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Top rating 8.9/10
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Starting Price$8,32
Download speed83.15
Devices per license3
Privacy and security features256-bit SSL encryption
Torrenting and Netflix availability, HBO
Usability and Support24/7/365 Live Chat, Email, Knowledge base, Video Tutorials
Money Back Guarantee (Days)30
Setup time5 minutes
Mobile appYes
Number of Server Locations (countries)94
Number of servers1500
Number of IP Addresses-
Does VPN keep logsNo
Best ForPrivacy, Travel, Streaming, Sports

Fast, reliable, secure, easy in use, and well-designed, ExpressVPN represents a high-performing all-rounder VPN created for those who want get privacy, security and ‘easy to use’ interface.

This is a Virtual Private Network, which gives your Internet activity more freedom and security that you can also use on your smartphone. Unlock restricted content, stay anonymously everywhere and browse with safety. The service is relevant for different countries, for western countries virtual private network will help to unlock restricted content, while countries where network is not protected enough, program will secure the Internet connection, so no hackers, and cyber-criminals. Available for macOS, iOS, Windows and Android, your data will be secure thanks to state-of-the-art double encryption technology used by software. Whether you download files from torrents, browse content from the Internet, or make shopping online, your data will stay safe, so you actually get your portable Virtual Private Network.

ExpressVPN was launched in 2009, and recently became one of the most popular premium services used internationally. To compare the price of the VPN services, this software is a little bit more expensive, but this pricing reflects in excellent quality and a wide range of possible opportunities.

Apart from high-speeds, accessibility, and ease of use, software includes bulletproof encryption, security protocols, and customer support. And it also has an interactive, responsible interface design, so we get what we pay for. Server locations vary but mostly include a wide range of popular destinations, and most importantly, it works well in high-censorship countries as data regulations of the company is outside EU and US jurisdiction and the company is based in the British Virgin Islands. It also offers privacy and security for its users both at home or on public Wi-Fi networks. ExpressVPN review has a high rating marked by the industry experts.


According to different experts from the industry, which are signed below in the Experts reviews, the average software score is 9.9 of 10. Comparing with other competitors, ExpressVPN reviews have an excellent score and positive feedback both from the experts and the users.

Pros and Cons

Although software has positive feedbacks, it’s possible to highlight both positive and negative sides.


  • The average rating 9.98 from over 3,000 reviews
  • Very fast, and this means that streaming is easy
  • 256-bit encryption which increases security issues
  • Accessible to different services and websites, available in more than 90 countries
  • High performance
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface design
  • Strong privacy as its HQ is outside EU/US jurisdiction. The service also has own DNS servers, and kill switch feature
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Special deals and various pricing plan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Price is higher than its competitors
  • Lack of more advanced features and configuration
  • Three simultaneous devices available

Despite its cons, virtual private network stands out in comparison with its competitors. However, such VPN like NordVPN or IPVanish also provide its customers a high level product.

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN

Both VPN services are recognizied in the market. To compare ExpressVPN vs NordVPN, it has a higher speed and provides an excellent service, while NordVPN has better data protection thanks to double encryption.

IPVanish vs ExpressVPN

Both VPN offer incredible services for its users. The main difference is that IPVanish allows you to use more than 3 devices at the same time, apart from software where it’s possible to use only three. With IPVanish, up to five connections are available. In other cases, IPVanish has more cons comparing with ExpressVPN. For instance, it offers only 7 day money-back guarantee while Express VPN offers 30, and has an online live chat, while IPVanish only email ticketing system.

These VPN represent good quality products for its users. Even despite VPN has higher pricing, the comparison shows that in terms of service VPN offers better communication and troubleshooting options. Also, it’s faster and has a wide range of locations, so you can easily switch servers. In few words, ExpressVPN offers better service and includes all necessary features and configurations. You will definitely get what you pay for.

Experts Reviews

The biggest players in the virtual private network industry gives 9.9/10 average score, where the main pitfall is pricing and lack of advanced features. Here are some ExpressVPN reviews.

This VPN is claimed to be “the fastest VPN on Earth” by the ExpressVPN’s homepage itself, and its average rating is 9.8 signed by various international experts in the industry.

According to Best VNP review ExpressVPN is

“A superb all-bases VPN whose technical expertise is matched only by its legendary customer service and list of features.”

Top 10VPN includes ExpressVPN review in its top 10 VPN.

“ExpressVPN is extremely fast, simple and private: a truly standout VPN” also included review, where VPN is “a great one-size-fits-all VPN”, which is suitable for those who may pay more for better quakity and functionality.”

Browser extensions ExpressVPN

VPN apps usually available for Windows, Mac OS/OS X, Android, and iOS as well as there is a Linux App. Apart from it, there are browser add-ons for Fireworks and Chrome (Windows ans MacOS). One of the main advantages of this VPN service is that its extensions are not browser-only proxy servers. If your VPN is turned on with the browser extension, your computer will be secured by the VPN.

Safety and Encryption

Expressvpn for AndroidSurely the biggest benefit of the VPN is that it brings privacy and safety in any location. Some countries have too strict regulations concerning the Internet like China, for example. You may get you own ExpressVPN China and download almost any information you need. And what is significant, you can use social media and some platforms which are restricted by law in Chinese region. This is the best solution for this region; VPN China brings the opportunity to get necessary access to the Internet. The same goes for other countries. In some destinations, your web search is not safe as the government controls Internet usage, in others, there are too many regulations concerning copyright issues.

Software also works for torrents. You can download files from torrents with ExpressVPN torrent configuration. This option will help you to overcome the main problem in Torrents – safe downloads.

They uses the strongest OpenVPN encryption. Providers used to avoid setting high levels of encryption as it can lead to low-performance results. Despite this, virtual private network shows excellent performance.

Its HQ is based in the British Virgin Islands where the legal jurisdiction of different law enforcement agencies. Its OpenVPN traffic is encrypted with 256-bit- AFS algorithm.

There are no activity logs and any monitoring of the user activity, so feel free of using software whatever you like. Only connection logs can be viewed for troubleshooting issues.


Another significant advantage is that ExpressVPN download provides its users with an instant customer support, available 24/7 via email or live chat. Customer support agents may give a reply as fast as they can. Other competitors on the market usually don’t have such customer support services or offer only email ticketing system for troubleshooting requests.

Following an excellent customer service, website includes an incredible ‘collection’ of various tutorials with screenshots and videos where its users can actually find any information related to their issues. This excellent approach to communication with its users makes them a market leader in customers’ interaction. Customer support is crucial, as you can fix any issues appeared any time and from any place.

Pricing Plans and Payment Methods

As it was mentioned above, the pricing is higher compared with other similar services, starting with a monthly fee $12.95, and more affordable $8.32 if you choose an annual plan, and $6.67 when purchasing the 15-month package. There are various ExpressVPN coupon options available as well.

There is no free trial, however, ExpressVPN download does offer 30-day money-back guarantee, which you can receive easily without any explanation. A free trial is available for mobile users only, one day for the Android app, and seven days for the iOS app. What amazing is the referral program, so if your friend will sign up, you will get 30 free days.

It also offers various payment options like credit/debit card, PayPal, and bitcoin. For those international clients who have difficulties with these payment options, they partnered with Paymentwall that accepts international payments.

How to Use and Installing

Expressvpn Speed IndexThe process of signing up is as easy as ABC. First of all, you will be asked for a valid email address; however, if you use bitcoins you can sign up anonymously. As it was mentioned above, there is no tracking of your information; the only thing is that virtual private network will know your real IP address when you register and pay.

ExpressVPN download process is also convenient and fast. After signing up, you can download and install the VPN client. The only you need to do is to input an activation code, which can be different for each device. This code and any related links will be included in the confirmation email, so it’s vital to save it. One you signed up and input the activation code for each device, there is no need to log in next time.

When you download ExpressVPN and install it, you may also choose different options for the anonymous connection data usage. And after installation, your app is ready to use.

Intuitive Design

ExpressVPN very easy to use mostly due to its intuitive design. You’ll see the servers’ icons than choose one and press the button Connect.

You can easily connect three devices, but in order to connect the fourth device, you need to connect to it separately. It means if you connected to one device, you won’t be able to connect the others at the same time.

The mobile apps require the same activation process and are equally simple. Virtual private network clearly put a lot of thought into designing idiot-proof apps.

You can use ExpressVPN router, as the service makes firmware which is used by different models of wi-fi routers. There are few options to connect router: you can buy a pre-configured router, or install a router app, which is free in use. Once you set up one router, you can use an unlimited amount of devices.

Software can work for Netflix only on certain serves. In case, the error occurs, contact a customer support so they can resolve the issue. ExpressVPN Netflix availability is not the only option. It also works for players like BBC iPlayer or Hulu.

ExpressVPN works in more than 90 countries and covers over 1,500 servers. Server switches are unlimited and you can stream videos fast without even waiting for buffering.

The Bottom Line

According to various ExpressVPN reviews, and 9.9/10 average rating, the service is famous as the fastest and easiest in use VPN. It offers good quality for reasonable pricing, event despite its competitors has lower pricing. But we know what you pay for: intuitive, trendy, and user-friendly design, customer support and tutorials, access to a big amount of countries and servers, safety in downloads safety in data usage, and Internet connection. Virtual private network works for Netflix, so ExpressVPN Netflix is available together with other online players like BBC iPlayer and Hulu. ExpressVPN torrent downloads will protect your data and help to upload files in Torrents and don’t be afraid of fraud, or any other safety issues.


Apart from as its high-speed, safety and privacy records, intuitive design, and 24/7 customer support, the service offers the ability of server switchers, access to different locations, and compatibility. ExpressVPN Netfix and ExpressVPN Torrent downloads are available as well. This makes Express VPN one of the most significant VPN providers in the virtual private network industry. If you are willing to get a high level of your VPN, and don’t afraid to spend more money on it, Express VPN can be a perfect match.