TOP-5 High-Ranked VPN Services for Android

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We use our smartphones more than our computers, and, in most cases, we try to catch a free Wi-Fi. Probably, less of us are thinking about the security of these connections, isn’t it?

VPN for AndroidSo, the point is that mobile apps need even more protection than our computers. To prevent any possible risks, and make your connections secure, there is an option – choose the best VPN app for Android.

VPN is a new word in the digital era. Now we are digitalizing everything, so we need to protect our online presence as well. VPN is the portative Internet provider that you can keep anywhere and anytime. While choosing the best VPN app for Android, you get a huge number of servers, which you can use internationally in almost all possible destinations. Then, you get access to the blocked or restricted websites, like some prohibited social media in China. In many cases, with the VPN client for Android you don’t need to include your personal details, excluding troubleshooting issues. This means, your Internet activity will not give any access to your location, or activity itself for hackers, government or any other third party. And what is important is that best VPN app for Android can block any try to connect the unsafe Wi-Fi or websites. Everything you need is to keep your VPN turned on.

VPN is really spread among users today, and the market offers a wide range of different VPN services. What is important while choosing the best VPN for Android?

Here are some best VPN for Android that can be a perfect match for your portative Internet connections.


Vypr vpn logo


  • Has own infrastructure
  • Very fast
  • 70 countries available
  • Port selection
  • No usage logs


  • P2P has limitations
  • Connection (metadata) logs issues

VyprVPN is the most popular VPN for Android according to many reviews.  The main advantage of this VPN app for Android is that it owns and controls the entire network infrastructure. Consequently, VyprVPN offers an extremely fast connection and great performance. VyprVPN has a great selection of features like port selection, great customer support, servers in over 70 countries, and SmartDNS service. But, we do not recommend its PPTP-only basic plan.

This VPN app for Android works well in such countries like China or even Iran, where jurisdiction laws are strict in terms of the Internet use, so you have the opportunity to use Skype or Facebook in China. This option is available thanks to VyprVPNs “Chameleon” stealth technology. Price of the VyprVPN is affordable and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Ipvanish vpn logo


  • No personal data is needed for log in thanks to Zero logs policy
  • Work on Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Strong encryption offering good security
  • Privacy record
  • Different payment options and affordable price
  • Very good speed


  • Apps are not available in China
  • No live chat

IPVanish is based in the USA (Orlando, Florida), and this country is not famous for its good privacy record. But, don’t be afraid. IPVanish secures your online activity thanks to zero logs policy, where no personal data required. This VPN for Android offers a wide range of servers and locations available, around 700 servers in 60 countries. And, you can use up to 5 connections at the same time.

No data can be given to a third party; IPVanish doesn’t track your online activity. IPVanish also doesn’t track the login session data, time of connection, IP addresses, or bandwidth used. Even when you pay, you don’t need to share your details, just choose services like Giropay or CashU, etc.

Leave your VPN for Android phone turned on all the time, and it will block any try to connect your device to the unsafe Wi-Fi hotspot owners.


Nord vpn logo


  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • No need to log in
  • Dedicated IP
  • Great pricing policy
  • Double encryption
  • Daily blog posts on VPN


  • Desktop and mobile versions lack advanced settings
  • Customer support responses are slow

NordVPN is one of the best VPN for Android on the market thanks to its strong security record and double-data encryption technology.

The company is based in Panama, which is far from strict jurisdiction laws related to copyright and online activity.

Be sure that with VPN for Android phone that your data will be protected thanks to zero log policy, Internet kill switch, strong encryption, and other features necessary for a good level of security.

Customer support offers good service for its users, but what is more important, NordVPN runs its own blog on related topics. You can find how to resolve some issues with your VPN, why you need VPN or get some new information on VPN.

This VPN app for Android works with Netflix and other streaming services, and you can easily stream your favorite movies without any privacy and security risks.  NordVPN torrents filesharing also work well thanks to a trademarked SmartPlay feature. This is one of the best VPN apps for Android and it’s also available in China, so you can easily stream or connect to your favorite social media channels.


HideMyAss vpn logo


  • Big number of servers and locations available
  • Good speed
  • Great performance of the Android app
  • US Netflix and BBC iPlayer available
  • There are no IP leaks
  • 5 simultaneous connections


  • Based in not privacy-friendly region, UK
  • Too many connection logs
  • Some issues with torrents
  • Support answers are not detailed enough

Great performance of the Android app is one of its advantages, and this proves that this is one of the best VPN for Android. Basing in privacy not welcoming country, UK, this VPN is still one of the top VPN services for Android. Though it takes some personal data while logging, and tracks the time you use it, IP address, and the amount of data you use, HideMyAss VPN for Android offers a decent security for its app.

It allows redirecting web traffic via an anonymous proxy network. Consequently, it helps to block unnecessary information like some websites or ads, and also unblocks some restricted websites, for examples those which are not available at work.  HideMyAss is definitely one of the best VPN for Android, as it also works in China, available for most streaming services and torrents. The service is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux with mobile versions for iOS and Android.

At the moment, there are more than 880 servers in about 330 locations in 210 countries available. The company is willing to grow and have servers in such destinations as Iran, and even North Korea.


Express vpn logo


  • Great privacy record
  • High level of security, 256-bit encryption
  • Very fast, no buffering while streaming videos
  • The service has its own DNS servers, and kill switch feature
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Average rating 9.98
  • 90 countries available
  • Great performance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Price is higher than average in the market
  • Only three simultaneous devices available

The last but not the least ExpressVPN represents the most reviewed and probably most ‘offered’ VPN service.  ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands where the jurisdiction law concerning online privacy is low.

You don’t need to add your personal data when you log in, thanks to zero logs policy. Some log in details is needed just for troubleshooting issues and the service doesn’t track your online activity.

Price is higher than average VPN usually has, but there are different plans and discounts available. If you choose the annual plan you will save a lot. This VPN is available for MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android, and offers the strongest OpenVPN encryption.

ExpressVPN supports both Android and iOS, and available not only for new iOS versions like iOS 8/9 but also for old versions.  Following this, one of the best VPN for Android, ExpressVPN also offers a great performance for Android. The only disadvantage is that ExpressVPN works only on three devices, while most of the VPN services offer up to 6 simultaneous connections.

Best Android VPN


These best VPNs for Android were chosen according to various reviews from the top industry leaders. The best VPN apps for Android are reliable, fast, secure, and offers a wide range of features for an excellent performance.  The main danger for the Android connections is that portative devices can automatically connect to an unwanted hotspot, and VPN client for Android can block these tries to connect, you only need to leave your VPN turned on. The VPN for Android phone should block any restricted information that comes from your connections to websites or ads. This option is not available for all VPNs, so before choosing it, you need to consider these issues.  If you want to find the best free VPN for Android, you can choose a free trial in any of them, or get some days of money-back guarantee.