Is TunnelBear Safe to Use After Joining McAfee Family?


We all know and love easy to use and convenient TunnelBear. McAfee bought it recently, which means that this popular VPN might undergo some changes. However, not everyone may like them. Especially including that McAfee is planning on integrating TunnelBear with their Safe Connect VPN.

So does it mean that this service will have to change its policies now and become not as secure as it was? US privacy laws are far from loyal to users. This country is part of the Five Eyes alliance. That’s why TunnelBear fans have every reason to be concerned. So is TunnelBear safe to use now or should we look for some alternatives?

What is the TunnelBear Jurisdiction Now?

Even though this VPN service has joined US-based McAfee, TunnelBear is still located in Canada. And as you might already know, physical location is what matters. There is no difference if someone owns the provider or not.

As stated on TunnelBear’s website, the service doesn’t store any personal data outside of Canadian borders. And since Canada has clear and privacy-friendly laws, there is no chance any authorities can get access to any user information. Therefore, TunnelBear operates independently, even though McAfee owns it.

For that reason, the acquisition doesn’t mean this VPN has to obey United States laws. TunnelBear is still subject to Canadian laws, and the US government can’t have any impact on its activity. TunnelBear is located in Canada. And there is no reason to think that it will move someplace else. So your data is safe, and you have nothing to worry about.

Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that TunnelBear has zero logs policy. Which means this provider doesn’t gather any user data. So, even if authorities ask the service to share some information with them, under no circumstances, it is happening. TunnelBear simply doesn’t have any data to share.


Taking into account all the mentioned details, TunnelBear is still perfectly safe to use. The acquisition didn’t impact the privacy of users. This service is still located in Canada and obeys the law of this country. Therefore, TunnelBear’s customers have nothing to worry about.

Also, don’t forget about AES 256-bit encryption which is the most reliable so far. In addition to the OpenVPN protocol, it creates a powerful duo that will perfectly protect your data and keep you anonymous online. TunnelBear has shown perfect results during privacy tests – no data leaks took place. So, you can trust this provider completely.

Additionally, TunnelBear has great extra privacy features like Vigilant Mode that will block the traffic if you lose the connection to the VPN server. It ensures that no data will get leaked. You can also set this service, so it launches at startup. This feature makes sure that your activity gets protected instantly. You don’t have to remember to turn the VPN on.

All the security features and qualities of TunnelBear make it one of the safest VPNs. And no-logs policy and Canada location make it even more secure. Thus, you have no reasons to worry about your security with this service. Use it having your mind in peace – you’re perfectly safe with TunnelBear.

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