Windscribe doesn’t prevail. But for a family looking for group protection, it is quite amazing. This network supports an unlimited number of devices and comes with a free version (10GB of data per month; you’ll have to register for that). The biggest downside is the below-average connection speed, which might make some streaming services unwatchable.

Users that need to know they’re safe while browsing online and don’t care about Netflix will be more than satisfied with Windscribe. The setup routine is simple and straightforward: just follow the instructions on the screen – that’s it! The built-in ad-blocker is a nice feature. Note: the free version can only be installed on one device and is limited to 10 servers and the paid version starts from $4.08 per month.

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