All You Need to Know about PeerBlock Alternative options

Peerblock Alternatives in 2018

PeerBlock is an outdated version of a firewall that was developed in an open source environment. Lots of people put their efforts in the development of the software. Peerblock alternative options still exist, and you can try them out if you want.

Peerblock was an excellent solution for those who wished to add a little bit of anonymity and safety to their P2P connections. The vast majority of users were actively torrenting. Peerblock was the go-to option for many of them when it came to security and anonymity.


How Peerblock Works

Peerblock is considered an outdated software that should not be used as widely as a couple of years before. This program does help mitigate issues with spying on you or preventing unauthorized connections. On the other hand, Peerblock has a long list of downsides that were detrimental to the fate of the software.

Peerblocks allows you to add several IP addresses to a blacklist. It essentially prevents those IP addresses to connect to you. This way you can remove untrusted IPs from the list of computers that you can connect to when leeching torrent files. While this option seems like a good solution for people who want to increase safety, there are issues with this method.

Peerblock and Torrenting

Torrent users all over the globe used this program to protect themselves from spies and dangerous websites. However, the problem with the program is that it may hinder the efficiency of leeching. Blocking several IPs can be quite problematic. You may experience significant drops in speed.

The Problem with Manual Blacklists

Manual BlacklistingThe biggest issue by far is that blacklists are formed manually. It creates situations when, or critical services cannot be accessed. Sometimes, you simply make mistakes when blocking specific IPs. When the list contains several hundred entries, finding the incorrect one is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Some IPs can be even critical for some of your web services. Troubleshooting can be quite annoying. You may not be able to identify the issue immediately.

Blacklisting and IP Blocking

All of the above leads to problems with excessive blocking of IP addresses. The list may grow over time. At first, you won’t notice the problems. However, adding more and more untrusted IPs creates problems with accessing specific sites and services. Over time, this may lead to dramatic dips in the efficiency of torrenting and PC use.

PeerBlock Does Not Provide Anonymity

Many users have a weird idea that Peerblock is a tool for those who want more anonymity. It is not the case. Anonymity is achieved by using methods to hide your IP and encrypt data exchanged. These processes make it essentially impossible for anyone to track your activities and even find out who you are. Your geographical location is also not protected with PeerBlock.

Encryption and the Lack of It

VPN TechnologyThe reason why many stopped using PeerBlock is that your data is not encrypted. It means that anyone, including your ISP and members of your trusted network, can see what you are up to. Another problem with unencrypted data is that your information can be compromised easily.

Encryption is one of the modern staples when it comes to security. Most VPN services specifically focus their attention on 256-bit AES encryption and other methods of protecting your information.

VPN vs PeerBlock

This comparison is not even fair. VPN is a much superior option due to the reasons stated above. However, there is another important reason to use a VPN for torrenting safely and anonymously. PeerBlock does not hide your IP address. It makes it easier for anyone to track you down. VPN is a great way to stay absolutely invisible during browsing and torrenting.

Best Alternatives to PeerBlock

There are several great alternative options for those who want to use PeerBlock functionality. While we do not recommend users to block IPs randomly, creating blacklists can be beneficial for some purposes including torrents.

Any sufficiently sophisticated firewall is an alternative to PeerBlock. There are many options out there. Most antivirus software provides some sort of a firewall. There specialized tools that can be purchased for a low price.

Examples of free services are SimpleWall and BeeThink. These two firewalls have all instruments necessary to create blacklists. BeeThink is a good option for users of modern Windows versions such as Seven and 2016.

PeerGuardian and Peerblock

PeerGuardian is an older version of Peerblock. The former was the foundation for the latter. PeerGuardian uses the same architecture and structure. While PeerBlock was developed for Windows exclusively, PeerGuardian eventually branched out. It is mainly developed for Linux, and the support of Windows versions was dropped years ago. If you are a Linux user, you may find it quite good.

VPN is a great way to stay invisible

Let’s take a closer look at other options in the market:

The Easiest: SimpleWall

SimpleWall was developed as an easy-to-use, functional firewall. It has great blocklist that can be updated easily. The interface is also very concise and simple which makes it a good choice for a not technically savvy person.

The Progressive One: BeeThink

While the idea of using software like PeerBlock has been slowly dying over the course of the last decade, some people still like it. Using BeeThink is a good option for users of more recent OS versions. Windows 7 and Windows 2016 are both supported by this software.

The Standard: IPList

A very simple app that allows users to create blacklists of IP addresses. You won’t find an overabundance of functions or any extras, but it works. It is hard to find anything else to say about this program. It does its job.

IP Blacklisting Apps

Which is Safer PeerBlock or VPN?

The short answer to the question is VPN. It is an advanced tool for keeping yourself anonymous while browsing the internet. Most providers also give you enough flexibility to manually block some IPs. At the same time, you won’t have to deal with the dangers of the Internet. You will be protected from them by intermediate servers through which you connect to other IPs and services.

VPN is a good choice for anyone who wants to stay invisible to ISPs and the government. PeerBlock simply lacks the functionality to provide the same level of safety to its users.

Proxy Servers and PeerBlock

The proxy server is not a VPN. Many users think so, but it isn’t true. A proxy server is a remote intermediate server that allows you to access specific websites and services. The functionality is vastly different from that of PeerBlock.

Why Do You Need that Zero Log Policy?

Most users want to use a VPN service to avoid tracking. Your ISP wants to know what you do. The government wants to know what you do. Even some other users want to know that. Zero Log policy means that a VPN service provider does not keep track of your online activities. It means that even the service provider does not know which sites you are visiting.

TOP VPN Service Providers Better than PeerBlock

Top VPNs Better than PeerblockAs mentioned above, VPN is a superior choice compared to PeerBlock. You don’t need to block IPs manually. It is a safe option for anyone. However, there are some VPN providers that stand out due to the quality of their service. Below is a list of providers that definitely deserve your attention.


PureVPN is a good provider with more than two thousand servers across the globe and over 200 thousand IP addresses. The price is also very democratic. You can get a special deal and get it for less than $4 per month. You will need to subscribe for at least two years to get that price.


About $100 for two years of service and several hundred servers all over the planet. You don’t need more for satisfying browsing. Get access to any content and enjoy complete anonymity.


A famed service provider that allows you to use their high-performance servers for a hundred bucks per year. The price may seem a bit high ($6.52 if you get a 15-month subscription), but their excellent customer support and reliable connections make up for it.


PIA is considered one of the best choices in the market. It is a good company with an excellent track record. If you want a good company to work with, this is definitely the right choice. Only $2.91 monthly when subscribing for two years is a good price for over 3000 servers in 33 countries.


The price of subscription is $78 for a year of service. They have apps for both Windows and MAC. The level of service is also very high. It is an all-around good choice for those who seek anonymity.

Bottom Line

Reliable TechnologyPeerBlock has been a go-to option for many torrent users for a long time. However, it lost its relevance due to the progress made in technology in general. We do not recommend you using this outdated tech. Instead, think about using a reliable VPN.

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